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All the Trimmings, Ma’am? Everything the Queen Eats Over the Festive Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The royal family certainly seems to think so. If you have ever been to London during the run-up to Christmas, you’ll know that the queen isn’t alone in her love of this holiday. Streets are adorned with magical lights, Christmas shoppers crowd Oxford Street, and tourists flock to the nearest ice skating rink for some festive fun.

All The Trimmings Maam  Everything The Queen Eats Over The Festive Holiday3
Image: BBC

While the outside of Buckingham Palace doesn’t exactly twinkle like the Christmas trees in Leicester Square, the Queen loves to embrace the many traditions that coincide with this holiday. From the giant tree in her drawing room to the crackling fire, insiders have noted that the royal palace is as jovial as can be.  But have you ever wondered what the Queen eats on Christmas? We’ve got the scoop… With all of the trimmings. 

Spilling The Tea

We all love to know how the other half lives, and while celebrities and A-listers are certainly interesting, the queen is in a whole different ballpark. Thankfully, there are many royal insiders who have come out of the woodworks over the years. They all have tea to spill, and they’re all more than willing to give us an insight into the queen’s life. And when it comes to the queen’s eating habits, Darren McGrady has all of the answers. 

All The Trimmings Maam  Everything The Queen Eats Over The Festive Holiday2
Image: Tatler

McGrady was a royal chef for over a decade and cooked for the likes of Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Diana, and, of course, her majesty the queen. Since leaving his position, McGrady has appeared in numerous videos and interviews, revealing the secrets regarding the royal food. Although it’s interesting to know that the queen prefers four small meals a day instead of three larger ones, it’s her Christmas habits that have really got everyone talking. 

Keeping Things Traditional

With all of her regality, pomp, and circumstance, one would assume that the queen would go all out for her Christmas dinner. However, that just isn’t the case. According to McGrady, “It was the same meal every year. They’re actually boring when it comes to festivities. They didn’t do hams or anything, just traditional turkeys.” While turkey is the traditional meat chosen by Christmas lovers across the world, we were expecting a little more from ma’am herself.

All The Trimmings Maam  Everything The Queen Eats Over The Festive Holiday4
Image: Tatler

However, it seems as though she saves the theatrics for dessert on Christmas day. After the turkey and all of the trimmings have been consumed, the Christmas pudding is always “decorated in holly, doused in brandy, and the palace steward would carry it, flaming, into the royal dining room.” At least that’s something. Still, we think many people have a much more exciting Christmas dinner than the Queen, and that’s certainly something to be proud of.