Pablo Escobar goes down in history as one of the most notorious drug lords. He built a Colombian empire by selling cocaine and became one of the richest people in the world. He lived a lavish life, getting anything he wanted until he was caught. Like all empires, Pablo Escobar’s fell to the ground. What he left behind includes his family, a load of damage and.. Hippos! The best part is, these hippos are as rebellious as their owner.

He and his followers are responsible for around 7,000 deaths and almost took over the Colombian government by carrying out multiple assassinations, intimidation, and bribes. The evil ruler confused the laws of ethics and morality. He justified all his dirty work by giving large portions of his profits to the poor communities in Colombia. Those who had not upset the drug lord and benefited from his charity saw him as a hero.

One of Escobar’s arguably charitable acts was opening the door to his private Zoo to locals. Yes, a private zoo. In the 1980’s Escobar decided, “hey, I think I want my own zoo,” and then built one about halfway between Medellin and Bogota.