It’s undebatable; women are strong. The world would not be able to survive without ’em. They’re the heart and soul of the home and can rule the business world at the same time. Whole countries would fall if women were not there to pick up the slack. Although women’s strength is way more apparent in modern days, it’s important to know just how crucial their roles were at a time when they had no voice (a time BEFORE Beyonce).

While men went off to war, women were left home to take care of literally everything! that means paying the bills, cooking, cleaning and all other responsibilities. Not to say women didn’t have it in them before the war. Women were strong and always will be strong. The wars gave them the chance to prove it is all. When the wars were over, the men came back to a whole new definition of the word “woman.”

The world noticed those gender roles were about to change for good when the women asked to start working more. They realized they could do a “man’s” job and some! So why be confound to societies unspoken social guidelines for women when they just seemed pointless.

During wars, the economy faced high demand and factories were in desperate need of workers. Who do you think came to the rescue? That’s right, women. These photos show the incredible strength women had all along. They worked for factories, for the army and construction sites. After seeing these pictures you’ll never ask yourself if women have it in them to take on the “hard” jobs. Heck, they were born to do it and will continue doing it. If the world only allowed men to work, we would only witness half of it’s potential. 

Popular Everything has the pics to prove “who run the world.”