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47+ Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don’t Belong

In the coming pages we’ll show you Photoshop reimaginations at their absolute finest. A few very talented and genius artists have digitally removed classic movie characters from their contexts and stuck them in films where they don’t belong. As you’ll soon find out, the results are hilarious.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong22
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Some of these Photoshops are so good, that we need to look at them a couple of times to realize that the characters are out of place. Others are so funny that we think they should actually be the real thing. Whatever you’re into, these awesome movie mashups have something to offer.

Freddy Krueger in Mr. Bean’s Holiday

What we see here is a hilarious spoof movie poster of Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Instead of Mr. Bean, the genius digital artist plopped in Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. In the original horror movie featuring Krueger, he’s a scary dude that haunts your dreams.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong52
Image: Blogger / Colandia

Here, however, suddenly Krueger doesn’t look that freaky. He’s just not so scary when he’s got his bag packed and he’s going on vacation to what seems like a sunny, summery place. We suppose that even evil villains need a break here and there.

1990 Pennywise in Batman

This one made us lol pretty nicely. The villain from the 1990 series It, based on the Stephen King novel has been removed from the town where he terrorizes people. Now he’s sitting at an interrogation table in Gotham, Batman’s hometown.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong40
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

What makes this photo so hilarious (besides Pennywise’s glum expression) is that it’s not completely out of context. In the real scene from this Batman film, The Dark Knight, it’s the joker who is sitting in the chair. So this digital artist basically swapped creepy clowns.

Samuel L. Jackson in The Jungle Book

Here we see that Samuel L. Jackson digitally teleported to the rainforest of the 2016 live-action The Jungle Book. He has replaced Mogli, who in the original version of the image, is sitting on a rock, presumably listening to the evil whispers of Kaa, the evil snake.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong37
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

At first, we look at this reimagination and we think “oh, haha, cool, that’s funny.” And then the clever little connection dawns on us: ever since 2006, with the release of Snakes on a Plane, Jackson has seemed to have a strong association with snakes.

Ant-Man in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Here artists used Photoshop to fuse together two films about tiny-sized humans attempting to navigate the world from their new perspective. As seen in the 2015 film, Ant-Man, the titular character gains superpowers that allow him to shrink down to, well the size of an ant.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong10
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the 1998 film, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, the father accidentally shrinks his family as a result of a machine he built. In both movies, the shrunken people evoke quite a bit of awe when we see our ordinary surroundings from the point of view of someone tiny. That’s also why this character switcharoo is so perfect.

Ace Ventura in Jurassic Park

It seems like Ace Ventura, pet detective has managed to teleport himself to the island where Jurassic Park takes place, the island that’s loaded with dinosaurs derived from resurrected DNA. And we see he brought his nice pink tutu along with him for the ride.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong26
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Of course, Ace loves animals of all shapes and sizes – that’s his shtick – but we don’t quite know how he’d feel about being surrounded by a couple of mean-looking hungry velociraptors. We wonder if he has any tricks up his sleeve for taming them.

Spider-Man in Cliffhanger

This is a reinterpretation of the cover of Cliffhanger, a 1993 action film featuring Sylvester Stallone. It’s a scene from the film, and, for obvious reasons, we can see why it became so popular. In this digital reimagination, we see that Stallone is not alone. This time, he’s accompanied by Spider-Man, who seems to also be cliffhanging.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong50
Image: Pixel Faker

It’s hilarious because whereas Stallone’s character is using all of the strength generated from his bulging muscles, Spider-Man (because of his superpowers) is able to hang on super easily. It makes us wonder how Spider-Man would do at alpine climbing. We bet pretty well.

DeLorean Time Machine in The Wolf of Wall Street

In this photoshop win, the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future has found its way into a film in which it doesn’t belong. In this scene in the The Wolf of Wall Street, we see Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) all messed up on pills struggling to get himself into his Lamborghini (which he totally should NOT be driving in the state he’s in).

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong28
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The accurate graphics skills and DiCaprio’s tumultuous facial expression here conspire to give us an epic piece of art. Maybe if this was the real case, and not a parody, then the DeLorean could transport him to some time where he’s more sober and capable of driving.

Tony Stark in The Wizard of Oz

Photoshop experts took fully-suited Tony Stark out of his Iron Man context and plopped him onto the Yellow Brick Road to accompany Dorothy and her motley crew in The Wizard of Oz. Also, it does a great job at retaining some comedic accuracy because Tony Stark here has replaced the Tin Man.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong43
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

We suppose you say that Tony Stark is some kind of Tin Man 2.0. If he was around for the journey to the Emerald City, we don’t think the Wicked Witch of the West would mess with them. What adds to the comedic value of this photo is the contrast in facial expressions. The Wizard of Oz crew all looks jolly, which looks funny next to the permanently grave, almost angry expression of the Iron Man suit.

Skull Moth on Darth Vader

The world still can’t get enough of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. Thankfully, photo manipulation has reached a golden age and now we can put him in all sorts of out-of-context places. Here, artists have taken Vader and slapped the eerie skull moth thing from the cover of The Silence of the Lambs across his mouth.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong2
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

As it turns out, the moth from the cover of The Silence of the Lambs is not digitally altered. There’s a real species of moth called Acherontia atropos (a.k.a. the death’s-head hawkmoth) that has a pattern that looks like a little skull. Seeing as Darth Vader is in many ways the perfect bad guy, having a sinister skull moth across his mouthpiece seems strangely appropriate.

Po in Life of Pi

The altering of this movie poster is certainly good for at least a couple of lols. Ingenious artists have taken Po, one of the Teletubbies, characters from the kid’s show, and stuck him into the cover of Life of Pi. In the real Life of Pi cover, it’s the tiger (one of the main characters) who is suspended above the river and looking intimidating.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong48
Image: Imgur / wikipibi

With the tiger removed and Po taking his place, it’s a little less intimidating, to say the least. Sometimes we like to envision this reimagination as a spin-off of Teletubbies: after Po was finished entertaining children, maybe he went on an adventure in India.

Thor in a L’Oréal Commercial

Here, what we have is an intentional mixup that takes Thor from the Marvel movies with the same name and makes him the model for L’Oréal, the well-known French cosmetics company. It’s funny cause Thor (played in the films by Chris Hemsworth) looks so serious; seems like he’s in real butt-kicking mode.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong46
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Though it’s a little hard to now see Hemsworth’s Thor character as the tough-as-nails Norse god of war, we have to admit, he’s definitely doing justice to L’Oréal products. Just look at the premium blonde hair flowing in the breeze. Good advertising. And the little linguistic joke “Th’Oréal” definitely made us giggle a little.

Ronald McDonald and Han Solo

With this one, we have Han Solo from Star Wars chilling on what looks to be his ship with the McDonald’s franchise mascot, Ronald McDonald. There’s also some random kid thrown into the mix. We Suppose Ronald could offer Solo some burgers and in return, Solo can hook him up with some space transportation.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong24
Image: Our Family Life

What makes this awesome digital recreation is that everyone in the photo just looks so darn happy. They’re all smiling away and they look like they’re totally on the same wavelengths. It almost looks as if this little crew was meant to be together having a good time.

Mr. Bean in The Boy

This spoof movie cover is making a joke of the poster for The Boy, a 2016 horror film. The real film is actually really scary. So when we see Mr. Bean here, we get reassured that everything is ok, and the worst we can expect is some over-the-top silliness.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong42
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the actual movie poster, the character is standing with his hands on the shoulders of an evil porcelain doll, the main antagonist of the film. But here, Mr. Bean changes everything. Whatever effect we lose in the creepiness department, we gain back tenfold in the lol division.

Professor Xavier in Edward Scissor Hands

This digitally created parody shows professor Xavier from X-Men sitting down and looking a little perturbed as he gets what appears to be a hair cut from the eponymous character from Edward Scissor Hands. We didn’t think Xavier had so much hair to begin with, but now there’s not one strand in sight.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong7
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

We’re not sure why Xavier looks so disquieted. Doesn’t he know that Edward is a pro when it comes to wielding those knives? Also, he should know Edward wouldn’t hurt a fly, despite his freaky looking knives for fingers. We guess if – and this is extremely unlikely – Edward had any bad intentions, Xavier could just tell in advance by reading his mind.

Aladdin in Bad Boys

Here we have an awesome movie medley that features actors that have actually starred in movies together, namely, in Bad Boys. But besides being a cop that busts drug lords, it seems Will Smith’s character also has another job: in his spare time, he becomes the genie in Alladin.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong44
Image: Instagram Pixel Faker

Obviously, in the real cover of Bad Boys, Will Smith is rocking the same vibe as Martin Lawrence, i.e. serious and ready to bust down some doors. But here he’s ready to rub some lamps and grant some wishes. So we ask: What you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys. Genies.

Dumbledore in Dumb & Dumber

Lol. No, wait. Rofl is more like it. We appreciate this Photoshop job big time. For one, it’s just downright funny; Dumbledore from Harry Potter has been plucked from Hogwarts and put behind Jim Carrey’s character in the slapstick comedic classic, Dumb and Dumber. And we have to say, his face says he’s not too happy about it.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong47
Image: theCHIVE

We also love how this whole mashup was made possible by the pun. All in all, it’s really well played. In the real movie poster, instead of Dumbledore, we have Lloyd Christmas’s (Carrey) partner in crime: Harry Dunne, played by the talented Jeff Daniels. In the real poster, he doesn’t look as concerned as Dumbledore, he just looks super goofy.

MacPro Desktop in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Here we see Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones looking extremely concentrated as he swiftly switches a bag of sand for the new MacPro desktop computer. In the real shot from the film, Indie switches the bag of sand for this little golden totem/statuette. And then all hell breaks loose and the temple starts to collapse.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong5
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The juxtaposition of Indie’s intense stare and the comedic angle of the photo is what really does the trick here. Once he removes the computer and the temple starts to crumble, we start to wonder whether a MacPro is something worth risking your life over.

Chewbacca in Pirates of the Caribbean

What we’re seeing in this hilarious movie poster parody is Chewbacca from Star Wars replacing Captain Jack Sparrow, the lead character (played by Johnny Depp) in Pirates of the Caribbean. We also see that Stars Wars has taken over the original title – note angry-looking Yoda at the bottom.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong49
Image: Facebook / CoolDudeStuff

In all honesty, we think this new role suits Chewbacca quite well. He looks great with the eye shadow. Also, he already has long hair, so it’s easy for him to replicate Jack’s hairdo, and the dreadlocks pose no problem. And since in Star Wars Chewie spends his days aboard a spaceship, we’re sure he’d do great on the high seas.

Bear Grylls in Jurassic Park

We all know Mr. Bear Grylls from shows like Man vs. Wild and Worst Case Scenario, where he goes on adventures in the wild and puts his survival specialist skills to use. Here, we see him in a different situation: plumped down in front of a triceratops from Jurassic Park. Different but no less wild.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong4
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In his real shows, whenever he’s in front of some large animal, you can usually expect something yucky to come next. Maybe drinking its urine or something like that (puke face emoji here). So we’re kind of loathe to imagine how he would handle a dinosaur.

Kylo Ren in American Gothic

This is a super creative take on the famous modernist painting called American Gothic. In the original, painted by Grant Wood, we see a farmer couple and the man is holding a pitchfork. But here, the man has been replaced by Star Wars villain Kylo Ren.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong23
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the original painting, the man has a really stern look on his face. Kylo Ren’s mask just naturally looks stern, even angry. So we suppose in some ways he fits right in. And we all know that he is well versed in how to use a lightsaber, so maybe he would quickly pick up on the correct use of a pitchfork?

Woody in It

Here, we have a medley of two very different films. We see that Woody, the protagonist of Toy Story, is being handed to George by Pennywise the clown, the terrifying antagonist from It. This is a spoof on the movie poster of the 2017 film based on the Stephen King novel.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong36
Image: Facebook / Pixel Faker

In the real movie poster, Pennywise is handing George a red balloon. This parody takes a lot of the wind out of the poster’s horror sails. And with Woody’s happy, somewhat goofy smile, instead of being afraid, we’re just thoroughly amused.

Remmy in Halloween

In this masterly Photoshopped picture, we have a mixup between two almost diametrically opposed movies, and the result is amazing. One of the rats, Remmy, from Ratatouille is seen running from the scary villain, Michael Myers, from the Halloween horror films.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong11
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the real film, Remmy is running from a cook when he’s found stealing cheese from the kitchen. And for Myers’s Halloween film, the victim he’s chasing is a person, not a rat. But we suppose the terrified look on Remmy’s face does accurately match this reimagined situation.

Rafiki and Simba in Black Panther

This eye-catching photoshop recreation features Rafiki and baby Simba from The Lion King standing on a landmark in Wakanda. Which is the futuristic city seen in Marvel’s 2018 movie, Black Panther. In the real Lion King film, Rafiki stands on the iconic pride rock and holds Simba our for members of the animal kingdom to see.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong38
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The digital artists here have also left the Marvel logo but replaced the film title. So now it looks like Marvel is the maker of The Lion King. Nice. One thing that did stay accurate through this mashup, however, is the feline theme. Lions and panthers go hand in hand.

Mr. Bean in X-Men

Well, apparently Mr. Bean has been seriously hitting the gym lately. Look at those muscles. He may be silly, but it seems he takes his new exercise routines very, very seriously. What we have here, in case you happened to not notice the knives, is Mr. Bean trying to be Wolverine from X-Men.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong25
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

This one is certainly hilarious but it’s also pretty worrying. We all know Mr. Bean is a royal klutz; he’s kind of an accident waiting to happen (and sometime does happen). So we don’t know how we feel about him walking around with huge, sharp blades protruding from his knuckles.

Bewilderbest in Game of Thrones

Ok, in addition to being funny, this digital reimagination is very clever. What you’re seeing is one of the dragons, Bewilderbeast, from How to Train Your Dragon flying behind Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. She’s looking determined and Bewilderbeast is looking kind of kooky.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong33
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Of course, in the “real” Game of Thrones, Daenerys’s biggest dragon, Drogon, is a heck of a lot more intimidating than Bewilderbeast. Nevertheless, we’re sure that Daenerys here is still happy to have some kind of dragon looking out for her. To add to the clever cross over, the animated film How to Train Your Dragon features the voice of Kit Harrington, whom as we know, rose to fame as the Game of Thrones hero, John Snow.

Chucky in The Shining

In this one, we have horror meets horror. Chucky, the frightening doll from the Chucky horror franchise, stands and looks down the hall. Who does he see? The two creepy twin sisters from The Shining, the film adaption based on the Stephen King novel.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong35
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

This genius Photoshop job makes us put on our imagination caps and picture what would happen in this situation in “real” life. All these characters are very scary in their respective films. Would Chucky actually be freaked out if he saw the twins? And if they saw him, would they run in fear?

Gollum in The Lord of the Bling

Wow, this one is just downright excellent. Graphic artists have taken a popular poster of The Lord of the Rings which features Gollum and reinterpreted it in the funniest way. The driving force behind this one is an ingenious pun, simply changing “rings” for “bling.” Also notice the great subtitle: “All up in y’alls grill.”

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong3
Image: Yahoo

This poster parody is comical and the pun is clever. But beyond that, it also makes perfect sense! Throughout the three Lord of the Rings films, Gollum spends all his time trying to get his hands on the ring – literally chasing the bling. So we guess this poster suits his character well.

Monsters in Halloween

Instead of Michael Myers, the super scary villain from Halloween, standing behind Jamie Lee Curtis here, we see the crew from Monsters, Inc. It’s a spoof on a poster for Halloween. In the real one, Myers is lurking, half hidden by the doorway, knife in hand.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong29
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

“Scream Queen,” Jamie Lee Curtis was in the first Halloween movie back in 1978 and she’s been in pretty much every single iteration since. What we’re saying is that she knows her way around a knife-wielding, mask-wearing psycho. We doubt she’d be scared of some furry, friendly-looking creatures if she were to turn around.

WALL-E in Gravity

In this one, we see Sandra Bullock’s character from Gravity trying to safely navigate some a spacecraft. Floating around in the outer space outside of her spacecraft, we can see two of the characters from WALL-E. We wonder if they can tell she’s stressed out.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong6
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the real scene from Gravity, of course, WALL-E and EVE are nowhere to be found. Outside the window there’s nothing, just cold, black, vacuous space. Without any spoilers, lets just say that Ryan (Bullock) isn’t exactly going for a fun ride. Maybe if the WALL-E characters were around, they’d be able to give her a helpful hand.

Aquaman in Free Willy

We guess you could say that the digital artists who created this awesome photo didn’t completely take Aquaman out of his context. After all, he does belong in the water, right? See, you can even tell he’s not too upset about it: look at that smile.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong31
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Jessie, the main human character from Free Willy also looks pretty happy about the Marvel superhero replacing his beloved orca whale. We don’t know if Willy and Aquaman share too many common interests (besides being avid swimmers), but we’re sure they both prefer not to be held captive in a pool. Free Aquaman!

Alien in The Godfather

This is a (somewhat terrifying) recreation of a famous frame from The Godfather, the timeless gangster classic starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. In the real movie frame, Vito Corleone (Brando) leans over his son (Pacino) and puts a hand on his shoulder… minus the alien attached to his face.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong19
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The alien here is from, well, Alien. It’s the vile little creature that sticks to your face and squirts an alien egg/fetus/whatever (yuck) down your throat and into your stomach. We just hope the alien is a ‘made man’, i.e. high ranking gangster. If not, Michael Corleone (Pacino) is going to have to put out a hit.

Avatars in Twilight

What we have here, friends, is a total movie poster mashup. It’s a fusion between Avatar and Twilight, two films that really have nothing to do with each other except for the moon. In Twilight, one of the characters is a werewolf, and we all know that creature’s special relationship with the moon.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong20
Image: Mapcore

In Avatar, the Na’vi people (the huge blue aliens) inhabit a lush jungle moon. But besides the connection with moons, there aren’t really other commonalities. Nonetheless, we see Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) looking like a couple Na’vis. And it makes us wonder. If Edward is a Na’vi, is he still a vampire?

Geral and Crush in Ace Ventura

Gerald (seal) and Crush (turtle), a couple of the characters from Finding Dory, the animated Disney aqua adventure, are seen chilling with Ace Ventura, one of Jim Carrey’s iconic characters. Everyone looks like they’re having a good time.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong39
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The Photoshop job is well-done, it’s funny, and it’s also got that clever connection. We all know Ace Ventura loves animals – it’s an integral part of his persona. So we’re sure he’d be more than happy to be hanging out with a seal and a turtle.

Dumbo in Iron Man

Through their own trials and tribulations, each one by following his own path in life, Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) and Dumbo found a way of flying. Usually, we wouldn’t see them cruising together sky-high together, so it’s nice to have some Photoshop help to imagine the scenario.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong32
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

This photo is also funny cause it somehow feels natural. Dumbo is an elephant that can fly thanks to his big ears. Consider that. Feels like a phenomenon that could come right out of a superhero movie. With the right training we’re sure dumbo could kick some butt.

Frankenstein in Dear John

Ok folks, this digital reimagination is just perfect. It’s a parody on Dear John, the 2010 drama starring Amanda Seyfried. But here, instead of costarring with Channing Tatum, her romantic interest is Frankenstein’s monster, played by Boris Karloff (the actual actor that played in the original).

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong13
Image: FilmFixer

In the real Dear John, the subtitle reads “What would you do with a letter that changed everything?” We love the twist in the parody: “What happens when your rejection letter doesn’t kill him?” Also, notice that above the title, it says “From Mary Shelley,” the actual author of Frankenstein, the original book.

Gummy Bear in The Lord of the Rings

Who knew Frodo Baggins loves candy so much? In The Lord of the Rings, we see Frodo (Elijah Woods), one of the main characters desperately reaching for the all-powerful ring that’s responsible for so much turmoil. But in this imitation, he’s reaching for a gummy bear.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong9
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Such a simple little switch – ring for gummy – and we’re left with a parody with a sharp comedic effect. If we really fire up our imaginations and try to dream up what could be happening in this situation it looks like someone tossed Frodo the gummy bear and now he’s concentrating hard to catch it, lest it falls on the dirty ground of Mordor.

Skewers in X-Men

Here, we see Wolverine from X-Men, metallic skeletal knives fully extended, muscles flexed. Usually, when we see him in this pose it’s because he’s ready for some serious combat. But here, it seems he’s just mid barbecue. And we’ll, we’re not sure if it would be convenient or not to cook skewers on his knives/claws or not.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong17
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The other thing that doesn’t fit here is Wolverine’s expression. Usually, barbecuing is a happy occasion, so it makes us wonder why he looks so angry here. We hope that something’s not ruining his barbeque. Or he might soon be skewering someone rather than just some meat and veggies.

Buzz Lightyear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In this spoof, we see Buzz Lightyear borrowed from Toy Story and stuck in the mid of the action in Star Wars. He looks happy. And we suppose we understand why. After all, he is some kind of astro-soldier. Therefore we’re sure he’d feel right at home on an epic space adventure.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong27
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the real scene from this Star Wars film, Rey, the lead heroine, is of course not holding a living toy, she’s holding a lightsaber. Though little Buzz Lightyear might not be as effective at fighting off enemies as the lightsaber (which fans and scientists estimate burns at about 3,600 degrees, we sure he’d be down to do some fighting.

The Revenant in Winnie-the-Pooh

If Pooh was the bear Leonardo DiCaprio’s character encountered in woods of frontier America in The Revenant, he probably wouldn’t have that much to worry about. Maybe they would sit down and Pooh would offer him some shelter and some honey cause he’s a nice guy.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong16
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

But in the real movie, DiCaprio’s character, Hugh Glass, meets a real bear and things are a lot tougher for him. That’s why this Photoshop spoof is so funny. It takes a really serious situation, diffuses it with something still relevant (Pooh is a bear after all), and makes it melt into comedy.

Venom in Alien

This one’s a little frightening, but it’s nothing Sigourney Weaver’s lead character from Alien can’t handle. In the epic third film in the Alien science-fiction horror franchise, she is assailed by the vile deep-space creature. But here, instead of the alien slobbering as he (or she?) corners her, it’s Venom from Spider-Man.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong30
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

We’re not sure who’s face looks more unappealing, the alien’s or Venom’s. Both are pretty hideous and they have huge sharp teeth. And both of them have these weird tongues that are absolutely dripping with saliva. And that’s why this little character switcharoo seems pretty accurate.

RoboCop in Dumb and Dumber

Digital artists removed RoboCop from his world and stuck him as a road patrol officer in the world of our favorite two doofuses from Dumb and Dumber. In the real scene in the film, the cop that pulls Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry over is just some guy. But he’s kind of weird.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong15
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

And in the real film, in a twisted and cringe-worthy turn of events, the cop ends up drinking urine because he suspected it was beer. We wonder what RoboCop would do in this situation. We don’t know if he’d have any patience for pulling over a couple of clowns.

Lightning McQueen in Christine

This hilarious Photoshop job is a mashup between Cars, the animated Disney film, and Christine, the film based on the Stephen King novel. Everything except the 1958 Plymouth is the same, so we still get the same blood-red on black effect.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong34
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Cars and Christine do have a lot in common, so this spoof poster is not such a stretch. Christine is about a car that has some kind of evil personality. Christine is actually the car’s nickname. And in Cars, the cars interact with each other as if they’re human. But Speedy McQueen is a heck of a lot friendlier than Christine, to say the least.

Iron Man in The Walking Dead

With this one, we really have to admire the details and give major props to the digital artists that brought this photo to life (well, maybe ‘life’ isn’t quite the right word since we’re dealing with zombies). What we see here is Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) from the Marvel half zombified.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong8
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

The keyword here is ‘half.’ He doesn’t look like he’s a full-on zombie cause it seems that he has control and he’s still with it. But he’s definitely been bitten. We just really love how the artists have done it. Somehow, even though we’re talking about zombies and superheroes, it looks realistic.

Pokemon in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Lots of Star Wars fans, especially those who swear by the original trilogy, say The Empire Strikes Back is the best film. And this scene, where Darth Vader cuts off Luke’s hand, is legendary. But digital artists decided to mash things up and throw a Pokeball into the mix.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong14
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

Pokeballs are a device from Pokémon. The characters throw them at the creatures (the Pokémon), which shrink them and them trap them inside. So it really makes us wonder what Darth Vader is doing with one in his hand? Does he think Luke is a Pokémon? Does he plan on catching him with the pokeball?

Darth Vader in Suicide Squad

Usually we see Darth Vader from Star Wars standing tall and looking really sinister and menacing. But here, when we see him replace Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad, he’s slouching over and for some reason looks totally demoralized. Though we can’t see his face, he looks sad.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong21
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

In the real scene from Suicide Squad, we see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn dressed up like a doctor sitting across from the Joker. And in the real scene, the Joker asks her for a machine gun. We wonder if Darth Vader here has a similar request. Maybe a lightsaber?

Ted in The Grudge

In this awesome mashup, we see the titular character in Ted sitting in a bathtub, talking on the phone, and looking totally distraught. In this situation, we don’t blame him. After all, the creepy specter-ghost-whatever terrifying girl from The Grudge seems to be in the bathtub with him. It’s a parody of a famous cover for the horror film.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong45
Image: Instagram / Pixel Faker

What amplifies the hilarity and awesomeness of this movie salad is the sheer contrast between the two films. Ted is a comedy, yet The Grudge is pure horror. Seeing a comedy character in the context of a horror movie is funny and it obviously has the effect of making the monster less scary.

P. Diddy and Will Smith in Sherlock Homeboy

This epic movie poster parody replaces Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law with P. Diddy and Will Smith and the result is hilarious. Also, we love the play on the name of the film; Sherlock Homeboy. It’s super creative. A funny detail here is that the characters have been switched by the hats from the originals remain.

Hilarious Photos of Movie Characters Photoshopped Where They Don t Belong1
Image: TheArtHunters

We love the hats, we love the pun, and we also love the expressions on Diddy’s and Smith’s faces, especially Smith, who has his moth wide open in laughter (or is it anger?). We really wonder if these two would make a good mystery solving team.