41+ Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions

Humanity has come a long way in its endeavor to build stuff. Once we lived in caves and we used primitive tools. But today, with the power of modern technology at our disposal, we can build structures unprecedented in human history. Still, things are not perfect – far from it. In the following pages, you will witness some of the stupidest, silliest, funniest, and most cringe-worthy construction fails.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions53
Image: Reddit / pics

With all of today’s knowledge and know-how, we’re not sure how these epic fails happened. Laziness? Neglect? Carelessness? Who knows? One thing we do know is that once you see them, you will be left with lots of questions. Try not to get too frustrated as you’re laughing.

Epic Fail or Good Parenting?

We’re not sure if we would feel comfortable using this bathroom while it’s at full occupancy. True, it is, after all, a public bathroom. But this is an exaggeration. We’re not sure if this is some kind of optical illusion, but is the toilet on the right a little smaller than the one on the left?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions51
Image: Reddit / NotMyJob

If it’s for real, and not an illusion, then this might not be the most epic fail ever. Maybe this stall and its multiple toilets are specifically designed for parents with young children? In that case, we suppose the double occupancy option could be convenient. Well played toilets, well played.

The Best Seat in the House

Here there are no ands, ifs, or buts – this is a failure of design and execution. The supporting column is preventing the chair from reaching its sitting position. Not to mention, it blocks the view. Someone might have paid good money for an up-close seat by the side of the race track.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions18
Image: Business Insider

We don’t understand why the engineers could not have simply left out this chair in their seating scheme. We wonder if the racetrack ticketing office actually sells this seat to people. We know that if we showed up and this is what we got, we would be going Karen on them, big time.

Give Me a Break Man

“Sure,” they said. “Of course it’s wheelchair accessible, no worries at all. There is absolutely nothing here that could be considered dangerous.” Too many people have probably heard something like this before arriving here and finding out that there is a major problem.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions47
Image: MSN

We don’t even know what the point of this ramp is, waste of time, waste of wood. Even for someone extraordinarily able-bodied, like a pro athlete, this monstrosity is anything but accessible. Climbing this thing with wheels would require some serious horsepower.

Bank Machine That Keeps You on Your Toes

We don’t know what was going through the architect’s or the construction crew’s heads here, but we assume not much. People want to get some cash out and they have to climb up onto some huge ledge and then kneel down anyway?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions49
Image: Reddit / funny

If we must see the silver lining in this epic construction fail, maybe we could note that using this ATM really keeps you on your toes. You want to get in and get out, you don’t want to linger too long at the machine. So the design definitely does not encourage any lingering.

The Perfectly Safe Solution

In a way, we guess you could say that cyclists were “thrown under the bus” here. Bike lanes are supposed to be designated paved paths that allow cyclists to safely make their way across the city without interference and without becoming a disturbance. But this bus top defeats the whole purpose.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions48
Image: Reddit / CrappyDesign

The bus stop was plopped down smack in the middle of the bike lane, forcing cyclists to either bypass it on the sidewalk (which is technically illegal) or on the busy road oncoming traffic lane. City planners, engineers, architects, construction workers, safety inspectors – you’ve all failed.

A Sadistic Joke?

You can’t say we didn’t warn you: this photograph likely left with several questions. Unfortunately, we’re left scratching our heads just like you. Here, a playground structure is installed on the other side of a large concrete wall, but the slide is installed such that it’s leading directly to a 15-foot drop.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions45
Image: Instagram / Frank Kunert

And the drop leads right to a road. The main question here is: Is this for real? It’s hard to imagine what logic would go into this stupid playground, seemingly none whatsoever. We hate to even imagine a scenario where some poor kid actually uses the slide. Is this some kind of sadistic joke? Is it some avant-garde art installation? It’s perplexing.

A Sink Too Far

Maybe this sink looks so clean and pristine because nobody ever uses it due to the fact that it’s so darn inconvenient. Seriously, what was the designer thinking? We get that people want things to be symmetrical and centered, but this is just ridiculous.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions44
Image: The Sun

Just imagine trying to wash a dish here. You would have to completely lean over the counter and even then it’s doubtful that your hands would reach the sink. It might even be more convenient to just lie down on the countertop and wash your dishes while in a prone position. It’s too bad; nice counter, awful sink.

Modernity Gone Wild

We get it, the future is here. New ideas are in the air. The bathroom business is teeming with creativity. But we don’t quite get what’s going on here. In an attempt to infuse the cold metallic stalls of public bathrooms with some architectural flair, the designer of this bathroom decided to try something new.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions46
Image: Reddit / NotMyJob

The door to the private stall has a huge cutaway slashing across its upper half at a 45-degree angle. The result? An uncomfortable decline in privacy for people when they require privacy the most. Other bathroom users can see right in. Safe to say, this is not where we would want to do business. We’d prefer a lot more door.

Safety Hazard Is an Understatement

Of course, having a steep hill on one side of the road presents construction challenges. No one is doubting that. But is sticking an electricity pole right in the middle of the road really the best solution? We feel bad for the motorists that need to navigate around this fail.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions42
Image: Reddit / albania

It’s just hard to believe that there was no other way to fix this. Maybe put the pole more off to the side of the road? Perhaps they could have drilled into the steep side beyond the guard rail? True, we’re not engineers or electricity experts, but this just seems crazy and dangerous.

A Very Secure Gate

We appreciate the aesthetics of this gate, we really do. It’s pretty cool to incorporate an apple into the design. But at what cost? Seems like the apple comes at the expense of the functionality and usefulness of the gate. With the huge gap, it’s clear that someone can just breeze right through.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions41
Image: The Sun

To compound the ridiculousness of the whole thing, notice that the gate does actually have a lock, which is presumably only opened by a key. What’s the point? We really don’t get it. We hope that this is in a good neighborhood because this gate does not offer any security (or deterrence) whatsoever.

We’re Not in London Anymore

Here, we’re going to have to do a little bit of forensic work to get clues pertaining to what’s happening. Traditionally, these red phone booths are found in London, England, but the phone is always inside the booth. Now, have a look at the parked cars. There are quite a few jeeps, SUVs, and trucks; vehicles that aren’t so common in the tight and busy streets of London.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions38
Image: Imgur / alpinei0e

So from this we can maybe surmise that this red phone booth is not in London! Therefore, it’s a cheap knock-off. The mystery is solved. Whoever installed the booth clearly doesn’t know how it works. This, my friends, is why you shouldn’t settle for a cheap imitation of the real deal.

No Social Distancing

What we see here is the absolute best case scenario that could possibly happen in this bathroom. Maybe if one or two other people were here it wouldn’t be all that terrible. But can you imagine this thing at full capacity? There isn’t even enough room for everyone to stand, let alone go pee.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions37
Image: YouTube / Engineering Fails

When we need to pee, it’s nice to have a little bit of privacy. True, in male bathrooms, the urinals are kind of a compromise. You don’t have full privacy, but you keep to yourself, do your business and you don’t encroach on other people doing theirs. But this situation is extreme. Suddenly, holding it in doesn’t seem so bad.

Struggling to Make Ends Meet

This is a case of really bad planning. We see the problem. We even see the solution. But it just didn’t happen. The builders needed to take a little detour in their paving in order to avoid the pole. But it didn’t work our for them. Talk about struggling to make ends meet…

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions36
Image: Reddit / mildlyinfuriating

We really don’t understand the lack of foresight here. It’s not as if the builders and planners needed to use sophisticated computational modeling techniques in order to make things work here. Using their eyes and brains should have been enough. We can’t imagine these guys are too good at Tetris.

You Shall Not Pass!

This is not a friendly gate by any means. It’s menacingly Gothic, especially when you look at the spikes on top, which look like battle-ready spears. This poor daddy is on the receiving end of that unfriendliness. He wants to use the ramp to take his baby up, but there’s no way through.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions34
Image: The Sun

It looks like he’ll be forced to use the stairs. Usually, when builders and architects plan on making a ramp, it’s in order to take people using wheels into account. Wheelchairs, strollers, carts, that kind of thing. This just completely defeats the purpose.

You’ve Got to Earn It

Seriously, who are they letting into architecture schools these days? Where have common sense and logic escaped to? The whole idea of an escalator is to give people the option of not taking the stairs, at all. The point isn’t to just reduce the number of stairs they have to climb, the goal is to avoid stairs altogether.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions31
Image: Reddit / CrappyDesign

Sometimes when we see this epic constructions fails, one of the numerous questions that arises is whether this is some kind of joke because it’s hard to believe that planning could be this bad. What would the joke be here? “Wait a second, before you can go up the escalator, you’ve got to earn it by walking up a few stairs first.”

Slide to Oblivion

We take it there’s a not a giant foam pit, or one of those massive air cushions stuntmen use, waiting to receive people when they take the slide and fall off the building. Definitely no safety crew. This is not just an epic playground fail, it’s an epically dangerous one.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions39
Image: Facebook / Civil Engineering Principles

How could anyone use this? Are parents just supposed to tell their kids to stay clear of the red slide? Maybe what’s going on here is that the playground is not actually in use, perhaps it’s just in storage. We sure hope that’s the case. If not, it’s a terrible accident waiting to happen.

Pedestrian Discrimination

What’s happening here is that the city planners decided to give back to pedestrians and gift them with a nice little miniature nature hike as they’re going about the day and crossing the street. Courtesy of the municipality. This isn’t just a grand fail and slap in the face to street-crossers.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions19
Image: Imgur / ImAnAlpaca

Imagine carrying two big bags of groceries or a suitcase and having to tread over all this. Worse, what about someone with a stroller? It’s even dangerous: How are motorists supposed to see a pedestrian if he or she is standing in the vegetation?

Room With a View

We’re not sure if this is laziness, a joke, or bad design, but it’s pretty funny. There’s no danger here, there’s no serious inconvenience or waste of resources, it’s just kind of silly. This set of drapes was installed, but they only cover the wall, not a window, as they should. It just misses the point.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions35
Image: Twitter / imsadgirl

It’s funny to think of the reaction this guy had when he opened up the drapes hoping to see the outside. We’re sure he was disappointed. And he has the right to be. Usually when you rent a motel or hotel room, you can at the very least hope for a parking lot view.

This Gate Can’t Scare Anyone

We guess this gate is more symbolic than functional. Usually, the point of a parking gate is to provide security and control for a parking lot. Here, it’s obvious that anyone could just drive around it, no questions asked. So we suppose the actual point of it is just to deter.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions40
Image: Vancouver Sun

Still, even the point of the barrier is just to deter people, wouldn’t a sign have done the job just as well? Why waste the resources on a gate with a lifting mechanism? It doesn’t even do anything. We’re not really sure what the deal is.

Plumbing School Failure

This is just pure silly, but thankfully, it doesn’t require all that much to fix. We’re not sure how this plumber acquired his certification because this should have been an easy job. Maybe it’s a DIY bathroom project gone wrong. Whichever the case, this is not how you install a tap.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions17
Image: Facebook / Pinploy

There’s no way someone can comfortably wash their hands in this sink. There’s barely any room. Also, even if someone did manage to wash their hands there, the whole thing makes a huge mess because the water smacks into the tap and sprays all over the place.

Pointless Peephole

This is another one of those cases where we don’t know whether it’s bad planning and execution or just a good joke. The point of the peephole is to see who is outside the door without them seeing in. But what’s the point when you have an entire transparent window right there?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions29
Image: Reddit / pics

The people that took this picture were quick to see the humor here and they posed for a comic shot. If this was a joke on the part of whoever built or installed the door, it’s a pretty funny one. We can see the twisted sense of practical humor at play.

Weird Job Interview

This is another strange one. This office has a pair of glass doors but we don’t really get the point of them. On either side of the doorway, the path is clear. There’s nothing preventing anyone from easily bypassing the doors. It really makes us wonder what the point is.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions32
Image: 9gag / Funny

We hope this woman wasn’t showing up at the office for an interview. That would be very awkward. If they door was locked she would need to decide whether to go around or try to get someone’s attention and then wait like an idiot for them to come and open the door.

Fire Hazard

If a fire broke out and people needed to get to what’s inside here, they would be in big trouble. We’re not sure what is meant by “hydrant” but there’s clearly some critical fire safety equipment in here. Unfortunately, it’s not accessible at all; it’s blocked by the handrail.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions28
Image: Reddit / pics

It’s as if whoever installed the rail and whoever installed the fire safety kit just has no coordination with each other whatsoever, resulting in a serious and dangerous case of “it’s not my job” fail. It would take some serious force (and probably an ax or a crowbar) to get inside here.

You’re Going Nowhere

Here, we have a stairway leading to nowhere at all. Well, it leads right into the wall, but that doesn’t really count. It’s hard to imagine what the situation is here or how this came to be. It’s not like you just pull a staircase out of your pocket. It takes planning, thought, professionals, and building materials.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions26
Image: Reddit / funny

So it’s very odd that this staircase seems to be a complete waste of everyone’s time and money. Maybe – although this doesn’t seem that likely – this area is undergoing some kind of renovation and the white wall at the top of the stairs wasn’t there before. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make any sense.

A Bridge Too Useless

We understand that the area in between the pools can get a little slippery, but a bridge is an overkill. Typically, when we see this kind of setup, the bridge goes over two pools. But here what we have is essentially a bridge going over a bridge, and there’s really no use.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions13
Image: Facebook /FunnyEngineeringFails

To be honest, though, it does look kind of cool, so it has some aesthetic value, but in terms of being a good bridge, it does nothing. We wonder what was going through the builders’ heads at the time. Were they having a good laugh while they were building the bridge, or were they oblivious to the failure in the making.

The Shire’s Bank Machine

This bank machine was clearly not meant for human use. But it looks like it could be easily used by the hobbits on The Lord of the Rings. Full-size humans, like this fellow we see here, have to use it while sitting down. Or is that the whole idea?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions21
Image: The Imperfective

Maybe it’s placed so low so that it can give people a second to sit down as they’re withdrawing cash during their busy day.Or maybe it’s a bank machine specially placed for little kids. It’s always fun to speculate, but at the end of the day what this terribly low ATM machine comes down to is an huge construction fail.

Terrible Toilet?

We’ve criticized, we’ve laughed, we’ve gawked, we’ve gotten angry, we’ve worried, but here, we’re genuinely curious. It looks like half of a toilet. The other half (if there is one) seems to be on the other side of the wall. The big question on everyone’s mind here is: Does this toilet actually work?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions43
Image: Twitter / Bella Vista Bathware

If it does work, then we’ll admit, it’s pretty cool, albeit probably a little uncomfortable to use because you would only have half of the surface area available for sitting. On the other hand, if the toilet is not functional at all, then it’s an utter fail and we don’t get why people would leave it in there for decoration.

Steep Dining

This is some weird woodwork. We understand that the designers of this table wanted something long that could accommodate lots of people and not be fazed by differences in elevation. A for effort, but a fail nonetheless. We guess the table could be acceptable if no one actually sat at this section.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions30
Image: Reddit / CrappyDesign

We can easily imagine an over-the-top comedy skit where people are sitting down at this section of the table during a fancy dinner and nothing is working for them. Every time they put something on the table in front of them – whether it be a drink or a plate of food – and it just slides down and makes a huge mess.

Supportive But Intrusive

Support poles going protruding through glass windows is a special case of poor foresight. Either that, or there was some structural emergency where a construction crew had to immediately drill through the windows and install supports before the whole thing collapsed. But something tells us the latter seems unlikely.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions6
Image: Twitter / sppade

The first scenario – poor planning – is a lot more likely and a lot more ridiculous. It’s hard to believe that there was absolutely no other choice other than drilling holes in the windows. How annoying would this be if this was a room you spent time in? It doesn’t even look safe. It seems like pressure on the poles could threaten the integrity of the glass.

Budget Tickets

We wonder if there is some special discount on these visually limited stadium seats. Someone sitting in one of them during an event can’t even see what’s going on. They would just get to sit there and stare at a cinder-block wall. We think it would be fair if the stadium gave something like a 90% discount on these seats.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions22
Image: Imgur / justrandom

We suppose someone could always show up at the event and bring their phone or computer. They could stream the game or whatever is happening and put their device on mute. That way they could still enjoy the auditory experience. But showing up at the game and finding out this is your seat would be a horrible experience.

Compromise in Vain

There was obviously some discussion here on what to do about the tree. One group of people said to leave the tree undisturbed. And the other group argued that they should cut down the tree in order to make way for the accessible ramp.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions14
Image: Facebook / Mister Usta

What happened in the end is that the two groups decided to meet halfway. The accessible ramp was built in front of the store. And the tree was left where it is. But the result is appalling. How is anyone supposed to use the ramp? A wheelchair couldn’t even make it passed the tree.

Steep Drop

Puzzling, and also dangerous, we have no clue how this construction fail happened. Did the crew accidentally put in a door instead of a window? Did they put the door in the wrong place? Is this some unconventional emergency exit? We don’t know.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions10
Image: Architectural Sins

We hope the managers of this office keep the door locked because if someone mistakenly opens it they could take quite the tumble. The only real use of this silly door could possibly be that it enables people to toss things to each other while on different floors, but that’s a stretch.

Wretched Washroom

Sometimes, problems can really hit close to home. This toilet paper roll holder is terribly placed. Imagine the inconvenience. It’s frustrating to even think about it. Picture each time having to reach to the back of your bathroom cupboards to grab a few squares. It would be awful.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions20
Image: Twitter / HR Design & Builds

We don’t get why they didn’t do it smarter. For example, IKEA sells toilet paper roll holders that simply stick onto your wall. They obviously don’t require you to reach into your bathroom drawer as you’re doing your business. No need to make a mess or cause a serious inconvenience.

Sitting-Down Shower

This monumental fail falls on the hands of the city planners and construction workers. Avoiding this problem, in retrospect, seems easy enough. Either move the bench or put the drainage hole somewhere else. Simple. Why couldn’t it happen?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions24
Image: Small Joys

We can’t imagine why this mistake was overlooked. But we can imagine the fate of the poor soul that decides to sit down on the bench and then it starts raining. Even if they had an umbrella, they would still probably end up getting soaked. And then would angrily shake their fist at the municipality workers for such crumby planning.

Big Head

This is what happens when amateurs put in your bathroom mirrors. The vanity mirror is where it should be, but some genius had the idea of installing cupboards. But they went on to install the mirrors and literally put them on the cupboard, resulting in a hilariously disproportionate body for any future mirror-lookers.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions3
Image: Reddit / pics

We can appreciate the attempt at ingenuity but the plan backfired. Basic psychophysics; the closer you are to an object, the closer it appears. Now as of result of the screwup, people’s heads appear much bigger than the result of their bodies, as you can see with this woman. We have to admit, it’s pretty comical.

It’s a Monster!

This looks as if stairs and handrails had a baby and it was born with a terrible deformation. Seriously, what is this monster? It definitely is contributing anything useful to the world. Usefulness aside, it doesn’t even look good. We don’t understand why those little malformed steps crunched between the two sides of the rail are there.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions15
Image: Facebook / dropi

We understand why the stairs need handrail, but did it really have to be right in the middle of the steps? It’s just a waste of time and resources. Evidently, whoever built this Frankenstein realized that there was something wrong because they were forced to make a patch-up job where the stairs end.

The Future Gone Wrong

This isn’t necessarily a failure of construction. It’s more of a failure to use technology safely. The idea here is good: using a hydraulic platform, build a small one-lane driveway that can accommodate two vehicles. But unfortunately, not enough thought went into the process.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions11
Image: Reddit / funny

Someone parked their car in the underground spot and then raised the platform while the jeep was on it, sending it crunching into the concrete overhang. Clearly, there should have been some mechanism in place to prevent this from happening. Some people are doomed to learn the hard way.

That Didn’t Escalate Quickly

This is a useless hybrid between a staircase and an escalator, a total fail. We wonder what happened here. It seems like there was supposed to be an escalator installed here, but at the last minute something went wrong and they had to settle for stairs.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions23
Image: Reddit / funny

When people come up to this escalator impostor and realize that they’re not getting a free ride to the top, at least they can take comfort in the fact that the thick rubber handrails are still there. So they can at least get half of the escalator experience.

Concrete Slip-and-Slide

The accessible ramp on the right-hand side of this stairway looks more like a poorly designed slip-and-slide than something that facilitates wheelchairs. Newsflash for the construction workers and architects: spray painting an accessible sign on your ramp does not make it accessible.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions12
Image: Pholder

Instead of being an accessible ramp, this thing looks more like a piece of concrete at a skateboard park. How is anyone in a wheelchair supposed to actually use it? This would be a huge risk and would certainly require a helmet and other protective gear.

Dysfunctional Drawers

Here, we see what happens when the renovation crew get lazy and throw in the towel. They apparently needed to extend the existing wall but then realized that these drawers were in the way. Instead of finding a real solution, they just decided to sacrifice the drawers.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions1
Image: Twitter / Pointless

Now that the drawers are imprisoned behind the wall, there’s no way to open them and they’ve therefore lost all of their usefulness. We can’t imagine someone making this mistake by accident – it’s too obvious – so we’re pretty sure it was made with a full awareness of the consequences.

Bank Machine for Giants Only

This bank machine is located right outside of a bank somewhere in Saudi Arabia and we have no clue what’s going on. We feel bad for the man here trying to take some money out. How is he supposed to reach the buttons and the screen. By the looks of it, the bank isn’t providing ladders.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions5
Image: Reddit / onejob

It looks like you would have to be inhumanly tall in order to comfortably be able to use this ATM. Still, we respect this guy for trying and we hope he manages to take some money out, even though it might be a futile effort. It seems like the only people that could comfortably use this thing are NBA players.

Crappy Crapper

Though not perfect, at least these people found a passable solution to their toilet troubles. Whoever built this bathroom or installed the toilet failed to take the proper measurements. This resulted in the door to the stall slamming into the toilet bowl. We guess you could say that this is a… “crappy” situation.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions33
Image: Twitter / Docia Myer

At least they kind of solved the problem. They had to cut a significant chunk out of the door in order to make it work. At least they didn’t have to tear down the whole thing and start fresh. And they didn’t have to remove the toilet. We’re sure it’s a little tight to maneuver in there, but it works, kind of.

Watch Your Head

This is what happens when you don’t hire a professional to get involved in your renovation projects. DIY can be great, no doubt, but sometimes it has its downsides. The people that built this set of stairs failed to take the ceiling into consideration. This is now an accident waiting to happen.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions9
Image: Imgur / Anyankaholic

Whoever plans on going up these stairs needs to completely crouch down if they don’t want to smash their head. We would even recommend wearing a helmet. Even if you do crouch down, this would we super uncomfortable and inconvenient. When we see giant screw up like this one, it really makes us question humanity.

Don’t Let Your Kid Ride This Slide

We understand the idea here, and we appreciate it – everyone wants a cool slide. But the design and execution are terrible. This three-exit slide is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Think about it, how is a little kid supposed to use this thing safely?

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions8
Image: Reddit / CrappyDesign

You can easily see the problem here. A kid (or kids) starts the descent and before he or she knows it, boom, they’re caught on one of the dividers that split between the three separate exits. Kids even go down slides head first sometimes, so you can see how the situation could be unsafe with this epic fail of playground equipment.

The Future of Bathrooms?

Depending on how you look at it, this arrangement is either a fail of epic proportions or a victory for comfort and lifestyle. Over the last few decades, researchers have convincingly argued that bathrooms in the West have undergone a change. They have gone from being all about hygiene to be being more about well-being. This photo is good empirical evidence.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions7
Image: Reddit / tall

Maybe having your feet soaking in the tub while sitting on the toilet is the future of bathroom-going. It’s not too far of a stretch to imagine why some people could enjoy this. The alternative, far worse (and more likely), is that there was just not enough room left in this bathroom so the builders had to give up on the space between the toilet and the bathtub.

Useless Slice of Stairs

This woman gets it. She perfectly embodies the silliness and frustration associated with this construction fail. This column is sitting right in front of the staircase, such that anyone who comes down between the two handrails would not be able to exit. They would have to go back up and then go around.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions4
Image: Reddit / Funny

It seems like it was not completely by accident, though. The handrails are just positioned too strategically. We’re sure someone realized something was wrong early on. It looks pretty ugly and it leaves us wondering what the engineers and architects were smoking. At least the stairs on each side are still usable.

Lamentable Lavatory

This photograph makes us question the wisdom of contractors a little bit. Who would install a door with a transparent glass window when people can see right into the washroom? Worse, people can see the toilet, which us presumably supposed to be used. We’re not sure who would feel comfortable using it.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions2
Image: Pholder

At this point, it’s clear that there’s a problem. So it’s also strange that a temporary patch-up job hasn’t been made yet (until the door gets replaced). It could be easy. The solution could simply mean covering up the window with duct tape. We’re sure this would save people a lot of embarrassment and discomfort.

Probably Not Keeping Score

This guy got kind of screwed, yet he’s being a good sport and showing everyone that he has a good sense of humor. He showed up for the game (for which he spent good money on tickets), only to find out that instead of watching the game, he would be watching a support column the entire time.

41 Epic Construction Fails That Will Leave You Asking Questions52
Image: Reddit / Crappy Design

We feel bad for the guy, even though he seems to be taking it ok. We suppose not all hope is lost. At least it’s an aisle seat so he can stand up and watch actually see then game when he feels like it. Still, it’s a complete rip off and we’re disappointed that the ticket office would actually charge money for something like this.

Bad Bathroom

This is not the ideal public bathroom. We’re not sure who would feel comfortable using it. There are stalls (ostensibly for privacy), yet the walls and doors of the stalls are completely transparent glass. Everyone can see everything. It’s pretty strange.

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Image: Facebook / Dark Humor

We, as humans, have come a really long way in terms of privacy and its value. I mean let’s face it, we all value our privacy a lot. Especially in moments as intimate as using the bathroom. This bathroom looks more like a rebellious message against how much importance we put on privacy than it does a functional bathroom.