The Vatican Holds Six Day Exorcism Seminar Due to Increased Demand

The demand for exorcisms dramatically increased in the past several months. The Vatican took matters into their hands and held a six-day seminar to teach priests how to perform the ritual in the proper way. Popular Everything doesn’t want to ruin your scary movies but unlike big screen films, these exorcisms require safety precautions and psychological screenings.

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The Right and Wrong Way to Use Your Work Break

Sitting in front of a computer all day is a lot more draining than it sounds. Our brains use loads of energy keeping up with our screens, that’s why it’s so important to figure out the best way to use your work break. Popular Everything saved you the time and figured out why you feel even more tired after your 45 minutes of freedom at work.

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Smartphones Are Changing Your Brains Without You Realizing It

Let’s face it; we’re all addicted to our phones. Our obsession with these genius devices is something we cant fight, but we might as well know what it’s doing to our brains. Just like a drug, smartphones are altering our brain chemistry. Popular Everything wants to give you the lowdown on whats going on with your brain and how to prevent the smartphone from taking over your life.

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Celebrities Fame Transformation Photos Have You Believing in Miracles

When we look celebrities, we can’t help but think “I wish I were born with those beautiful genes.”While there are many Celebs who were lucky enough to be born beautiful, we would be foolish to think they’re all naturally perfect. Pictures of these celebs before they got famous will have you believing in miracles. Their looks totally transformed!

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Second hand weight loss: If you want your lover to lose weight, you have to first!

Second-hand weight loss is a thing. The whole idea seems crazy, and maybe it’s just so crazy it works! Behavioral psychologists at the University of Connecticut conducted an experiment that revealed some interesting discoveries in the fitness world. Don’t worry about your partner, Popular Everything has the info on how to make him or her jump on the weight loss train.

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Rare Pictures of Ordinary People Who Freakishly Resemble Celebrities

Some people believe that for every one person, six others look exactly like them. That means that at this very moment, someone who’s your twin in roaming the planet. The chances we’ll ever know who these people are is slim to none unless you look like a celeb! If you didn’t believe in doppelgangers, you’d change your mind after you see these freakish celeb lookalikes.

The Twisted Side of 'The King': Why Priscilla Presley Had to Leave Elvis

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The Evolution of Priscilla Presley: The Only Woman Who Stole Elvis’s Heart

Priscilla Presley managed to steal Elvis, The King of Rock’s heart. We’re not sure if Priscilla was lucky to have Elvis or if Elvis was lucky to have Priscilla because both these humans are stunning! Priscilla’s looks transformed in ways that, today, make her unrecognizable. Popular Everything assembled the perfect collection of images that take you through her shocking transformations.