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Pig Saviors Face Up to 60 Years in Prison for Good Deed

Activists that rescued a dying piglet could face up to 60 years in prison. The four activists came from an organization called Direct Action Everywhere. The pig, Lily, was a runt of the litter and was struggling to survive with the other piglets. The activists rescued Lily and took care of her by giving her a bath and giving her love.

While almost everyone is in support of this kind act, Smithfield factory farms were not. So much so that they somehow convinced the Attorney General of Utah into charging the four samaritans with burglary, theft, rioting, and other unlawful activity.

One of the activists, the co-founder of Direct Action Everywhere, Wayne Hsuing, actually filmed a 360-degree video inside the factory. In the video, you can directly see the unsanitary and abusive conditions the pigs are forced to live in.

Does the Time Fit the Crime?

The activists are now looking at up to 60 years in prison. In case you weren’t aware, that’s more time than most child molesters, rapists, and a few murderers receive. Hmm, something about that doesn’t seem right.

The other ironic part here is that they are being charged with “unlawful practices” while Smithfield factory is known for continuously torturing their pigs. The life of a pig at Smithfield is restricted to a small dirty metal cage where they give birth and are then killed for consumption. Some classify this type of treatment towards the pigs as cruel and inhumane.

Not only is this case an animal rights issue but a public health issue as well. Hsuing said that the diseases they saw at the factory were frightening and no one should want their friends and family members to eat food that comes from diseased animals.

So why are the people that saved one pig being charged and not the company that commits animal cruelty? Today, animal abuse is a punishable act but it’s frequently overlooked, especially at factory farms.

What Can the Public Do?

There isn’t much that the public can do for Hsuing. The courts will determine his fate. To prevent future factory farms from committing these brutal crimes against animals, make sure to research the farms you buy meat from and verify that they meet codes and standards. If Americans can make a move to do so then more ethical decisions will be inforced when it comes to animal products.