Some describe him as a dictator, an evil ruler. He’s been labeled as a bad-ass that is hot enough to steal your girl. Controversial opinions and dark rumors surround his name.

When one thinks of a dictator, do they think of a man or woman who swims with dolphins and pets puppies? What about a dictator who hosts tea parties and talks to kids at youth summer camps? No, you don’t think of those things. Each example seems like an oxymoron when placed beside the word “dictator.”

Vladamir Putin is either loved or hated and each stance has a reason behind it. However, what makes this dictator stand out from the rest are his leisurely activities. You would think in his free times he’s out and about uprooting flowers and smacking little kids ice creams to the ground for no apparent reason. You’d imagine the man handing out people wearing happy colors like yellow or pink. However what the paparazzi shows us is a man that does all the opposite of what we expected him to do.

Putin shocks us each time we see him hugging a puppy in a press conference, and yes, that happens often! Say what you want about the guy but there’s no arguing with the fact that he totally looks sweeter than you in these pictures. The Irony may or may not be too much to handle, but it’s worth seeing. If this dictator can look this sweet, why can’t you? Yea that’s some food for thought!

Popular Everything has no official stance on Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. However, what we do have is a collection of pictures capturing the moments where Vlad looked sweeter than you.

10+ Times Vladimir Putin Looked Sweeter Than You

Just wait till you see how sweet… its kind of hilarious…