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Animals Making Memories: 25+ Times Animals Interrupted Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photographers have the best jobs on the planet. They get to spend their time surrounded by breath-taking landscapes capturing the beauty of our world. But have you ever heard of a ‘real’ wildlife photographer? As in the animals taking the pictures?

Image: Twitter / Wordglass

Animals don’t typically like manmade tools and are generally the subject in wildlife photography, but sometimes they get curious and land up behind the camera instead. The results are adorable and we’re absolutely loving them.

Now Say Cheese!

“Is this thing on?” Lions and lionesses have a reputation for being anything but friendly if they are disturbed. Having this in mind can make any wildlife photographer nervous while trying to capture them in their habitat. Female and male lions live together in a large group with their cubs.

Image: Pexels

With every pride, there is a male leader, aka, the king of the jungle. However, Let’s not forget about the lioness, where would the pride be without the queen of the jungle? Their group depends on the lioness to hunt for food, and it seems like they rely on her when it comes to taking pictures too.

Yes, Beautiful, Hold It Just Like That

There are over 200 different species of squirrels but not all are as photogenic as this one. Even though we would love to believe that this squirrel is posing for a picture for their furry-partner, this, my friends, is perfect timing. The photographer must have been quite happy after capturing this adorable moment.

Image: Twitter / BSRAgencyNL

Understandably, food is essential for animals during the cold winter months. Squirrels tend to bury their food in hopes of saving it for a ‘rainy day.’ But 25 percent of the time, their food gets stolen by fellow squirrels or birds, and we’re assuming this little one just found a lucky treasure.

Come on Guys, I Don’t Have All Day

Foxes generally inhabit forested areas, mountains, grasslands, and deserts. They are nocturnal animals and hunt for food during the night, making it sometimes difficult for wildlife photographers to capture them during daylight.

Image: SteemKR

But as you can see, if you have patience, the wait definitely pays off. Some foxes generally like to live in small families, including mates, older siblings, foxes of breeding age, and mothers. So, if we were the wildlife photographer, we’d keep an eye out for the other ones nearby.

Oh, She’s a Beauty

There are over 264 types of monkeys around the world. Depending on the species, monkeys are generally inquisitive and don’t mind coming close to humans. This makes it easier and entertaining to capture pictures of them in their natural habitats.

Image: Gregg Porteous Photography

It’s not unusual to hear stories about the remarkable interactions between humans and monkeys. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, monkeys will allow you close enough to build a great bond with them, just like this photographer seems to have done.

But Capture Me From This Angle

We know wildlife photography seems like a dream job, but in some cases, it can be exhausting. If a wildlife photographer wants to be in close and personal proximity with a wild cheetah, he’d have to spend weeks trying to get closer to the animal.

Image: Chris Du Plessis

Female cheetahs generally hunt for themselves and their cubs. They can be quite challenging and distrustful when being approached by humans or other animals. Despite the dangers of these gorgeous wild cats, being able to finally get close to one is worth 100 years of hard work.

You’re Bearly There

You don’t have to be a professional wildlife photographer to know that Grizzly’s aren’t the most human-friendly mammals on earth. But they aren’t the most dangerous animals, either. Understandably, bears would rather avoid human contact. But that depends on the bear.

Image: Facebook / Saps Confessions

This could be a grizzly bear cub. Grizzly cubs generally stay with their moms for three years until the mother bear is ready to go and find a mate. When the time arrives, the cub has no choice but to go out and become dependent, go on adventures, take up photography hobbies, and so on, you know?

Say Nuts!

Squirrels are fascinating creatures. They can leap 10 times higher than their body length and turn their little ankles a full 180 degrees to face any direction while climbing. I guess placing the camera down and bringing them to you is a lot easier than trying to capture a picture of them jumping away.

Image: Taringa!

Not only are they brilliant leapers, but they also have superb vision. They aren’t typically shy of coming out during the day, making them one of the rare small mammals that are human-friendly. If a photographer found a great place to photograph some squirrels, settling down and waiting a few hours could be an excellent idea.

Yeah, I’m Not the Photogenic Type

Oh boy, poor wildlife photographer. There isn’t much you could do to get that camera back from the lioness. Not only is she alone, powerful enough to harm you, but her female companions could be around too, making a bit dangerous.

Image: Twitter / Herrickphoto

Females generally stay together while out on the hunt, usually in groups of three to eight, for there is a higher chance of a successful expedition. They hunt in a broad front in an attempt to drive their prey into an ambush. Having said that, we regret to inform you that the camera was probably defeated.

Yeah, That’s My Good Side

“Wow, I could use this picture for my dating profile. Hello foxy ladies!” Foxes inhabit every continent on the planet except for Antarctica. They thrive in towns, rural settings, and even cities. However, despite being all around us, they remain a mystery.

Image: Reddit / i-mean-why-even

Foxes are commonly known to be friendly and somewhat curious. They love playing amongst themselves and with other animals. Even though they are wild, a fox can get close to humans and have a relationship with them. I mean, just look at these two!

Goodness, You’re Warm!

“Let’s seal the deal, I stay here and get warm, then you can get a picture.” Seals are the clowns of the marine mammal world and can be quite the comical creature. They tend to spend most of their time out of the water lazing about and it seems like this one found ‘the’ spot.

Image: Taringa!

Seals are often lying around and sunbathing in some of the planet’s most beautiful regions, like the Antarctic and the Arctic. Even though they are quite the acrobats in the water, they tend to be quite the opposite ashore. Seals are lucky to reach one mile per hour on land. If that’s the case, this poor photographer probably had to wait a bit.

Is This Close Enough?

Wild kangaroos aren’t the most human-friendly animals. So, when wildlife photographers want to take pictures, they’d have to sit patiently and wait for them to approach. Kangaroos are social and live in groups referred to as mobs or herds.

Image: Daily Mail

They enjoy grooming and protecting each other from harm. So naturally, if they sense danger, they will stomp their foot, alerting the others. Let’s hope this guy didn’t flinch or they’d call the mob on him.

Oh Boy, Delete, Delete, Delete

Several species of monkeys are known for their human-friendly, curious personalities. Knowing which monkeys are friendly and which ones aren’t is the hard part though. The plus side is that they are very curious when it comes to human objects. So, if they want to get close, they will do so out of curiosity.

Image: Earth Touch News Network

The monkey social structure is fascinating to observe. As we know, they are extremely intelligent and thrive in socializing. Of course, their social feelings may vary based on stress in their environment, just as it does with humans. Other than that, monkeys enjoy playing around and it looks like this little one just found a game.

Oh, Now I See It

Meerkats are a type of mongoose that is found in the deserts in the south of Africa. Luckily for this guy, they are highly social animals. It is possible to gain their trust and get close to them. Meerkats, too, like kangaroos, also live in a family unit called a mob.

Image: The Daily Mail

They emerge from their underground holes to laze around in the sun. And when they’re not lazing around, they spend the rest of their day searching for food and taking turns standing guard, on the lookout. It seems like it was this little Meerkat’s turn to stand guard.

You Wanna Piece of Me?

Well, this little dude looks like he is having a staredown contest with the camera. Owls are generally a mystery. It’s quite rare to see one out and about during the day. But when you do get to see them, you will find they are quite the hoot.

Image: Drollify

Luckily for this photographer, he didn’t have to work so hard capturing an image of an owl. They can rotate their necks 270 degrees (call a priest), which makes it even harder to get a decent shot.

This Could Be a Good Snack for Later

While not hunting, lionesses generally enjoying lazing around during the day with their pride. Like us, they sleep during the night and wake up tired in the morning, and then try sleeping throughout the rest of the day. Aspiring to catch a lioness being active, mischevious, or full of energy has proven to be a challenge for many photographers out there.

Image: Twitter / Wordglass

However, fortunately, for this lucky photographer, he managed to get a fantastic picture of a lioness being a bit mischevious. As we’ve mentioned before, most females belong to pride. Even though this cameraman only sees this playful lioness, there could be more of them closer than he thinks, ready to pounce.

Happiness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Baby Bambi, is that you? It’s impossible to talk about the wild without mentioning just how cute the young animals are. We think you could all agree with us about this picture, the wildlife photographer’s life couldn’t get any better than that, right?

Image: Facebook / Did you know?

Deer are very social. If you give them time, they will get really close to you. The younger deer, a fawn, will generally approach humans if not startled. As we can see, the photographer and the fawn have reached an extreme level of comfort and trust, we would go as far as saying, they’re now friends.

I’ve Got the Eye of the Tiger

White tigers have become extremely rare in the past couple of years. Out of the 5,000 to 7,000 tigers left in the world, only 200 of them are white tigers. So now that you know just how rare these beautiful animals are, this photographer was extremely fortunate to have had this moment with one.

Twitter: Wordglass

White tigers are one of the most durable and beautiful cats in the jungle. They have night vision, which is six times better than ours. They are excellent swimmers and oh, they all have gorgeous blue eyes. However, only 12 white tigers have been seen in the last 100 years, hence the uniqueness of this photo.

How Is This Position?

The beautiful red fox is absolutely majestic. They have bushy tails and dog-like features. Unfortunately, these animals are feared or despised because people aren’t aware of how beautiful they are. As you can see, this wildlife photographer is beyond himself with being able to be so close to this little guy.

Image: We Heart It

The red foxes thrive alongside humans in urban and suburban areas. They belong to the dog family, which includes wolves, grey foxes, and coyotes. All the members of this family are highly adaptable. It makes them great colonizers throughout many areas in the world, in habitats often close to humans too.

I Think I’m Getting the Hang of This

If you’ve ever been to South African, you would know that seeing monkeys experimenting like this is nothing unusual. Oh no, it’s widespread and their challenging behavior doesn’t stop there. They are definitely not afraid of getting close and personal with you.

Image: Life Buzz

However, under no circumstances should an untrained professional try approaching a wild monkey. Wildlife photographers spend so much time learning the ropes on the dos and don’ts with wild animals. And even then, they’d rather get pictures without getting too close.

Lady, That’s a Great Angle From Over There

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want a photograph?” This picture was taken by a very passionate wildlife photographer named Shannon Wild. Yes, that’s her name. Oh, the irony. She stated that her journey throughout her profession is sometimes dangerous but she ensures that she takes all necessary precautions regarding safety when she wants that perfect shot.

Image: National World Safaris

As far as we’ve seen, it’s not something unusual for animals to climb all over you when you’re standing around, trying to interact with them. But hey, who’s complaining? At least someone managed to capture this special moment.

Girls! Haven’t We Taken Enough Photos?

There is something about penguins that make everyone go, “Ahhh.” We absolutely love the overweight slow-paced waddled birds. But don’t let their on-land snail-like waddle fool you, the fastest penguin on the planet can reach a swimming speed of up too 22 miles per hour.

Image: Flickr / MJB Leo

So, luckily for this photographer, it would be effortless to capture an abundance of photographs before these little squishy dudes made a break for it and waddled off slowly.

Mom, I Found Us Dinner

Did you know that cheetahs are the fastest animals on land? Once they grow older, they will be able to reach a speed of over 60 miles per hour. Baby cheetahs nurse for approximately three months but also learn how to eat meat during this time.

Image: Chris du Plessis

So during this learning-to-eat-meat process, we think this photographer is very brave to hang out with the newly found carnivore. Jokes aside, this is one of those moments during a photography career that makes everything worth it.

My Hobby Is Bird Watching

What an unusual and breathtaking image, it’s hard to find the words or know how to describe this cuteness level! Well, luckily for this wildlife photographer, this image they managed to capture says everything.

Image: The Daily Telegraph

Typically, birds are timid, and camera-shy, if you will. They are fascinating creatures, but it’s not easy to take pictures of them. They hardly pose in an area you’d prefer, and moreover, it’s often hard to get closeup quality images. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the squirrel’s skills.

Honey, You’re Not in the Picture Frame

Let me tell you a little bit about one of the world’s most talented rodents. A Marsh Rice Rat uses its feet to launch itself across the water. They are so talented, they can swim 1.000 feet without taking a break, making them a pretty tough catch (photography wise).

Image: Taringa!

These rats are also nocturnal rodents. They don’t usually come out during the day because they understandably spend the day sleeping. It’s quite impressive that this photographer managed to get a picture of the little furball during the day, considering his natural instinct to run like the wind.

I’ll Take That, Thank You

Seals have very playful personalities compared to most wild animals, and some enjoy playing and interacting with people. But that does not mean you should deliberately go out of your way to get close to them. These cute looking animals are still predators and have quite the hefty bite.

Image: Caters News

Their natural instinct, while playing with friends, is biting and nibbling one another. Keep in mind that a seal with thick flubber won’t find it that painful, but humans, on the other hand, won’t find it pleasant. Fortunately for this photographer, the seal is out in the water and probably won’t be in the nibbling mood.

I Wear My Heart on My… Behind

This monkey species, known as Sulawesi crested macaques, are famously recognized for their heart-shaped bums. However, it’s not all about what’s in the trunk, they are highly knowledgeable, social, and one of the most affectionate monkey species on our planet.

Image: Magazine Features

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you smell like, if you’re gentle and friendly, you’re one of them. Now that the cameraman is part of their crew, he would probably have to join in on their grooming rituals because of the mere fact that they are so loving and easy-going.

These Photographers Never Learn!

This type of gorilla species is known as Silverback gorillas. As you can see, they literally have a silky, silver coat on their backs. Based on research, they are known to be way more physical and aggressive as opposed to other gorillas. Once they become of age, they will take charge of keeping the other gorillas protected and ensuring their troop’s safety.

Image: Twitter / Jason Showeran

Even though the wildlife cameraman is being pushed to the ground, he’s lucky the animal is still solitary. Silverbacks are usually alone until they turn 15 years old before acquiring a troop to lead. In that case, we think it’s safe to say that he is still calm and the photographer is in luck.

Wonder How Long It Will Take for Him to Notice?

As we mentioned above, cheetahs absolutely love the open space because it’s ideal for their specific hunting skills. We know, this photographer seems to be at a disadvantage here, but we will pretend we don’t already know this. This shows you just how dedicated wildlife photographers are to their careers.

Image: Top Daily Trends

Fortunately, cheetahs aren’t generally a huge threat to us and are rather docile in some situations. Having said that, these photographers spend months, if not years, learning how to co-exist with wild animals without putting themselves in harm’s way or aggravating the large cats.

You Just Keep Doing Your Thing

Oh squirrels, the best earth-saving animals on the planet! We know it’s difficult to say that wild animals hardly get close to humans after seeing pictures in this article. But in most cases, very few wild animals are trusting enough to approach or interact with us.

Image: Facebook / payamjavan

Squirrels, however, are commonly friendly little creatures. Some of you may know this because you have lived to tell the story. They are accustomed to living near humans – so much so that they could literally sit down and eat with you if you had to try.

Tastes Like… Hair

It’s fascinating to hear about the many different cultures that share a unique bond with leopards, like in India and Thailand. Still, many people are afraid of these wild cats because of their dangerous stigma, and we completely understand why.

Image: Shannon Benson

The movies often show these beautiful felines in a more dangerous light. But clearly that’s not always the case. As photographer Shannon Benson demonstrates, leopards generally tolerate proximity to people if not threatened or startled.

And Action!

Many of us mistake squirrels as unintelligent — Well, considering they often run right in front of vehicles for no reason at all. However, according to research, they are highly intelligent, inquisitive, and cognitive, and we can clearly see that as displayed below.

Image: Twitter / Bonnefoi_S

But that’s not all, our furry friends have proven to be quite cunning too. If they felt you were looking for their food stash, for example, they are capable of staging fake nut burials to divert their potential invaders. So, photographer, imagine what he could do with your camera!

Alvin, You’re Too Close!

Chipmunks are generally found hurrying through the undergrowth of various types of environments. They usually prefer building themselves luxury burrows that can measure three to four meters in length. On that note, we aren’t quite sure why they’re looking to potentially inhabit this smaller sized camera burrow. 


Their self-made homes have numerous entrances, mini hallways, and even separate chambers for sleeping, which are kept very tidy. Naturally, every species of chipmunk has their own preferences; some make their homes in logs, bushes, abandoned nests, or even cameras.

It’s That Time of the Year

A crowd of seals ashore is referred to as a colony, and a group of seals in the water is known as a raft. When seals all come ashore together, this is known as breeding season for our flubber friends. As you can see below, this lady has her photo taken to find her eligible bachelor.

Image: Robert Harding

Fortunately for this female seal, she won’t have to look too far. They gather from far and wide, finding themselves among famous breeding grounds in masses of hundreds, and often even thousands. Overcrowding is not an issue, in fact, close body contact is sought by most seal species.

I Licked It, It’s Mine

There is something incredibly heartwarming about seeing lion cubs. Perhaps its because when they grow up, they have a majestic and powerful presence to them. Still, when they are young, their clumsy antics, as displayed below, couldn’t be farther from that image of power they show as adults.

Image: Twitter / CCTV

Just like human kids, life for a cub is all about fun and games. It’s so much more than just a fun way to pass the time. Playtime is essential for the little ones, it helps them develop and grow. By wrestling, climbing, and running, they’re practicing their skills and developing physical strength and coordination.

You’re Hair Is Spotless, Bug-Free

Some species of Lemur are very family orientated, and they maintain very close-knit families. We aren’t a hundred percent sure if this photographer is going through some sort of trial test or initiation process to be apart of their family, but they have really taken a liking to her.

Image: Bobby-Jo Vial

Lemur families can range from three to five family members at a time. Their little family shares close proximity and intimate physical interactions. This includes huddling together and grooming in the act of social bonding. So yes, it’s safe to say that the adoption process for this lady has begun.

What Is This Tasteless Contraption?

Like many wild animals, raccoons are highly intelligent, social, active, and nocturnal animals. However, we aren’t sure if the photographer is aware of their unique personality trait, being extremely destructive and unpredictable.

Raccoons have powerful teeth and can destroy any physical objects in their way. They show behavior traits sort of like a human child would – they too go through phases of smashing everything. But on the upside, few wild ones are extremely friendly and might show you some love, after they’ve destroyed your goods.

Yes, Even a Little Slower!

Who knew meerkats were so talented in the photography field? Not only are they super skilled, but they are also extremely chatty with one another and somewhat charming. However, as lovely as they might be, they are also incredibly tiny and protective creatures.

Meerkats, as we’ve mentioned before, are a type of mongoose that reach a height of up to 13 inches tall and can weigh less than 2 pounds in the wild. But hey, who’s judging? We all know that size does not matter, and at least he reaches to the camera lens.

Shake What Your Mamma Gave You

We have never seen anything cuter and more adorable than this! Squirrels often get a lot of attention from humans but hardly enough appreciation. Have you ever considered what happens to the stolen bird seeds you once left outside? Squirrels don’t just feed themselves while eating the seeds.

They often drop the food on the ground and unknowingly plant new trees for our earth. Oh, and that’s not all; they are also unbearably adorable, mostly harmless, and are often entertaining if you take time to notice them. You never know. You could witness private photoshoot lessons as displayed above too.

You’ve Got a Five-Minute Head Start, Ready?

As we know, cheetahs are widely recognized as one of the fastest land predators on earth. They can reach an impressive speed reaching up to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. However, naturally, they’d need a decluttered area to do so. The photographer is probably well aware of this.

Image: Twitter / zvaly_smith

Cheetahs generally live out in the Savannahs and open plains because of their hunting tactics. These big cats avoid thick forests because it limits them and prevents them from gaining enough speed to hunt down their prey. Now, we understand why the cameraman is so comfortable.

I Found My True Calling

Thus far, all the fox photographs we’ve seen have been nothing but impressive. As displayed throughout the article, it’s fascinating to see how the wildlife photographers captured the various personalities and behaviors of the lovely animals.

Image: PicsArt

Many photographers shared that they sincerely enjoy this profession and have become wildlife addicts. The majority say it’s because they enjoy the challenge of finding those magical moments. When those moments do arise, it brings you closer to nature and keeps you coming back for more.