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A Former Clinique Chemist Has Discovered the Most Groundbreaking Skincare Solution and the Results Speak for Themselves

This pure vitamin C facial serum is changing women’s skincare routines

For years, former lead beauty chemist for Clinique, Ron Robinson has been perfecting his groundbreaking skincare solution. After spending countless hours in the laboratory and working for the best in the business Robinson has finally discovered the key to antiaging. This is the fountain of youth that beauty experts across the globe have been searching for.

Since the word got out of BeautyStat‘s miracle solution, their product has been sought out by major investors as well as celebrities and beauty influencers around the world.

Part of what makes BeatyStat‘s Universal Skin Refiner such a full proof antiaging solution is due to the genius behind the discovery. In addition to his time working as a chemist for Clinique, Robinson has also worked with big brands like Estée Lauder, Revlon, Avon, and L’Oréal. He is also the resident beauty expert for Allure Magazine and Refinery29. To make a long story short, this man knows what it takes to make your skin glow.

What Is BeautyStat

Many are calling Robinson’s BeautyStat solution “the key discovery” for youthful, glowing skin. That is because he has uncovered how to harness and stabilize the age-defying power of pure vitamin C.

This is something that no other brand in the market has managed to do before. Nothing will eliminate signs of aging or make your skin look as radiant as BeautyStat.

The BeautyStat Universal Skin Refiner is uniquely-formulated to replenish your skin with a pure and powerful dose of vitamin C. This vitamin C treatment is a unique, patented formula that contains two key powerhouse ingredients:

Stable 20% Pure Vitamin C

Stable Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

Dermatologists and beauty professionals approve of the incredible, one of a kind formula that is sure to leave your skin free of fine lines and glowing like never before.

The Power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been a favorite key ingredient in the beauty industry. And for good reason too. Vitamin C helps with collagen production, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin the firmness, bounce and overall radiance that it deserves.

Before BeautyStat, this vitamin C miracle treatment was only available at spas, administered by beauty experts. All other products that claim to have harnessed the ingredient are overpriced and have a terribly short shelf life. That is until Robinson stepped in and found the solution that countless experts before him had been searching for.

One reason that products utilizing vitamin C have such a short shelf life is due to the fact that vitamin C tends to oxidize as soon as it is exposed to oxygen. This turns the product brown, gives it an unpleasant smell and eventually renders it ineffective.

BeautyStat‘s patented formula will not only prevent this from happening, but it also harnesses the power of vitamin C in a way that guarantees results within just one month. With his patented formula, Robinson managed to isolate and stabilize the pure vitamin C compound in a way that conserves its purity forever.

BeautyState Provides Real Results

Thanks to this solution 90% of BeautyStat consumers saw noticeable improvement within four weeks. This is half the time than any other leading competitor.

Within just one month 90% of consumers saw:

  • Reduced fine lines
  • Firmer skin
  • Improved skin texture
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Healthier skin

While 100% of consumers saw the appearance of:

  • Even skin tone
  • Smaller pores
  • Glowing skin
  • Endless Confidence

BeautyStat has also earned itself the Violet Code seal of approval deeming it “a beauty essential” by over 70% of industry experts. It’s no wonder so many people have such great things to say about BeautyStat:

BeautyStat™ counts some of the largest celebrities and beauty influencers in the world as its biggest fans

Serein Wu
It’s literally one of the best vitamin C, products I’ve ever tried. Thanks again for introducing me to this masterpiece.

Kathy Wakile
It’s evened out my skin tone, it makes my skin look much more radiant, healthy, and brighter.

My friends are complimenting me on how good my skin looks since I’ve been using Universal C

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A Skincare Solution for Everyone

Vitamin C serums are typically some of the most costly products in the luxury beauty market. However, after spending years in the industry, Ron felt it imperative to make his serum attainable for everyone.

BeautyStat is not only the most effective brand in the beauty market, but it is also the most affordable. Robinson and his team remain committed to providing flawless, real results to anyone and everyone. Because we all deserve to feel beautiful.

Within no time you can also experience smoother, poreless skin. Just apply the Universal C Skin Refiner 2-3 times a day and your skin will appear brighter and more radiant than ever before.

To order BeautyStat and witness this ultimate age-defying skincare treatment for yourself, simply click the button below and order yours today.