Sherri Papini Proved Herself To Be the Real “Gone Girl” After She Became the Center of the Largest Manhunt in Californian History

The real details behind the bizarre disappearance of Sherri Papini, mother of two, are only just coming to light. In November 2016, American sweetheart Sherri Papini suddenly vanished, giving way to the single largest manhunt in Californian history. And when she reappeared 3 weeks later with mysterious markings, she had a hell of a story to tell. unspeakable misery. But behind the scenes, detectives were discovering that Sherri’s story just didn’t add up. Take a look at what really went down in the kidnapping, and find out why people are comparing Sherri Papini to Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne.

Comparing Photos of Dogs 100 Years Ago vs Today Shows the Impact Selective Breeding Truly Has on Animals

Although selective breeding has opened up a huge and profitable business for those in the industry, this process is not always in the dogs’ best interests. Dogs have changed so much over the past 100 years that some are now completely unrecognizable – and while some of them look cuter and more family-friendly, the lack of genetic diversity in dogs is proving to be incredibly harmful. These pictures show just how different dogs looked 100 years ago vs. today.

19+ Kids and Counting: Incredibly Strict Rules the Duggar Family Has To Follow

Keeping track of 19 kids, 10 sons and daughters-in-law and 22 grandchildren is no easy feat for the Duggar Family. But it seems as though the new generation of Duggar moms and dads are taking a leaf out of their own parents’ book when it comes to their parenting style. After all, Jim Bob and Michelle run a tight ship – even if the rest of the world (and a couple of their own rebellious kids) don’t quite agree with their strict and bizarre household rules. What do you make of the Duggar Family guidelines?

Someone Should Have Saved Joan Crawford’s Adoptive Daughter From Her Parenting Methods

It was imperative that Old Hollywood actress Joan Crawford maintained her public image as a perfect doting mother. But revelations from her adopted daughter Christine, among others, have strong refuted that claim. According to her oldest child, Joan had some extremely controversial parenting rules that ruined what young Christine had as a childhood. Joan was a single mother for most of her life, and from the sounds of it, she governed her kids with an iron fist. But there was one child that she treated much harsher than the rest of her adopted brood, and only after her mother’s death did she reveal the full extent of what Joan Crawford was like as a mother. Take a look at the alternative methods that the highest-earning old Hollywood starlet exposed her kids to.

Secrets the Fonda Family Held Close to Their Hearts Nearly Ruined Their Hollywood Legacy

Hollywood is a kingdom, filled with kings, queens, and any other royalty you can think of. That means that sometimes a family makes waves throughout the industry that can never be unseen. The Fonda family legacy extends beyond Hollywood’s Golden Age and well into the future.

These Three Dads Took Part in a Month-Long Experiment To Find Out What Pregnancy Really Feels Like

Three grateful dads took it upon themselves to come up with a meaningful way to honor the moms in their life. But when they settled on an idea, they had no idea where it would lead them. Before they knew it, they had gotten a hold of three proper pregnancy suits that they would attach to their bodies. But here’s the kick (pun intended) – they would be wearing these suits 24/7 for an entire month of their busy lives. The dads wanted to highlight the realities that moms-to-be have to endure before the little one has even arrived, but noone couldn’t have predicted what they ended up discovering.

Hogwarts All Grown Up: How the Harry Potter Cast Has Changed From Then to Now

It’s been almost nine years since the last Harry Potter movie graced our cinema screens, but we still want more! In an attempt to satisfy all of the Potterhead’s needs, we’re catching up with some of the biggest stars from their movies. We’ve had great fun discovering how these actors and actresses have not only matured in looks, but career-wise too, and we bet you will too!

The Biggest Celebrity Wedding That Everyone Was Talking About the Year You Were Born

Every year since the dawn of Hollywood, actors, singers, comedians, and even politicians have committed themselves to each other in the vow of marriage. Their wedding becomes the talk of the town, and fans wait on tenterhooks to see whether they’ll crash and burn or whether they’ll remain sweethearts until the end. Now, it’s time to take a look at the biggest celebrity wedding (as well as the odd elopement) that took place the year you were born.

These Hidden Secrets About Amelia Earhart’s Life Could Be the Key To Finding the Answers to Her Mysterious Disappearance

In a world where mysteries continue to keep us up at night, even years after they occur, there is one that still manages to shake us to our very core. When a female pilot and trailblazer disappeared, Amelia Earhart, the world was at a loss. The answer could have been simple, but the evidence proved otherwise.

These Panoramic Photo Fails Are Masterpieces in Their Own Right

Most of us have experienced what it’s like to try and keep a steady hand while taking a panoramic photo. But sometimes, for reasons that are out of our control, the beautiful vista we try to capture gets warped, chopped, or stretched in the weirdest ways imaginable. The panorama is meant to capture a scene beyond the scope of our peripheral vision, but it doesn’t take much for the photo feature to distort some crucial aspects. Luckily, we’ve collected the cream of the crop when it comes panoramic photo fails that seem to good to be true.

Meet the Up-And-Coming Young Royals Who Are Looking to Steal Kate and Meghan’s Crowns

From runway models to motorcycle builders, the next generation of royals are shaping up to be very different to Meghan and Kate – and they’re all looking to stake their own claims on the world. While some have royal titles and others could be mistaken for an average Joe, these young royals all have one thing in common; their royal lineage. So, who are these young royals, and what are their plans to take over the world?