The Stars and Starlets that Brought Our Favorite Batman Characters to Life Through the Years

Would you believe it’s been over 30 years since the first Batman movie entered our screens? For decades, the world has been hooked on following the adventures of this bat mask-wearing, crime-fighting superhero; but we’re not done yet! A new motion picture following Bruce Wayne’s adventures in Gotham City is due to hit screens in the next couple of years.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 8

There’s no doubt the globe has gone into a total frenzy with the exciting news that the Caped Crusader lives on, so let’s pay him a little tribute! Popular Everything is going back in time to explore all of our favorite Batman characters over the years, both old and new. So, get your capes on, hop in the Batmobile and enjoy these epic pieces of nostalgia!

Christian Bale aka Batman

Here’s a little fun fact for you. Contrary to what most superheroes are known for, Batman has no superpowers. Instead, the figure uses his own skilled expertise to make the world a better place. One man who recently took it upon himself to enact such a talented individual was none other than our favorite Brit, Christian Bale!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 10

You might recognize this famous face from his crime-fighting roles in the Batman movie series, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Ok, so he may be a newbie, but Mr. Bale’s has proven himself as a serious force to be reckoned with! Listen to the way he nails that gruff voice, it’s as if he was born to play the world’s greatest detective!

Alicia Silverstone aka Batgirl

A superhero would be nothing without their trusty sidekick, and it would seem the list to become Batman’s faithful assistant was never-ending! One woman who was quick to follow in this superheroes lifesaving ways was Batgirl, and we can probably all agree Alicia Silverstone was the perfect actress to get involved in such a role.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 14

Without Batgirl, the future of Batman and Robin could have been very unsure. Her tremendous defeat of supervillain, Poison Ivy in 1997’s Batman & Robin is what gained Barbara Wilson the title as Batman’s second sidekick. She may have only enjoyed a short time in the movie series, but Miss. Silverstone nailed that same brave edge we read about in the comics.

Jack Nicholson aka The Joker

Who was the spookiest supervillain of all? If there was one man who could ever make Batman shake with fear, it was the Joker. After taking it upon himself to truly rattle up Gotham City with a round of crimes, it was down to the superhero to end the Joker’s chaos. We wonder, could there possibly have been a better man for the role than Jack Nicholson?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 4

We witnessed the Joker tear the city apart right from the start, in the original 1989 movie, Batman. If one man could truly nail the Joker’s deep-rooted envy for his superhero enemy, all the while staying as maniac as possible, it was Mr. Nicholson. His role may have been short and sweet, but it will be remembered for decades to come!

Jim Carrey aka The Riddler

Revenge took new heights in the Riddler! After failing to get his inventions impressing his number-one icon, Bruce Wayne, Edward Nygma felt he had no choice but to turn into a crime-crazed villain who cast riddles everywhere he turned. If there was one man up to the job of portraying such a zany mastermind, it would be Jim Carrey.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 2

In 1995’s Batman Forever, the world saw Batman take on possibly his kookiest nemesis yet. Mr. Carrey did a spectacular job of mastering how this character rapidly became eviler with time. The villain was, of course, defeated by the Caped Crusader, but boy did Carrey have us all on the edge of our seats with his performance!

Michelle Pfeiffer aka Catwoman

You’ve never seen a transformation quite like Selina Kyle’s. After a gone-wrong attack, this secretary did a complete 180 and turned into the most seductive feline-like antagonist we’ve ever seen. Catwoman is the menace we all secretly loved, so much so that she’s a popular choice at every costume party we’ve attended! Michelle Pfeiffer set a pretty high standard.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 20

If you want to put an enticing character in your movie, you’ve got to hire an enticing actor. The casting team wasn’t messing about when they chose the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer for the role; she got viewers hooked in 1992’s Batman Returns, and for good reason! This was one character you did not want to mess with, but you also couldn’t stop gazing at in admiration.

Michael Keaton aka Batman

Let’s go back to the eighties! Here we present one of the first Batmen. In 1989’s movie, audiences fell for Bruce Wayne, the millionaire who wanted to turn his philanthropic ways onto a grand scale and save Gotham City from its villains. If anyone could act fill such grand shoes, it was Michael Keaton.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 1

It’s safe to say, portraying this costumed hero was the big break Mr. Keaton needed to catapult his acting career onto a worldwide scale. For two movies out of the series, the American actor took center stage as the crime-fighting hero we all looked up to. In fact, many people would consider Mr. Keaton as the original Batman!

Chris O’Donnell aka Robin

A problem shared is a problem halved, hey Batman? It turns out that we owe a huge amount of thanks to not only the brave Caped Crusader but one of his best buddies. Dick Grayson, or more popularly known as Robin, is one of the best crime-fighting partners going. How well did Chris O’Donnell nail the role?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 11

Pretty darn well. Mr. Grayson dreamed of putting his acrobatic skills to good use, and what better way to do this than fighting off evil? Ever since coming into contact with the anger-fueled Two-Face, this superhero did everything possible to keep the city of Gotham clean of villains; we couldn’t respect him more!

Nicole Kidman aka Dr. Chase Meridian

We bet you’ve all wondered: what does Batman get up to in his free time when he’s not fighting off evil to save Gotham City? Well, back in 1995’s Batman Forever, this superhero was actually caught getting cozy with a gorgeous psychologist! If there was ever a woman who could romance Mr. Wayne, it was Dr. Chase Meridian.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 21

So, who was up to the challenge of playing Batman’s love interest? That would be the stunning Aussie actress, Nicole Kidman. Miss. Meridian truly was the epitome of brains and beauty, not only did she win the heart of the most respected figure in Gotham City, but her excellent psychologist skills earned her the title as a consultant to the police.

Tom Hardy aka Bane

Get ready for shivers to get sent down your spine, this one’s a real creep! As if just looking at Bane’s terrifying mask isn’t enough to rattle you up, this field commander was one of the biggest threats to society Batman had ever seen. If there was ever a man to master such cunning manipulation skills, it would have to be Tom Hardy.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 19

We first witnessed Mr. Hardy take on this vicious role in the latest Batman installment, 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. It’s safe to say, the Caped Crusader well and truly defeated this evil mastermind, but it wasn’t without a fight! Hardy is still commended today for the sheer strength he showed in this role.

Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Mr. Freeze

Introducing you all to Batman’s version of Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, Mr. Freeze! It started off so well for Victor Fries, he was an Olympic decathlete and a well-respected doctor; that all changed after a fatal accident, causing the man to dwell in sub-zero temperatures! Since the tragedy, the new villain tried everything he could to turn Gotham City into an igloo.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 24

If you’re going to play such a (literally) cold-hearted villain, you’re going to need some impressive acting skills. Who better for the job than the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger? During 1997’s Batman & Robin, The city of Gotham shook in fear when this evil mastermind was around, and we can certainly see why!

George Clooney aka Batman

Who remembers the time when one of the most coveted men in Hollywood tried his hand as a superhero? That’s right, we’re taking you straight back to 1997’s Batman & Robin, where the man defending Gotham City this time was none other than George Clooney. Is there anything this man hasn’t done over the years?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 6

This was just a short role, as Mr. Clooney only took on the Caped Crusader title for one movie, but he still managed to rack up a couple of headlines for it. In this installment, we witnessed the Hollywood hunk team up with his new partner, Robin, to defeat the evil Mr. Freeze. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen such a good looking vigilante!

Aaron Eckhart aka Two-Face

You can’t get unluckier in life than Harvey Dent! All this district attorney wanted was to get payback for his wife’s tragic demise and the incident which soon labeled him Two-Face, but this task quickly got the better of him. We wanted to see a revenge-seeking villain on our screens when 2008’s The Dark Knight aired, and we certainly got one with Aaron Eckhart!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 15

It’s safe to say, this American actor stole the show. After the makeup and tech team worked their wonders on one side of his face to get him looking the part, Eckhart did everything he could to nail this character’s deep desire for vengeance. Our credits go to the casting team for this one!

Cillian Murphy aka Scarecrow

Here comes possibly one of the strangest disguises we’ve ever seen! Throughout his life, Dr. Jonathan Crane was fascinated by the psychological world. He soon decided to play a little experiment on inmates at the Arkham Asylum, and so the terrifying Scarecrow persona was created. Who stepped up to the plate to play him in the movies? Cillian Murphy.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 23

Cilian first encaptured Scarecrow’s freakish tendencies in Batman Begins, and he has continued to show his masked face until the latest movie in the series, The Dark Knight Rises. No matter how hard Scarecrow worked to send Gotham City into a panic, Batman would always be there to pick up the pieces. We couldn’t think of a better man for the role than Mr. Murphy.

Heath Ledger aka The Joker

We’re paying a second visit to one of the most twisted villains of them all. The Joker truly rose to fame when he shook the city of Gotham up with a chaotic round of crimes. So, what does this mean for the actor willing to play such a character? They needed to master those evil eyes!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 5

Jack Nicholson set a high standard, but he met his match in 2005! After The Dark Knight aired on our screens, viewers became hooked by Heath Ledger’s portrayal of this psychopathic, clown-like menace. In fact, people were so enamored by his work that the role landed him an Academy Award! What better person to coin the trademark “why so serious” line?

Liam Neeson aka Ra’s al Ghul

Here’s an opportunist if we ever saw one! Under the name Henri Ducard, the character of Ra’s al Ghul attempted to do the impossible and get Bruce Wayne on the opposing team, joining numerous villains in wreaking havoc on Gotham City. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Wayne gave this offer a hard no!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 22

Who stepped up to the challenge of playing such a brave man? None other than Liam Neeson; and he did a superb job of it! The Irish star first appeared in 2005’s Batman Begins; where we first witnessed his character’s not-so-master plan tragically fail. You can tempt Mr. Wayne all you like, but if it’s not for the good of society, it’s a no-deal!

Tommy Lee Jones aka Two-Face

Another day for Batman means another fight against an evil villain! During the earlier movie series, the twisted maniac alias of Harvey Dent who went around town tossing coins to decide his next evil move was portrayed by the one and only Tommy Lee Jones.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 25

We first witnessed Mr. Jones in action in the first movie, 1989’s Batman, before he continued wreaking havoc to the city of Gotham 6 years later in Batman Forever. If there’s one thing you can take out of this character, it’s that whenever you see someone flipping a coin, you should run for your life!

Anne Hathaway aka Catwoman

One of the most switched-on characters from the Batman movie franchise was Selina Kyle. Well, not exactly Selina, but her feline-Esque alter ego, Catwoman. It seemed there wasn’t a situation this mastermind couldn’t take advantage of for her own gain. In the latest movie in the series, The Dark Knight Rises,the Catwoman torch was passed over to Anne Hathaway.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 13

Known also as “The Cat,” was Anne Hathaway the most successful version of this cat burglar we’ve ever seen? If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll know that every move this actress made was in line with her character’s devious nature. She was calculated, cunning and crime-obsessed! We wouldn’t have her any other way.

Uma Therman aka Poison Ivy

Here’s another big transformation! Pamela Isley was a lover of anything botanical, and one of the kindest scientists known to man. It wasn’t until a botched attack that turned her into an enticing eco-terrorist; only half-woman and half-plant. Reflecting back, we can’t help but feel like Uma Therman was perfect for the role in 1997’s Batman & Robin.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 18

You have to be careful with Poison Ivy. Her attractive nature reels you in, and then bam! You find yourself caught in one of her many twisted plots. Uma Therman simply radiates this kind of charm, so the casting team definitely get a huge thumbs up from us on this occasion!

Gary Oldman aka James Gordon

If you ever find yourself losing hope in humanity, just pay Commissioner Gordon a visit! This one police officer was so relentless in saving the city of Gotham, he teamed up with the Caped Crusader himself to finally get some justice. Of course, playing such a level-headed man would require a pretty skilled actor, cue Gary Oldman!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 7

We first saw Mr. Oldman grace our superhero-loving screens in 2005’s Batman Begins, and he has continued impersonating the protector of Gotham until the most recent movie in 2012. What do we love most about Gary’s performance? The way he enacts the beautiful friendship flourishing between himself and Batman.

Val Kilmer aka Batman

Once again, we’re headed over to the star of the show. Taking center stage as the crime-fighting superhero in 1995’s Batman Forever was leading man, Val Kilmer. In this section of the story, Batman went head-to-head against the anger-fueled Two-Face and the Riddler. It’s safe to say, Kilmer was thrown in at the deep end of this project!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 17

Anyone who knows anything about the Batman franchise will know that, as benevolent as he was, this superhero was geared up in martial arts, intelligence and had access to only the highest level of technology. In other words, he could take on pretty much anyone in a fight! We were all proud of how Kilmer represented those levels of strength and bravery.

Maggie Gyllenhaal aka Rachel Dawes

Let’s pay the character of Rachel Dawes a visit! In 2008’s The Dark Knight, the world saw Maggie Gyllenhaal take on the character of Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend and sweetheart. The question is, did she nail that kind and considerate nature that Miss. Dawes is so well known for?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 16

All signs point to yes! She may have only featured in one movie out of the franchise, but boy did she make an impact. Anyone who was going to play such an influential figure had their work cut out for them, but we’d like to personally congratulate Maggie for her work.

Jared Leto aka The Joker

It’s time to bring into focus Batman’s greatest nemesis for another round. This time, we’re showing you the latest star to play the Joker! Looking at Jared Leto’s character face-on, you can tell he’s nailed those twisted, Clown Prince vibes to a T. But how well did his acting turn out?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 100

Suicide Squad aired on our screens in 2016, and although the fantasy swayed a little from the traditional Batman movies, the characters were all the same. In this rendition, Leto worked tirelessly to fulfill the Joker’s mean streak, eventually leading to his defeat over the Caped Crusader’s trusty sidekick, Robin. Clearly, he was taking tips from Ledger and Nicholson!

Christopher Walken aka Max Shreck

There’s not a businessman quite like Max Shreck. This man had huge aspirations of opening a Power Plant in Gotham City and earning the big bucks, but it was quickly turned away by the likes of Bruce Wayne. Of course, Shreck didn’t take this news too lightly, and wanted to get some revenge! In 1992, Christopher Walken took on the task.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 9

So, can Walken the legendary actor double up as an entrepreneur? You bet he can. During his time on Batman Returns, Christopher managed to nail the authoritative power over Selina Kyle, as well as the narcissistic tendencies this character is so well-known for. We’re not sure there was a better man for the job!

Ben Affleck aka Batman

Here it is! One more mention of the main man himself. Ben Affleck may be Hollywood royalty, but he’s recently upped his status a little more through his involvement with this onscreen franchise of the DC Comic, Batman. If anyone had any reservations about this actor taking on superhero status, they were quickly diminished once he hit screens!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 12

It all started in 2016 with the sci-fi movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It quickly became quite clear that the wealthy philanthropist-turned superhero persona was a good look for Mr. Affleck! He nails every aspect of Gotham City’s savior to a T. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the current Bruce Wayne.

Michael Caine aka Alfred Pennyworth

There are good friends, and then there’s Alfred Pennyworth! This dedicated butler to the Wayne family not only served as their loyal steward but was a friend Bruce Wayne could turn to in times of need. We wonder, who could’ve been better to portray such a wise man than the British legend, Michael Caine?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 27

Even when Bruce turned into a crime fighter, Pennyworth remained by his side throughout, offering him useful, father-like advice when needed. Mr. Caine first appeared on our screens in 2005’s Batman Begins and continued showing his face until the last movie in the series, as predicted, he nailed the role each time!

Adam West aka Batman

Here’s a blast from the past! One of the first-ever Batman movies was filmed back in the swinging sixties, and with it came a talented bunch of cast members! The man who stole the show in 1966’s Batman: The Movie was US legend, Adam West. So, how well did the actor fare as a philanthropic millionaire?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 36

Pretty impressively, if you ask us! Mr. West set the standards on how all future Batman actors needed to defend the city of Gotham against its supervillains. If there was one man who can take us through the story of how a talented young boy became the city’s most respected crime fighter, it’s Adam.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt aka John Blake

It’s not an easy job protecting your city from crime, so Batman welcomed as much help as he could get! Robin John Blake was the answer to all of Gotham City’s detective needs, as he worked hard to contribute as much knowledge to the Police Department as he could. Stepping up to this diligent role was an American favorite, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 30

Gordon-Levitt looks pretty darn good in a police officer uniform! He may be new to the superhero scene appearing in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, but he’s already made a good impression. If he wasn’t researching the latest ways to capture Gotham City’s villains, this character was inheriting the almighty Batcave, and we couldn’t ask for a better actor to portray him.

Burt Ward aka Dick Grayson

Another movie means another man up to the job of taking Batman’s side! In the 1966 motion picture, the loyal Dick Grayson was played by US star, Burt Ward. During this early version, it would seem there wasn’t a single thing Mr. Grayson wasn’t capable of being: best friend, business partner, personal assistant, the list goes on!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 35

So, what were the casting directors looking out for here? Whoever they hired to play such an active role needed to be pretty youthful and full of energy, so at just 19 years of age, Burt was the perfect fit! Throughout the movie, Burt successfully enacted a young man who wanted to learn as many tips and tricks as possible from his superhero partner.

Ken Watanabe aka Ra’s al Ghul

We’re paying a second visit to Batman’s worst-ever influence. Ra’s tried as hard as he could to get Batman over onto the villain side, but luckily he never quite succeeded; once a philanthropist, always a philanthropist! The next actor to take on this cunning role was the Japanese star, Ken Watanabe.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 29

You’ve never met a manipulator quite like Ra’s! We first witnessed Mr. Watanabe in action in 2005’s Batman Begins. He may not have succeeded in his evil decoy, but this actor certainly nailed those cunning skills we saw in the previous series!

Frank Gorshin aka The Riddler

Who considers themselves quite the genius when it comes to cracking riddles? This guy was the champ. One of the earliest Riddlers who knew how to rattle the Caped Crusader up was American actor, Frank Gorshin. It’s a tricky task to portray such a complex villain without much to base your work on, but Mr. Gorshin did us all proud.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 31

Jim Carrey gave us the zany energy needed for the insane role, but you best believe he was basing all his quirks on this guy! After a screening of 1966’s Batman: The Movie, audiences would be left scratching their heads at some of these crazy riddles this character cast before committing a crime.

Debi Mazar aka Spice

Here comes the slightly less pleasant partner to the ever-so-sweet Sugar! While this woman’s partner entertained the good side of Two-Face, Spice was only catering to that freakish, maniac side of his. Debi Mazar channeled her inner menace in this role during 1995’s Batman Forever.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 33

As nice as Miss. Mazar may be in the real world, she certainly fooled us with those cunning manipulation skills she showed in the movie! One thing we have to credit this woman for is being straight up with her personality. Spice started off bad and ended bad, while her slightly more joyful counterpart Sugar deceived us all!

Michael Gough aka Alfred Pennyworth

This wouldn’t be a true list of memorable Batman cast members without a second visit to one of the superhero’s most faithful friends. Michael Caine did a stand-up job of portraying the family butler-turned father figure, but we’re 100% certain he got all of his inspiration off of the earlier star!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 26

This is an original like no other. We first saw the English actor, Michael Gough team up with Michael Keaton, as he took on the role of Alfred Pennyworth in 1989’s Batman. Since then, the acting legend has appeared in the following three movies in the series, and he certainly set the standards!

Cesar Romero aka The Joker

Just when you thought we’d shown you the last of this twisted maniac, here he is once again! One of the original men to take on the role as Batman’s biggest challenge was Cesar Romero, and we have to say, those clown-like cosmetics make him look just as terrifying as the rest!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 34

Who would’ve guessed that a man nicknamed “The Latin Lover” would be able to double up as Michael Keaton’s arch-nemesis? After siding with the equally-terrifying Penguin villain, it was Romero’s job to portray a man who worked day and night to make Batman’s life a living hell. Did he succeed? You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out!

Danny DeVito aka The Penguin

Just when you thought you’d seen enough evil villains for one day, here comes possibly the most grotesque-looking one yet! If you thought you had a bad attitude, just wait until we tell you about The Penguin. After receiving funding from Max Shrek, this ex-circus freak turned his crime-fueled ways to the next level, much to Batman’s dismay.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 41

It’s not an easy task to portray a sociopathic, umbrella-obsessed crime boss, but when you’re as experienced as Danny DeVito, the sky is the limit! As much as DeVito wowed us with his performance of The Penguin in 1992’s Batman Returns, we were glad to see the last of him! We were all left well and truly spooked out by this character.

Billy Dee Williams aka Two-Face

Here he is again! Two-Face was a vicious menace who not only frightened people not only with his spontaneously-timed crimes but that wrecked side of his face! Setting the standard for the impressive actors to follow suit in such a uniquely terrifying role was none other than Billy Dee Williams.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 38

Let’s start at the very beginning. Mr. Williams landed his first superhero gig in 1989’s Batman, and boy did he do the role justice! This may have been his only motion picture fighting against the Caped Crusader, but he truly nailed the two sides of this villain’s personality.

Katie Holmes aka Rachel Dawes

For most of us, when looking for advice we consult our best friends. As one of Bruce Wayne’s earliest childhood memories, it was hard to see why the Caped Crusader didn’t turn to Rachel Dawes more often, this woman knew the man more than he would ever admit! The first actress to play this role was a household name we all recognize.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 45

Maggie Gyllenhaal was the best Rachel Dawes, or was she? It appears Katie Holmes did just as good a job of nailing those caring characteristics of Dawes’ in 2005’s Batman Begins. Holmes may have only lasted in one movie out of the franchise, but she clearly did her research on how to portray a good district attorney, as she had us all hooked!

Eric Roberts aka Salvatore Maroni

Here comes a scary character! One of the fiercest mob bosses who roamed around Gotham City was Salvatore Maroni, and believe us, you did not want to cross this guy. As hard as Sal worked to continue his family’s organized crime legacy, one bat-masked superhero seemed to get in his way every time.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 43

Eric Roberts portrayed this Italian mobster in the cinematic version of the series. Roberts made his first appearance in 2008’s The Dark Knight where he was caught partnering up with the Joker himself. It may have been a short role, but Eric made his mark in the superhero franchise.

Pat Hingle aka James Gordon

Commissioner Gordon, reporting for duty (again!) The original man to take on such a loyal and law-abiding role was Pat Hingle. Mark our words, you’d never seen a man so dedicated to Gotham City’s Police Department. Gordon and Batman was the crime-fighting duo of dreams; with these two in charge, no villain had a chance!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 48

We first saw Hingle spark into action in 1989’s Batman, and his good deeds continued impressing the city of Gotham right up until 1997’s Batman & Robin. If you’re still not convinced about this man’s clean streak, get this: early on in the movie series, the officer gets commended by the city for his tremendous efforts, winning him the Bat-signal award.

John Glover aka Dr. Jason Woodrue

You’ve probably read about evil geniuses, but have you ever seen one in action? If it wasn’t for the twisted skills of Dr. Jason Woodrue, Batman’s life would’ve been a whole lot easier, to say the least! That’s right, this doctor created not one, but two of the villains that sent Gotham City into chaos.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 44

Who was the actor behind this evil genius, you ask? That would be actor John Glover. During his time on 1997’s Batman & Robin, this star successfully portrayed a doctor who planned to plot revenge on the Wayne family in the most disturbing way you could think of. Today, we just need to hear the word “Woodrue” to have shivers sent down our spines!

Andrew Bryniarski aka Chip Shreck

Like all good businessmen, Max Shreck had a plan to continue his money-making legacy by passing his skills down. Introducing you all to Max’s son, Chip Shreck! It was all because of this uber-privileged blondie that Shreck senior was so desperate to collect all Gotham City’s electricity for his own Power Plant. Talk about a motivator!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 37

Here’s a little background knowledge for you all. The character of Max Shreck was played by Andrew Bryniarski in 1992’s Batman Returns, and we have to say, the actor nailed every aspect of this well-dressed, intelligent rich kid to a T! It’s almost as if Bryniarski and Christopher Walken were related in real life.

Vivica A. Fox aka Ms. B Haven

So far, the villains of this superhero franchise have been pretty evil, but we have to give credit where credit’s due! The city of Gotham didn’t face it’s colder temperatures solely due to the actions of Mr. Freeze. In fact, he had a little help from one of his most faithful employees, Ms. B Haven! Who in their right mind would want to help a supervillain?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 50

It’s a hard task, but in 1997’s Batman & Robin, Vivica A. Fox portrayed the sidekick to one of the most coldhearted villains threatening Gotham City. Despite her advances, Mr. Freeze never gave in to Haven and remained faithful to his wife; this was strictly a business relationship! We suspect this woman got arrested, as she never returned to the series.

Burgess Meredith aka The Penguin

We bet you’ve never come across a supervillain known for his fascination with birds and umbrellas until you heard about The Penguin! This ex-circus freak truly was one of a kind, but sadly it was for all the wrong reasons. Possibly one of Gotham City’s biggest deceptions was believing that this guy was actually a do-gooder until his true aims got revealed.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 39

Danny DeVito, as we mentioned, gave us all the chills with his spot-on performance of this sewer-baby-turned-menace, but he clearly had a role model in Burgess Meredith! During the 1966 version of this superhero franchise, Mr. Meredith nailed this man’s freakish tendencies, which were spurred on by his extortionate wealth.

Drew Barrymore aka Sugar

It’s not all crime-fighting and evil villains in Gotham City, you know! One character who just wanted to inject a little bit of sweetness into the world was Sugar, or at least at the start she was. This charming woman played the love interest to the good side of the revenge-fueled Two-Face. Who was the familiar face that played this role?

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 32

None other than our favorite US actress, Drew Barrymore. Drew provided a breath of fresh air to 1995’s Batman Forever as she graced our screens in a white feather boa. Ok, so this character may not have been all good, eventually forming an alliance with the evil villain The Riddler, but at least she brought some entertainment!

Matthew Modine aka Peter Foley

For every one villain, there’s a ton of police officers, and that’s the forward-thinking we like to see from Gotham City! The next man who vowed to protect his city from its round of revenge-driven menaces was Deputy Police Commissioner, Peter Foley. Playing the replacement to Commissioner James Gordon, this man had some pretty big shoes to fill!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 47

Straight after Gordon was hospitalized, Mr. Foley sprung into action. Matthew Modine took on the law-enforcing role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, and he certainly lived up to all of our high expectations! Clearly, Modine was born for a leadership role, as he successfully nailed the part of a man who vowed to take charge of the police force.

Elle Macpherson aka Julie Madison

We’ve told you all there is to know about Batman and his crime-fighting ways, but let’s focus now on the man behind the mask. Growing up into a wealthy family, Bruce Wayne got to enjoy all of the perks of an extravagant lifestyle. What does this mean? He was often caught rubbing shoulders with some of the richest elite class. Enter Miss Madison!

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 42

To put it simply, Julie Madison was an old flame of Wayne’s, and as you might tell by her jewels, she was a high-society girl. If we had to pick any star to play such a classy lady, it would be Elle Macpherson. We bet Mr. Clooney felt like the luckiest man in the world in 1997’s Batman & Robin; not only was he playing a superhero, but he had a supermodel by his side!

Burn Gorman aka Phillip Stryver

Here comes a deceiver if we ever saw one! While Phillip Stryver may seem like a do-gooder who puts the safety of Gotham City first, you must not be fooled by his innocent looks. So, who really was this guy? The Executive Vice President to Daggett Industries worked closely with evil villain Bane, with an interest in taking over Bruce Wayne’s company.

A Look Into Batman Movie Cast Members Through the Years 40

Bruce Wayne just can’t catch a break! Defending the city of Gotham certainly comes with its trials and tribulations, and one of the biggest threats was Philip Stryver. We first witnessed actor Burn Gorman enter the scene in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, and he had us all wondering whether Mr. Stryver’s intelligence would get the better of our Caped Crusader.

Morgan Freeman aka Lucius Fox

You don’t get hard workers like Lucius Fox anymore. As a devout employee for Wayne Enterprises, this man was the staff member Bruce Wayne needed on his good side. After all, if it wasn’t for the Lucius’ efforts, we might never have seen the Caped Crusader rock his Batsuit with pride. Can you imagine a superhero in jeans and a t-shirt? It doesn’t quite work.

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Who stepped up to this hardworking plate? That would be Morgan Freeman, and we can’t help but feel like this is a perfect fit! After all, Mr. Freeman knows the meaning of hard work all too well; how do you think he became such a successful actor? Freeman first appeared as Lucius Fox in 2005’s Batman Begins and has continued appearing until the latest movie.

Marion Cotillard aka Talia al Ghul

You hear tales of children following in their parent’s footsteps all the time, but we bet Ra’s al Ghul would have been particularly pleased with the impression he left on his little girl! Growing up, Talia al Ghul made it her sole reasonability to continue her father’s legacy of terror. Forming an alliance with supervillain Bane really helped her along the way!

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She may look sweet and innocent, but there wasn’t a length this leader of the League of Shadows wouldn’t go to to make Batman’s life a living hell! Marion Cotillard took on this role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, and she certainly set out with as much cunning manipulation as the character was intended to!

Paul Reubens aka Tucker Cobblepot

Keeping up appearances is pretty important for someone like Tucker Cobblepot. This man’s accumulation of wealth had sent him straight into Gotham’s high-society, and nothing was getting in the way of this status, not even a badly behaved son! That’s right, Cobblepot was, in fact, the father to the supervillain we know now as The Penguin.

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Well, the resemblance that these two shares isn’t exactly uncanny! As soon as the young Oswald started showing troublesome behavior, Tucker and his wife, Esther were quick to send their son on a one-way ticket out of their privileged lives, and into the sewer! Actor Paul Reubens was quick to jump on board with the role in 1992’s Batman Returns and did a great job.

Joaquin Phoenix aka The Joker

Prepare yourselves, we’re about to show you a supervillain from the future! That’s right, the wait to see the biggest clown-like menace enter our screens again isn’t much longer. This year’s DC thriller, Joker is set to hit our movie theaters in just a matter of weeks. The huge question is, which actor has promised to do the crazed villain justice this time around?

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Todd Phillip’s gripping drama provides us with an alternative take on the face-painted baddie. This time, we learn how Arthur Fleck, an unsuccessful comic wanders Gotham City before eventually taking on the Joker persona, wreaking havoc everywhere he turns. American actor Joaquin Phoenix is next in line to enact the menace, and we can’t contain our excitement!