25+ Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations

A lot can happen out on the water that those back on dry land will never get to experience for themselves. Fishing is not the boring sport that some people think it is. On the contrary, a good fishing outing is full of challenges, strange situations, and hilarious unexpected predicaments.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 15
Image: Vitamin News

Don’t believe us? Then take a look at these LOL-worthy photos that are sure to change your mind about the sport. Soon you’ll understand that fishing can be much more intense and eventful than you realized. Thankfully these fishermen managed to capture these moments in action.

Carpooling at Its Finest

I’m sure we are all aware or know of a few crazy traditions that take place in our towns or countries. I don’t know much about this one, but I’d sure like to see this event taking place, just for a laugh. Crazy fishers take place in a competition where contestants turn just about anything into a fishing boat.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 10
Image: Daily Mail

Naturally, the contestants turn just about anything into homemade boats, from cars to couches. This does sound like a fun and exciting event to see. However, don’t try this at home, ladies and gentlemen, if you do, make sure you’re wearing life vests and you’re absolutely sober.

Well, That Ship Has Sailed

This picture shows us exactly how to not to launch a boat. For those of you out there wanting to start fishing, this is not how it’s done. We think it’s supposed to go the other way around. Reverse the boat in first unless you want a car wash. Regardless, we aren’t boat-launching experts!

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 33
Image: Kohanee Fishing Forum

Poor guy, he has probably watched too many car commercials, you know, the ones where they say how resistant their cars are. We’ve heard of cars driving over sand dunes, and up and down mountains, but this is a new one! Or, his tires just slipped and now he’s in an impossible situation.

Fish Needs to Get Passed Three Nets If He Wants to Come Aboard

Here we have fun fishing games again. Why weren’t we informed of such fun sports! We think that if everyone knew just how fun this could be, everyone would join in with the crazy outfits, out-of-the-box themes, and the fun teams.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 21
Image: Herald Weekly

We don’t want to speak for everyone but to our knowledge, fishing with fishing nets happens to be quite challenging. This woman has made us proud of the catch she has. It just reminds us to always keep our eyes and ears open for potential games in the area.

Sorry, I Thought You Were a Fish

We probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as we did, but this is hilarious. Poor guy, his life probably just flashed before his eyes. However, we hope he didn’t jump off the boat and into the water with the crocodile. We guess that’s the perks with fishing, you never know what you’re about to catch on your line.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 25
Image: Herald Weekly

What would you do in this situation? We personally think that the safest bet is to drop down and sit on your butt. Well, we assume this was a friendly warning from the big croc, and hopefully, he didn’t continue his fishing expedition for the day.

Meanwhile, in the Year 2050

We all know how challenging it can be to throw your line in deep enough to get a bite from a little fish, you could potentially sit ashore all day long until you catch something. Oh, and then if you do catch something, it could be a plastic bag or seaweed. We all know how disappointing that can be.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 27
Image: Herald Weekly

So, why not bring an enormous truck along with you, I mean, surely everyone has one lying around somewhere. Jokes aside, this is a funny and smart way to catch fish. We aren’t too sure if it’s entirely legal, but hey, whatever works for you.

A Graphic Example of Irony: No Worries

Fisher: Hey honey, I can’t talk right now, I’m handling life, no worries. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens when a boat has been overloaded, and the weight hasn’t been distributed evenly. We sure are wondering if they caught a fish that showed them who runs the ocean.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 17 1
Image: Mike Frost

Regardless, we feel deeply for the owner and we are sorry for your loss. If this boat can’t be salvaged and you don’t have another boat, you could try making your own homemade boat out of a car or a couch like the other guys did.

I Know the Drill

It took us a moment to realize what’s going on here but friends, we have a genius in the midst. Instead of living in the 20th century where you need to reel in your fish, you could just as easily use a drill to reel in your line. By the end of your fishing trip, you wouldn’t have broken a sweat.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 11
Image: YouTube / Trending Now

Meanwhile, we are all standing there, reeling in our lines for an hour until we have a Popeye sized arm, better yet, we could have an enormous nest of fishing line building up right behind you. Oh, the joy, and then how do you continue fishing after that?

An Umbrella, so I Don’t Get Wet

Wow, this must have been quite a sight to see. What would you do if you were in the middle of a flash flood? Would you sit back and wait for conditions to improve, or would you make the most out of it as this man did? All you need is a camping chair, a fishing rod and an umbrella on hand.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 3
Image: Herald Weekly

While it’s probably not the first thing any of us would think of, this man is sure enjoying his life and making the best out of a gloomy situation. Well, we hope this man’s sense of humor sent out a lot of positive vibe for all the stressed drivers on the road.

Grandpas in the Mist

One thing about fishing is that it generally bridges men of all ages, generally grandfathers, his sons, and their children! That being said, when you have a passion for fishing, once it’s in your blood, it’s like venom in your blood. Once it’s in your system, you can’t get it out.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 26
Image: Hatch Magazine

This man may be going out with his walker but that could possibly be for anti-falling purposes! Regardless, no matter your age or gender, if you really love fishing, you could never give up the opportunity to go and throw your line in the water.

Don’t You Think You Went a Little Overboard?

Well, this was quite a funny story. This poor, lucky guy happened to be driving his boat in circles, circling his prey until he finally decided to reach out and grab his fish. Little did he know he was about to go tumbling down into the waters with little knowledge of what lurks below.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 14
Image: YouTube / The Smallmouth Experience

However, the funny thing is that once he resurfaced, he miraculously came up to the surface with a fish in his hands. Well, that was a lucky catch! The fisher said, “I fell off the boat and sunk my fishing rod, drowned my camera, tested my life jacket and took a swim in Lake Huron, but hey, I got a fish.”

When They Say There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Well, we aren’t exactly sure what happened here but this could either be extremely hilarious or go horribly wrong, let’s use our imaginations. Regardless of how these two gentlemen landed up in this situation, we don’t recommend catching fish from this section of the boat.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 5
Image: Facebook / Awesome Video Fishing

Okay, on a serious note, if the guys were out fishing, they might have gotten some fishing line stuck in their boat motor which could be dangerous. Furthermore, it could also potentially be that the guys are flushing their motor which can be required at any time.

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

This sweet fella from Mississippi decided that it was time for people, aka people running the show, to finally listen to what residents are complaining about. This funny, harmless stunt was purely to get a point across and boy did it go viral.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 4
Image: YouTube / It Came From The Box

This gentleman is tired of potholes in their town. Who wouldn’t be? And wanted to prove a point in a humorous way. We need more people like this in the world. We never received any updates as to if his efforts paid off, but we sure hope they did so that he can get back to the real deal, fishing in a real lake.

What Did I Tell You About Fishing for Whales?

Don’t let the title fool you. What’s really going on is a whole other ball game. These two gentlemen happen to be highly experienced fishermen and have been fishing since they were young boys. They two struggled until it was nighttime to reel in their large catch.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 1
Image: Catch Me Fishing

Surprisingly, the fish they caught was a hammerhead and if you were to leave him on the hook for too long, he could suffer from exhaustion and absolutely no good sport wants that. So the guys eventually switched positions, they put up a long fight but in the end, the shark managed to unhook himself and swam away. Thank goodness for that!

Must be a Small Fish

Have any of you watch the movie 50 First Dates? Now think back, Lucy had a brother named Doug who was always wearing odd outfits and flaunting his strength. Doesn’t this picture look like it was captured from a scene out of the movie?

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 18
Image: Tie Breaker

Whatever he has caught doesn’t seem to be going down without a fight. In our most humble opinion, we recommend you hold on until he breaks the line because judging by the way this guy was dragged forward in one pull, this guy probably has a crocodile on the line.

Daddy Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo

This made us laugh a lot. Here we have more hilarious fishing races. This race was the Annual Recycled Cardboard Fishing Boat Race which took place in the Root River in Racine. What a great idea to get a town together recycling cardboard and taking part in fun activities together.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 32
Image: Journal Times

Are you guys thinking what we’re thinking? When fish see sharks, they swim away frantically so this might not be the best boat theme but hey, good luck dude! We absolutely love this idea. You aren’t allowed to take part if your boat isn’t made from recycled cardboard!

Well, That’s Rude

We expected better from nature, you know, to take the high road kind of thing because this is just teasing the hardworking fishermen. Well, there are times in life we find ourselves in the strangest of situations and this so happens to be one of those ‘how the hell’ moments.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 12
Image: Ryan Moody Fishing

I hope they let the fish go, just for the sake of how innocent and unaware this fish is. We know, it can take hours of hard work waiting for that one fish to bite your line and then all of a sudden, an oversize fish swims up to you showing off what you’re missing out on.

I Believe in Reincarnation as of Today

Yes, you don’t need to blink your eyes so many times, you’re seeing this right. This is a sheepshead fish with human-like teeth that are strong enough to bite an oyster, crab and metal fishhook in half. In our opinion, this fish managed to find a pair of sailors’ dentures from the bottom of the ocean floor.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 9
Image: Catch Me Fishing

Nonetheless, those pearly off-whites are all-natural! These captivating type fish inhabit the Gulf and Atlantic coasts in the U.S. If their teeth freak you out, they have three more rows of teeth. Well, with that picture-perfect smile, who wouldn’t be fascinated with this little fella.

Even Fish Photobomb

Well, we guess you could call this a memorable photo. You wanted one, you got it. We are sure the person snorkeling had a successful session underwater and will most likely be coming back for me after this fish hilariously photobombed him.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 30
Image: Mental Floss

One thing for sure is, if you’re a great lover of the ocean and enjoy being underwater surrounded by sea life, being apart of another way of life, then this moment could mean a great deal to many. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it! Great picture!

Two Fish, One Hook?

This guy happened to be out fishing and enjoying his day, in hopes of catching a good-sized fish that eats a lot, as any fisherman would. But surely not literally like this, with his dinner in the middle of his meal. Well, in the name of good sports, put him back and let him finish his meal!

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 7
Image: theCHIVE

This is not something you see every day. This definitely makes things harder for the fisherman now. Wow, what would you all do if you got into this weird situation? Would you throw him back to let him finish his meal? We surely would.

Fish Flop Friday?

We are sure many of you fishers out there know exactly what fish flop Friday is. However, this happens to the best of us every day of the week! This poor guy’s fish happens to be quite a camera-shy guy and the fisherman is quite hurt by his immediate exit.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 13
Image: Pic To See

We can relate to this more than you know. Just when you think you’ve hooked a great fish for the day, your spirits are high in the sky and then, the unthinkable happens. The fish decides he’s not in the mood to hang and he flip flops his way back home. Nonetheless, let’s be honest, a day in the lake beats a day in the office!

My Daddy Said I Caught the Wrong Fish

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Different strokes for different folks?” Well, mostly all weddings have bridal photoshoots with her groom, new family and so on. Additionally, a lot of people also love the trash the dress concept too.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 19
Image: Daily Motion

Coming back to our phrase that we mentioned above, this photograph came from an album of Russian weddings. When Russian people tie the knot, they come up with some of the most creative themed photoshoots and clearly, the couple that got married in this picture really loves fishing.

What’s One More Fish in the Sea?

We would definitely call this a catch of the day. When people say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, they weren’t kidding. This guy is extremely happy with his catch, we’re not sure if it’s because of the woman or the fish but his smile says it all.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 31
Image: Faxo

Nonetheless, this guy is having a really good day and living every fisherman’s dream right now. He managed to catch two good looking fishes that he gets to take home at the end of the day! Who would need anything more than that?

The One That Got Away

Sometimes the struggle for a successful catch of the day doesn’t end once the fish is out of water. Getting the fish to dry land is only half the struggle, getting it to stay there is where a good fisherman needs to go the extra mile. These guys learned that the hard way.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 28
Image: Instagram / Skwormin

It seems like this Berkeley alum was no match for this fish and his slippery ways. The fish was ready to make a swim for it, and the surprise factor was all in his favor. It looks like these two are going to have to improvise a different course for supper that evening.

Four Hands are Better Than Two

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Why use one rod when you can use as many rods as humanly possible? Seems like this dedicated fisherman has at least six fishing rods deployed to catch the perfect fish. At least as far as this photo shows.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 23
Image: Facebook / Black Forest Fishing Squad

For all we know, there are even more poles at work. We wonder if this method actually worked for him. Maybe it’s about time he starts making some fishing buddies that can help him lighten the load. At least then he could stop monkeying around.

When the Fish Fights Back

For most fishermen, the bigger the fish the better. However, the bigger the fish gets, so does the struggle and sometimes getting that big catch on to the boat is nearly impossible. Especially when the fish is nearly as big as the fisherman himself.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 2 1
Image: Herald Weekly

This big fish is literally fighting for his life as he tries to escape the arms of his catcher. But the committed fisherman did not come all this way to go home empty-handed and he is not giving up. Even after the fish starts to play dirty with a fin smack right in the head.

Mmm, I’ll Take that off Your hands, Thank You

This has to be the best photobomb that we have ever seen. This guy is completely unaware that he has company as he holds his prized catch up with pride. He is all smiles after his patience paid off and all he has is dinner on the mind.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 16
Image: The Viraler

Unfortunately, he is not the only one who’s hungry. Something tells us the bear ended up taking home that big catch at the end of this chance encounter. That’s an impressive achievement but not worth the fight. Drop that fish and run!!!

Nothing to Catch Here

Someone might want to come and update this sign. Although there might have once been a tempting river to fish from or dive into, that is clearly no longer the case. We don’t think a fisherman will have much luck over this particular bridge.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 20 1
Image: Herald Weekly

It does make us wonder, however, what this area must have looked like before. Either the sign is outdated or someone just felt like poking fun at future guests. Either way, this sign certainly has us scratching our heads in confusion.

Those Are My Fish

Someone was not feeling like sharing on this particular day. He saw that fishing pole and knew that meant some humans were going after his daily meal. He was not willing to accept that without a fight. And so ensued the epic battle of shark vs. fishing pole.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 6 1
Image: Reel Janie

Someone needs to tell this shark that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Clearly no one taught him that sharing is caring. Hopefully, the equipment and the shark both ended their day unscathed and that both fishermen and shark went home with a plentiful catch to satisfy their taste buds.

Forced Perspective at Its Finest

So, sometimes a fishing trip can end with some smaller catches that aren’t particularly worth boasting about. This particular trickster was not willing to accept that so he tried to pull a fast one. Sadly, his attempt did not quite hit the mark.

25 Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations 29
Image: 9GAG

He is not fooling anyone with this photo. Clearly all he caught was this little guy and not the human-sized fish that he tried to play off. The jig is up on this prankster. Someone should teach this guy some photoshop skills for next time.