47 Years Later, This Man Finally Opens the Christmas Gift He Received From His High School Sweetheart

    When these two high school sweethearts first fell for each other, they probably thought they would live happily ever after. Little did they know that life is not always a fairytale and has a mysterious way of throwing a few curveballs in the way. The two Canadian teens, Adrian and Vicki, first found love in the 1970s. However, one winter’s day, just before the Christmas holidays, both their worlds were turned upside down.

    When Vicki handed over a Christmas gift to Adrian, he realized that this was, in fact, a parting gift and that their love story had come to an end. That day he vowed never to open the Christmas present. Although he moved on with his life, the gift soon became bigger than a gift; it became a tradition wrapped in mystery. After 47 years, curiosity finally got the best of Adrian and he decided to open the gift in the most monumental way.