25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever

Everyone pictures celebrities as the biggest glamazons to grace the Earth, never leaving the house without a perfectly made up visage. Kimmy K showed us the world of contouring, Cara Delevigne brought thicker eyebrows into the beauty game and Kylie Jenner had us all plumping up our pouts with her lip kit – but it doesn’t always have to be that way.


What happened to good old natural beauty? We want more people showing off what their momma gave them, without the cosmetic enhancements. If you’re not ready to showcase your bare face to the world yet, take a look at our hand-picked selection of celebrities rocking the no makeup look. Here’s the tea: these stars will give you the confidence you need to stop reaching for that cosmetic bag every morning.

Camila Mendes

Life for Camila Mendes pretty much blew up in 2016. After portraying the feisty Veronica Lodge on our fav American drama series, “Riverdale” this talented actress became a household name around the world. Despite being a new addition to the public eye, fans everywhere are going crazy at her Brazilian-inherited looks. Proving she’s not as into primping herself as several other celebrities though, she stunned us all in this barefaced snap.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 14

2018 was a big year for Camila. The actress took to Instagram to share the money shot taken from her photoshoot for “People Magazine’s” new “The Beautiful Issue” – and beautiful it is! What makes this picture so great is that she is wearing absolutely no makeup and still looks gorgeous with those naturally on fleek brows. Five stars to Mendes for her courage, not many stars would do that!


Originally known as Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, Halsey started her career in the most modern-day way possible, through promoting her work on social media. Fast forward to the present day, and this electropop artist has collaborated with the likes of G-Eazy and the Chainsmokers. Halsey is known for her alternative style, but did you know she can take her days off from the cosmetics too? Here’s the tea.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 17

Who knew no makeup could look so bomb? Here the twenty-four-year-old is snapped wearing one of the many wigs from her collection (don’t ask, she rocks it anyway) and a casual denim jacket. If there’s anyone who could blend in with the crowd in the most beautiful way possible, it’s your gal Halsey!

Chloë Moretz

Here’s a child star that didn’t end up going down a wrong path. Ever since she was seven-years-old, Chloe Moretz has taken her acting career from strength to strength. Now at twenty-two, Moretz has featured in so many hit movies that she’s become a pretty well-known name. Despite her fame, she’s not afraid to strip her face bare for the cameras.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 10

Last year, the actress took part in the #BareSkinProject for the skincare brand, SK-II. What did Chloë have to do? Take part in a photoshoot wearing no makeup. Lo and behold, she killed it! Moretz’s face is clearly a no-dark-under-eye zone. Her beautiful, untouched face went down such a treat that less than twelve hours after uploading it to her Instagram page, she received nearly one million likes.

Lily Collins

If you’re an avid movie-goer, you’ll know who Lily Collins is. This brunette beauty and daughter of English musician, Phil Collins, has developed her own identity as a talented actress, featuring in several Hollywood movies. What’s also interesting about this star is the way she flaunts her natural beauty.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 18

It’s hard to look at this photo and not feel envious of Collins. Despite being so obviously caught off-guard here by the paps, it still makes for a stunning picture. This girl has been blessed with such voluminous lashes that she doesn’t need even a touch of cosmetics to get people falling at her feet! She’s serving us natural beauty realness and we’re all obsessed.


2013 had a nation singing along to New Zealand singer Lorde’s huge single “Royals” – remember that banger?! Since her public debut, the twenty-two-year-old electropop star has been generating more music that’s become big in the United States. At such a young age, we commend Lorde for truly embracing her naked face.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 19

Proving to the world just how confident she is to leave the makeup at home, Lorde posted this selfie to her social media that’s as bare-faced as you can get. Honestly, if we looked as good as she does with such little imperfections, we wouldn’t even give those Jeffree Star cosmetics a second look!

Lucy Hale

“Pretty Little Liars” was one of the most dramatic television series around. All across the globe, viewers were hooked for seven whole years, pondering when the infamous ‘A’ character would finally be revealed. We cannot deny that the four main stars were gorgeous, but it turns out they don’t all need makeup to look so hot.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 20

American actress Lucy Hale, or better known on the show as ‘Aria’ has us in awe after seeing this caught-off-guard snapshot of her. As Hale flaunts those beaming green eyes of hers and full brows, we wonder why she ever felt the need to wear make up in the first place! This is natural beauty at its finest, and we’re not jealous in the slightest…or maybe a little.

Billie Eilish

This celebrity is a newbie to the world of fame and glory, so what’s she all about? Billie Eilish first became known after a video singing her song, “Ocean Eyes,” went viral. Since then, the world has become #obsessed by her dark and slightly twisted take on pop music. One of Eilish’s trademarks that we can’t get enough of, is her rocking of the natural look.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 3

Billie Eilish is one of the very few celebs that frequently goes without makeup. Observing her fuller brows and bright blue eyes, who could blame her? What makes this girl even more fascinating is that this beauty is only seventeen years old.

Lana Condor

You might recognize this star from the hit Netflix movie that was released last year, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Being a part of such a huge motion picture, Lana Condor is certainly keen to make her name known in the acting world. Despite the obvious pressures of being part of such a judgmental industry, Lana still knows how to keep it real in terms of appearance.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 2

One of the reasons we imagine Lana was cast for the 2018 teen drama was due to her appearance. As we can see, this gorgeous actress is one of the lucky ones. Her youthful, clear skin gives her a huge edge over some of the other celebs in the business. This is one example where no make up can actually help you in life.

Dua Lipa

One singer that brings the meaning of ‘girl power’ to a whole new level is the glamorous Dua Lipa. The British pop singer first started wowing the crowds with her music in 2015, and since then the successes have come in hot and heavy. It’s evident the young star has not only vocal talent but the beauty to match, but did you know it’s not all down to cosmetics?

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 21

Here the Brit icon is snapped posing on some rocks in one of those classic candid-but-not-candid vacation pics and we have to say, it’s taken our breath away! Just imagine looking that good while the boiling sun is glaring down at you. Skin as naturally radiant as that is a real blessing that Dua needs to show off more to the world!

Emilia Clarke

The “Game of Thrones” series has undoubtedly taken over the lives of many of us, so let’s take a minute to look over one of the main cast members. Emilia Clarke is a British actress who, despite being best known as Daenerys Targaryen in the medieval fantasy, has featured in many successful acting pursuits. The star recently took to social media to reveal that unlike many actresses, she does not rely on makeup to feel confident.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 25

We’re immediately blown away by the natural beauty that just radiates off Milly. Over the years, the star has been frequently likened to fellow Brit actress, Lily Collins. Taking a good look at both of the stars without make up, the similarities are uncanny: clear skin, full eyebrows, and undeniable natural charm!

Nina Dobrev

This 30-year-old beauty made her mark in the acting industry back in 2006, after starring as Mia in teen drama series, “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” What people primarily know Nina Dobrev for, however, is playing Elena Gilbert – the protagonist of hit CW show, “The Vampire Diaries.” It’s pretty astounding to know that such a famous actress has no issues with stripping off the makeup in front of wide audiences…

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 9

Well, this looks a little familiar. That’s right, another star who joined Camila Mendes on the project to bare no cosmetics in the shoot for “People Magazine” was Dobrev. Looking at that imperfection-free skin, it’s no wonder she was willing to make her untouched face so public!

Joey King

Who is the latest female star to take the Netflix world by storm? You guessed it, Joey King. At just 19 years of age, this American actress has already made quite the name for herself. Her most recent acting pursuits are in the gripping drama “The Act,” as well as our favorite rom-com, “The Kissing Booth.” This acting superstar may be confident behind the cameras, but she certainly doesn’t need to hide behind a bunch of cosmetics to feel her best.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 22

Check out this no makeup photo the teen star, caught by the paparazzi. Boy, even when she’s not ready for the picture don’t those blue eyes sparkle?! King is the perfect example for reinforcing the point that natural beauty always comes out on top, and doesn’t she look beautiful while doing so?

Bella Hadid

If you know anything about pop culture, you’re likely to be familiar with the Hadid clan. In 2013, the American Gigi Hadid made her first modeling stint with IMG Models. Since then, not only has her modeling career gone global, but younger sister Bella has followed in big sis’s footsteps too. Proving that being a model doesn’t mean 24/7 glamor, Bella posted this picture.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 16

Ok, we’re obsessed. Hadid wanted to take a different route in this Calvin Klein shoot, as pictures were soon uploaded of makeup and photoshop-free Bella. In this day and age, the social media generation have given fans unrealistic expectations about what is beautiful. We cannot thank Bella enough for being so real in this shoot; such perfect skin should get showcased more often!

Leighton Meester

Ok, we’re calling it…”Gossip Girl” is missed all over the world. Our favorite sass-queen we all secretly related to, of course, gets a mention on this list. After performing in a series of acting pursuits, Leighton Meester got her big break as B, Blair, Miss Waldorf…whatever you want to call her, on the famous CW series. The woman who plays the glam socialite shows to the world her more natural side on social media.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 7

We mean, this photo gives us all the feels, taking straight back to the date when “Gossip Girl” aired in 2007. We love how Leighton Meester can not only separate herself from the super-extra Upper East Sider she played on screen, but she’s such a natural beauty it’s hard not to feel a little envious of that glistening skin.

Shailene Woodley

What happens when you combine acting with environmental activism? Shailene Woodley pops up as if by magic. That’s right, after a series of previous roles, this American star got her true debut as a Hollywood star after getting us all in our feels, playing Beatrice in the heartwarming drama, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Since then, this woman has not only wowed us with her work but that natural beauty of hers.

Untitled 1

There’s confidence, and then there’s Shailene. This acting phenomenon is serving us youthful radiance in this cute, natural picture. This actress proves to us that there’s nothing hotter than being comfortable in your skin, and what gorgeous skin she has!

Lauren Jauregui

It’s all about the girls right now, so who better to put on the list than a member of one of the biggest female boss bands? Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui is no basic girl. Match those vocals with one killer attitude, and you’ve got yourself a real modern-day princess. Proving to go beyond female stereotypes, Jauregui loves to show off her naked face.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 1

It’s time for some equality! The Cuban-American singer poses in this natural-looking photo, stripped bare of makeup and wearing a t-shirt which sparks protest about society’s lack of inclusion. Not only is she advocating an important issue – but we cannot stop obsessing over those killer green eyes. Keep living your best life as a natural beauty, Lauren!

Elizabeth Olsen

Who remembers the Olsen twins? Our childhood wasn’t complete without catching up with how Mary-Kate and Ashley were doing on their adventures. Wishing not to be known simply by association, sister of the duo, Elizabeth Olsen developed her own identity as a talented actress. Not convinced? She’s even a part of the Avengers movie franchise, so that’s a pretty big deal. Oh, and take a look at how cute she looks on those natural days.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 6

The Olsen twins are gorgeous, and so is their little sis! We can’t deal with how adorable Liz looks here. If you ask us, we think all celebs should follow in Olsen’s footsteps of embracing their natural beauty.

Maisie Williams

Check it out, it’s another “Game of Thrones” actress! We knew you wanted more. The next star to take center stage on our list is the uber-talented Maisie Williams. At just twenty-two years old, Williams has already bagged herself a role on one of the most popular shows, and we bet this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. In fact, take a look at the star here flaunting her bare face to the world.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 23

Proving that once again, celebs can leave the house without a full face of cosmetics painted onto their face, here is Maisie. There’s nothing better than seeing a worldwide star keeping it real, especially when they look as good as Maisie does with an untouched face!

Hailee Steinfeld

We love a rising star. One girl that turned her small beginnings into a worldwide empire was Hailee Steinfeld. She may be twenty-two, but this American actress-turned-singer is a force to be reckoned with. Nowadays, we know her best for her roles in “Pitch Perfect 2″ and hosting the 2018 MTV EMA Awards. Get this too: she doesn’t always have to leave the house without makeup!

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 5

Isn’t she the cutest? We literally cannot stop obsessing over the confidence that radiates off this young star, despite her face being stripped bare of the cosmetics. With that complexion, you keep doing you, Hailee!

Vanessa Hudgens

Probably one of the biggest things we remember from our childhood was singing along with our best pals to “High School Musical’s” banger after banger. One of the most glamorous stars to come out of the motion picture, Vanessa Hudgens, has since made a breakthrough into a whole new realm of acting in a variety of different genres. Check her out here flaunting what her momma gave her.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 13

Another day, another “People Magazine” shoot. Yet another celebrity who joined the bandwagon in baring all for the “Beautiful Issue” was our Hudgens. Those full brows and blemish-free skin just prove to you how sometimes, makeup really isn’t all that. Keep up the natural work, Nessa. We want to see more of it in the future!

Bella Thorne

We’re heading back over to the stars from “Shake It Up.” Another actress which used the Disney Channel show as a platform to become a successful actress (among other titles) was Bella Thorne. Being young doesn’t mean you can’t have confidence, btw. Check out Bella looking radiant as ever in this makeup-free shot.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 24

The airport is never a fun time. You’re rushing around, probably didn’t get any sleep the night before and panicking you might miss your flight. No one would suspect any of these emotions are going around Bella’s mind, though. That clear skin of the star’s means that even on those casual, no makeup days, she still looks radiant.

Kylie Jenner

This is a star no one would have expected to feature on the list. With the launch of her Kylie Cosmetics brand in 2016, the twenty-one year old made quite a name for herself in the beauty world. Several YouTube tutorials and Instagram posts later, and the sales of Kylie Cosmetics soared, making Kylie Jenner the world’s youngest self-made billionaire – impressive stuff, huh? Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not every day the star rocks the glitz and glam look.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 12

We promised to show you celebrities looking gorgeous without a painted face and boy did we deliver. Kylie Jenner looks incredible next to daughter, Stormi, in this vacation snap taken in the paradise-like Turks and Caicos Islands. Not only are we wowed by the socialite’s post-pregnancy glow, but stripped bare of the foundation, hasn’t she got the most gorgeous skin? You rock those freckles, King Kylie!

Hailey Baldwin

What a year it’s been for Hailey! The American television personality got her big break after modeling for magazines such as Tatler. Since then, the twenty-two year old has been snapped rubbing shoulders with some big names, and even tied the knot with none other than Justin Bieber! One thing we adore Hailey for is her fearlessness when it comes to keeping it natural.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 15

In this picture and several others you may find if you search up Baldwin’s name, it is evident just how comfortable the star is with showing her untouched face to the cameras, and so she should be! Hailey looks just as gorgeous without make up as she does with a full face on – not a blemish in sight! If looking at this stunning beach babe isn’t enough to encourage you to ditch the highlighter, we don’t know what will!

Demi Lovato

Who remembers “Camp Rock?” Would you believe, watching Demi Lovato strut her stuff in the 2008 teen musical, she’d be the megastar she is today?! Since her Disney debut, Lovato has continued taking on more acting roles, released a couple of albums and even tried her hand as a judge on popular talent show, the X Factor. Just when you thought she couldn’t impress us anymore; the multi-talented star has proved to be a real natural beauty, too.

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 8

Would you believe this? Lovato is proving to the world with this selfie that even the rich and famous enjoy their chill days. Demi keeps it 100 in her bath robe, fresh makeup-free face and a cup of tea in her hand. With brows as neat as that, it’s no wonder that the lack of cosmetics isn’t getting her down!


Since her debut in the public eye on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up,” the world hasn’t stopped #obsessing over Zendaya. Not only is this young woman a talented actress, but her good looks made the twenty-two-year-old something of a beauty icon, too. Every time Zendaya steps foot into an awards evening, the paparazzi are quick to gawk at her style. Not convinced she’d still pull it off without the makeup? Think again…

25 Celebrities Ditch the Cosmetics and Look as Gorgeous as Ever 4

In 2017, Zendaya was photographed as she stood by the chilly Manhattan Bridge, sporting some super cute denim garms. What makes this photoshoot stand out from the hundreds of others she’s partaken in? Just look at that fresh, make up-free face! Zendaya should totally ditch the mascara more often, as there’s no denying that clear skin.