Photos of the World’s Biggest Athletes Shedding a Tear on Court

    For the majority of us, a typical week at our 9-5 office jobs would not tend to spark up too much excitement. The days involve pretty much the same routine, and we come home relatively unfazed by the day’s events, only wondering if Friday could come around any sooner. Not much else happens, and there are no tears to report. Now that’s enough about us, what’s life like for those super-famous-ultra-talented sports stars?

    For the famous athletes in this world, the work scene can look a little different. Each day brings a new challenge to the table, and the meaning of ‘that Friday feeling’ doesn’t apply anymore, these people love their jobs! Whether for good or bad, Popular Everything has begun to delve deep into the reasons why these renowned stars have been caught sobbing on camera. Looking at how some of these turned out, you might want to try recreating some of these moments in your office!