Apes on Set: Rare 27+ Behind the Scenes Photos of Planet of the Apes

    There’s something uncanny about apes and the notion of them running the world. No, scratch that, more than uncanny, there’s something downright freaky about it. And it certainly captivates us. The story of Planet of the Apes first emerged as a novel (in French) called La Planète des Singes by award-winning novelist Pierre Boulle.

    Image: Popular Everything

    Legend has it that Boulle was inspired by the human-like expressions of gorillas at the zoo. This prompted him to contemplate the relationship between man and ape. The end result? The novel, and then the birth of the hit science fiction movies that sometimes haunt our notions of the future. Popular Everything will now take you behind the scenes to have a look at rare shots of Planet of the Apes in the making. Grab a banana and Enjoy!