Family Dogs Confess To Their Crimes In The Cutest Way Possible…Who Can Stay Mad At These Faces?

    Dogs are cute. Anyone who thinks differently has found a really good way to lie to themselves. These four-legged creatures have serious power over humans. Their wet noses, fluffy fur, and little paws can help reduce stress. As strange as it sounds, it’s actually true. Ever see a comfort dog on a flight? If you have, it probably made you feel a little better about sitting in a speeding room that is thousands of miles in the air.

    We let our dogs get away with everything from eating our expensive shoes,  peeing on our very new carpets. A new fad took the web by surprise. Humans who are rebelling against their dog’s cuteness spell have shamed their dogs for their crimes. “No more!” they shout as they expose their canines wrongdoings. You will see past the fluff and cute paws once you see these photos of dogs owning up to their crimes. Break the spell… see them all!

    The sabotage pup

    This pup looks cute… But once you learn about his criminal past, you’ll see right through those fluffy curls of cuteness. Dad goes to work every day to bring home the bacon and squeaky toys. However, this little guy is less than appreciative by the looks of things.

    He just wants to sabotage his dad’s day to get revenge on all the times he’s been home alone when the evil mailman came by with all these suspicious smells.