20+ Photos of Bargain Crazed Shoppers in the Heat of the Black Friday Madness

    There’s nothing quite like an outrageous sale, or a Black Friday bargain-hunt to make you feel alive. After all, who doesn’t love a “door-busting” deal? Still, when these shopping warriors prepared for Black Friday, the most coveted and busiest shopping day of the year, they went to the next level. With their insatiable appetite for a sale, it really was survival of the shoppers, and the game was well and truly on.

    Image: Twice

    What started out in 1952, as a traditional sale, “The Day after Thanksgiving” has spiraled to the next level of consumerism madness. While some are still recovering from their Thanksgiving turkey comas, others see it as a national holiday. Many can be seen camping out, rushing, running, trampling, or joining the “Walmart Fight Club.” On Black Friday, there really are no rules. So let’s marvel at these apocalyptic scenes and see what people will do for a crazed-deal, in the heat of the Black Friday madness.