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Animals Are Going to Extreme Lengths to Avoid Humans

Large mammals are making the change to a more nocturnal lifestyle. Researchers have concluded that human activity is the cause for their change in behavior. While some animals can afford to make this change in routine, others might not be able to make the switch to a lifestyle in the dark. How serious are the consequences?

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The Most Outrageously Awesome Gifts Oprah Gave Out

Oprah is one of the most celebrated people in the world. It’s safe to say she’s an Icon that will go down in history for her kindness. The multi-billionaire had it rough growing up but surpassed all obstacles in her pay. Now that she sits on piles of cash she finds a way to use to make others smile. Popular Everything has done the research and found the most outrageous gifts Oprah handed out, and we mean it when we say outrageous!