This Young Boy’s Disney Dream Came True, After Selflessly Using His Vacation Savings on Hurricane Dorian Victims

While Hurricane Dorian has been wreaking havoc across the East coast and leaving a trail of destruction; it’s also left behind a trail of hope. That hope came in the form of a young seven-year-old from Florida, Jermaine Bell. A few weeks ago, Jermaine caused a media storm when he selflessly announced that he would give up his dream of going on his dream birthday trip to Disney World.

Image: Walt Disney World News

Instead, Jermaine announced that celebrate his seventh birthday by donating the money he saved for the vacation to a more worthy cause. When he realized that Hurricane Dorian was surging across the East Coast, he decided to take matters into his own hands and commit to a selfless deed. While he was praised for his efforts by neighbors and strangers alike, he didn’t expect that he would be rewarded in the most magical way possible.

Making up His Mind

On the surface, a few weeks ago, Jermaine Bell was just like any other regular six-year-old growing up in Florida. For over a year, he has been excitedly saving his dollars and dimes for a dream birthday trip to Disney World. He was literally waiting all year to see the new Lion King exhibit.

Image: Orlando Weekly

However, when the day of his birthday was approaching, he soon had a major change of heart. When he turned on the TV, he realized that Hurricane Dorian was sweeping its way along the East Coast towards South Carolina, and residents were being forced to evacuate their homes. Incidentally, Jermaine’s grandmother lives in that area, and he had fond memories of visiting her earlier in the year. This really hit home for him, and he wanted to find a way to help.

A Worthy Cause

Inspired to take action, Jermain thought of the most helpful way to make an impact. So he swept his Disney vacation dreams aside and instead, used his savings to help evacuated residents on the route. Being a six-year-old, the most adorable idea he could muster was to use his savings to buy water, hot dogs, and chips. He then set up a stand on the South Carolina’s Highway 125, with a make-shift sign that read “Dorian Evacuees Free Hot Dogs & Water.” He continued to hand out the free goodies to residents fleeing their homes.

Image: Good News Network

Soon enough, Jermaine’s good deed attracted the attention of local residents, and he even made the national news. In one interview, he selflessly explained. “The people that are traveling, I wanted them to have some food to eat, I wanted to be generous and live to give.” Soon enough, news of his generous act of kindness began to go viral across the world. Jermaine was touched that people appreciated his good deed. Still, nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

The Surprise of His Life

For Jermaine, he was just grateful that he was able to make a difference in some way to help the evacuees in their time of need. He probably even put his Disney trip to the back of his mind for a while. However, little did he know that his act of kindness had spread so far, that it even attracted the attention of Disney Parks themselves. When the day of Jermaine’s birthday finally came around, Jermaine was just excited to finally turn seven. However, he then received a surprise a knock on the door. When he stepped outside, he was greeted by Mickey Mouse himself and his pals from Disney Parks.

Image: Florida Today

The staff brought the magic of Disney straight into his home with balloons, smiles, cheers and oodles of presents. Jermaine was stunned, but that wasn’t all. The staff then thanked him for his selfless efforts, before giving him the surprise of his life. Yes, you guessed it… They made his Disney dreams come true, and surprised Jermaine with a Free trip to Walt Disney World Resort! Jermaine was blown away, and so were we. He later exclaimed, “Be strong and if you do good things, you will be rewarded.” Aw!