Astonishing Photos of a Forgotten Circus House in New York That Will Leave You Asking Questions

    Astonishing photos courtesy of Bryan Sansivero / Instagram.

    Ever wondered what it would be like to time travel? If you take a look at this relic we’re about to show you, you’ll be wondering no longer! Situated in the heart of New York sits a mansion you can tell was once oozing with character but, as time went on, it has now been left to decay. Now the question is: what’s its story?

    We watch movies about creepy mansions, but this is probably the first time any of us have gotten close to a real one! Sitting on several acres of land, this mansion was once quite the attraction when it opened it’s doors many years ago. Once the owners packed their bags, everything changed, but can we recapture its history? Popular Everything is going to find out.