It’s undebatable; women are strong. The world would not be able to survive without ’em. They’re the heart and soul of the home and can rule the business world at the same time. Whole countries would fall if women were not there to pick up the slack. Although women’s strength is way more apparent in modern days, it’s important to know just how crucial their roles were at a time when they had no voice (a time BEFORE Beyonce). While men went off to war, women were left home to take care of literally everything! The economy faced high demand and factories were in desperate need of workers. Who do you think came to the rescue? That’s right, women.

Popular Everything has the pics to prove “who run the world.”

1. Women working on the home front (Britain, 1943)

2. Women laborers clearing spilled materials on train tracks (USA, 1943)

3. Red Army Soviet sniper during WW2 (Soviet Union, 1943)

4. Attending vocational school to learn skills that would help with war effort (USA, 1942)

5. A woman stacking practice bombs (Australia, 1943)

6. A woman guarding her post (Mexico, 1910)

7. Women assembling an aircraft (USA, 1943)

8. U.S “factory girls,” making anything from uniforms to hand-bombs (USA, 1944)

9. Woman filling in positions at a toy-car factory (Britain, 1930)

10. Canadian woman munitions worker in WW1 (Canada, 1917)

11. These ladies are inspecting bomb bodies (Australia, 1943)

12. A French resistance fighter during WW2 (France, 1943)

13. Bombshell women, effortlessly handling explosives. U.K. “Canary girls” make TNT shells (Britain, 1917)

14. Young lady checking artillery in WW2 (USA, 1944)

15. Native American Woman train to work in shipyards in WW2 (USA, 1942)

16. Team of ladies rocking trouser and getting to work during WW2 (Britain, 1944)

17. Two women take on large press machine used for making munitions boxes (Australia, 1943)

18.  Woman munitions worker during The Great War (Britain, 1915)

19. Woman workers inspect a partly inflated barrage balloon (USA, 1943)

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