Brendan Fraser Is Back and Explaining Why He Decided To Leave Hollywood at the Top of His Game

In 2014, Brendan Fraser seemed to disappear off the face of the planet. He had been at the top of his game and was set to continue his reign in Hollywood, and then everything went silent. So, when he was welcomed back to the acting world at the 2022 Venice Film Festival to a wholesome six minute standing ovation, fans couldn’t help but ask… why did he leave? Thankfully, Brendan has now provided us with the answers we’ve all been waiting for.

House of the Dragon Actors Look Very Different in Real-Life to Their On-Screen Characters

Following on from the major success of the Game of Thrones TV franchise (we won’t talk about season eight), House of the Dragon sure has had some big shoes to fill. We’re all familiar with the GoT cast at this point, but the cast of House of the Dragon is still being revealed to us as we progress through the series. Take a look at the TV show characters compared to the actors in real life, and see just how different some of them are from their on-screen counterparts. If you’ve been wondering why some of them seem really familiar, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you’ll want to know about the up-and-coming stars of the hottest HBO show.

The Real Reason Phoebe Cates Left Hollywood at the Height of Her Fame Has Finally Been Revealed

Phoebe Cates was one of the most iconic women of the 1980s. She made her mark in movies such as Paradise, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Gremlins. But just as Phoebe was gearing up for world domination, she suddenly vanished from Hollywood. Fans were confused, and nobody could understand why she’d suddenly leave her career in her prime. Now, the lid has been lifted on why she chose to leave the spotlight for good.

Ioan Gruffudd Has Obtained a Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife Alice Evans, But She’s Not Backing Down Without a Very Public Fight

The ongoing divorce battle between Fantastic Four’s Ioan Gruffudd and his estranged wife Alice Evans is looking to be one of the messiest splits in Hollywood history. The more that time has gone on, the more that we have learned about the former couple and their 13-year marriage – apparently, their relationship wasn’t all that it seemed. From leaking damaging text messages to accusations of domestic abuse, it’s no holds barred for Gruffudd and Evans amid their ongoing court case. Take a look at everything that’s happened so far in their very public breakdown of communication. Their celebrity separation has turned especially ugly over the last year, and it doesn’t look like things are going to get better anytime soon.

Photos From Woodstock ’99 That Show Just How Much of a Trainwreck It Really Was

After the success of Woodstock 1969, festival organizer Michael Lang hoped to revive the peaceful, loved-up, hippy-fest again in 1999. The three-day event was held at an abandoned air force base in Rome, New York, and Michael hoped that it would be just as legendary – and even more profitable – than the original. But soon the “peaceful” festival transformed into a fireball of riots, looting, assaults, and more. No wonder Woodstock ’99 has been hailed as “the day the music died.”

Inside Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson’s Rocky Marriage, and Why Burt Wished He’d Married Another Famous Actress

Despite his fame and fortune, Burt’s personal life was fraught with tension – especially during his marriage and subsequent divorce from Loni Anderson. Their tumultuous divorce lasted three times longer than their actual marriage, and many of his fans contribute this difficult time to his financial struggles and subsequent decline in health. In fact, they believe this would have all been avoided if Burt had only married the other woman he wanted to marry in the first place…

Bette Davis Believed She Was an Actual Witch, and Apparently, Her Daughter Thinks the Same

When Bette Davis’ eldest daughter Barbara wrote her tell-all memoir in 1985, she portrayed the Academy Award-winning actress as a neurotic alcoholic mother who hated to see her daughter happy. It was a damining exposé on the much-loved Old Hollywood star, but Barbara still had much more to say. Years later, Barbara took to Youtube to reveal what her famous mom was really like behind closed doors. According to the late actress’ daughter, Davis was engaged in occult magic and believed that she knew how to summon the devil. And as far as Barbara is concerned, it really was true. Take a look at why Barbara believes her mom really was a witch and what she did to prove it.

It’s Surprising That Grace Kelly Became the Princess of Monaco Considering How Scandalous Her Personal Life Had Been

Monaco when she married Prince Rainier in 1956. But the truth is, she had one of the most scandalous personal lives in all of Old Hollywood. It’s all the more surprising considering how she was only 26 years old when she entered the Monaco royal family. Ever since Kelly was a young adult, she had been in and out of scandalous affairs with much older married men, most of whom she was acting opposite in films. It was always a messy ordeal, but that never stopped the actress from acting on her heart’s desires. Take a look at all the leading actors she dated, and see why it was that the actress never settled down with any of them.

Support For Anna Faris Is at an All-Time High as Fans Claim Chris Pratt Has Left His Old Family Behind

When Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s marriage crumbled in front of our eyes, we knew we’d get over it eventually – but what we never expected was for Chris’ popularity to take a massive U-turn. Yes, in recent years Chris Pratt has gone from one of Hollywood’s most-loved actors to the most-hated, and it’s clear to see that Anna is still being affected by her ex-husband’s actions. Thankfully, fans are on her side, as they believe that what Chris has done is unforgivable…

Sherri Papini Proved Herself To Be the Real “Gone Girl” After She Became the Center of the Largest Manhunt in Californian History

The real details behind the bizarre disappearance of Sherri Papini, mother of two, are only just coming to light. In November 2016, American sweetheart Sherri Papini suddenly vanished, giving way to the single largest manhunt in Californian history. And when she reappeared 3 weeks later with mysterious markings, she had a hell of a story to tell. unspeakable misery. But behind the scenes, detectives were discovering that Sherri’s story just didn’t add up. Take a look at what really went down in the kidnapping, and find out why people are comparing Sherri Papini to Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne.

Comparing Photos of Dogs 100 Years Ago vs Today Shows the Impact Selective Breeding Truly Has on Animals

Although selective breeding has opened up a huge and profitable business for those in the industry, this process is not always in the dogs’ best interests. Dogs have changed so much over the past 100 years that some are now completely unrecognizable – and while some of them look cuter and more family-friendly, the lack of genetic diversity in dogs is proving to be incredibly harmful. These pictures show just how different dogs looked 100 years ago vs. today.