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A Glimpse Into The Life of Harry and Meghan Since The Birth of Their Baby

    Ever since Meghan Markle shot to the spotlight as Prince Harry’s fiance, the world has watched the couple with bated breath. While everyone got swept up with Meghan and Harry fever, we began to follow their footsteps every stage of the way. From their high profile engagement and elaborate wedding to royal duties, tours, vacations, fashion choices, pregnancy, loving looks, every move, and every sneeze. Everything has been documented.

    Image: Instagram / Meghan Markle Official

    Back in May, Meghan and Harry welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world. Ever since the royal duo became a trio, Meghan has taken a noticeable leap away from the limelight. She began her maternity leave, stepped away from many royal engagements, and has kept more of a low-key profile. However, she and Harry are still living life to the fullest. So let’s take a glimpse at what the family been really up to since the birth.