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Alexa Has Lost Her Voice and Amazon Has Recruited Samuel L. Jackson to Save the Day Once Again

Amazon is bringing one of Hollywood’s most recognizable voices straight to a living room near you. No, we aren’t talking about another action-packed movie full of zingy catchphrases and iconic one-liners. Amazon announced that later this year, we will all have the honor of inviting the legendary Samuel L. Jackson to take over our Alexa devices.

Image: GQ Magazine

For those of you who somehow missed the Samuel L. Jackson bandwagon, Samuel Leroy Jackson is a well-known actor and film producer who is known for bringing his Joe cool attitude into every role he takes on. He is well known for his collaboration with Quentin Tarantino in films such as Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight. Jackson’s worldwide fame is also attributed to his role as the edgy crime-stopper in the Shaft film series, and for playing Nick Fury in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Just like the friendly Alexa that we’ve grown to love, Shaft himself will provide you with the weather, help you stay in the know with news updates and assist you in playing your favorite tunes. You can even have the one and only Nick Fury set your alarm or help get your day started with a few funny jokes.

First of Many

You’ll be happy to hear that Samuel L. Jackson is only the first of many celebrities who will soon be available to take on your smart home device. This past Wednesday, Amazon VP David Limp announced that in addition to Jackson, more celebrities are on the way, although they did not say who or when.

Image: Tech Crunch

This is not the first time that the stars have lent their voices for Alexa. In the past, the device utilized pre-recorded voice overs to provide a limited number of fun narrations. However, this time the folks at Amazon have upped their game. Thanks to a neutral text-to-speech engine, the device will actually mimic Jackson’s voice. This way the device will still stay up to date like the original Alexa, only this time your day to day tasks will be accompanied by the king of cool himself.

Although more advanced than before, the feature will have its limitations. The voice technology will not be able to assist with reminders, shopping or other lists. However, something tells us these limits won’t last long.

How Does it Work?

Starting later this year, anyone with an Alexa device will have the ability to activate this feature. All you have to do is say “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” You can then decide if you want him to use his explicit language that we’ve grown to expect from his films or use a more family-friendly vocabulary.

Image: Entertainment Weekly

Of course, Jackson’s services will not be free. Amazon will be charing an introductory price of $.99 and will later up the price to $4.99. The exact date on when you can introduce Jackson to your home is still unknown.

Although by far the most talked about, this was only one of a few updates from Amazon at Wednesday’s event. They were also excited to announce the new Amazon smart oven as well as a few additions to the Echo family, including Echo Buds, Echo Frames, and Echo Studio speakers.