37 Years Later, E.T. Returns Home for an Emotional Reunion with Elliot in a Nostalgic Holiday Special

It’s been 37 years since the iconic Spielberg ’80s classic hit E.T. graced our screens. Ever since E.T. returned to his home planet, we’ve been waiting on the edge of our seats for a sequel, or at least a nostalgic reunion with Elliot. Well, finally, Sky’s Comcast’s Xfinity service has given us movie buffs the closest we’ve ever gotten to a reunion, just in time for Christmas.

Image: Toronto Sun

In the nostalgic four-minute special, fans are treated to a bite-sized “Holiday Reunion” between a grown-up Elliot and the loveable diminutive alien, E.T. The festive short is sure to give you all the feels, as it captures the essence and nostalgia of the original movie. It also shows us just how much has changed since the adorable pair last said goodbye. So let’s catch you up to speed.

The Legacy of E.T.

The original 1982 Spielberg sci-fi classic was one of the highest-grossing box office hits of all time. It defined the generation of movie-goers and left a legacy on pop culture like no other. The film was filled with iconic scenes like Elliot riding his bike with E.T. in the basket, which is still a fixture in pop-culture. Catchphrases like “E.T. Go Home” also transcended the movie.

Image: Just Jared

E.T. captured the hearts of fans, which was probably why Spielberg was so reluctant to take the plunge and produce a sequel that could ruin the magic. However, the actor Henry Thomas who plays Elliot is happy viewers get “everything they want out of a sequel.” He was also glad this short was “without the messy bits that could destroy the beauty of the original and the special place it has in people’s minds and hearts.” 

Spielberg’s Seal of Approval

Thankfully, when the idea was pitched to the award-winning director Spielberg, he also gave it his seal of approval. There have also been plans and rumors of a sequel in the pipeline through the years. But this holiday short has been the closest we’ve got to one so far. Spielberg said he was grateful that “the integrity of the story isn’t lost in this retelling.”

Image: Us Weekly

The original movie also featured a young Drew Barrymore, as Elliot’s sister Gertie, and helped catapult her to stardom. Henry Thomas, A.K.A Elliot, is also an actor but we didn’t hear as much from him after he brought the extraterrestrial into his suburban home and introduced him to his world. This is another reason why fans were so excited to see the pair make a big comeback. So let’s dive in and see why this reunion is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

Reconnecting For The Holidays

The holiday special cuts to the present day, where Elliot is older and has a family and a suburban house of his own. After noticing some strange noises and flickering lights in the back yard, his son and daughter go with their torches to investigate, just like Elliot and Gertie did. When they see E.T. pop out from behind their festive snowman, they all jolt back and scream.

Image: Daily Mail

Elliot is just as excited to see his old pal E.T and the feeling’s mutual. He excitedly runs over and is just as happy to introduce his pal to his own family too. Elliot then reveals, “A lot has changed since you were here.” His family then helps E.T. catch up with the modern world. That is until they feel compelled to help E.T. on his next mission. And we’re still left on the edge of our seats!