Photos of the World’s Biggest Athletes Shedding a Tear on Court

For the majority of us, a typical week at our 9-5 office jobs would not tend to spark up too much excitement. The days involve pretty much the same routine, and we come home relatively unfazed by the day’s events, only wondering if Friday could come around any sooner. Not much else happens, and there are no tears to report. Now that’s enough about us, what’s life like for those super-famous-ultra-talented sports stars?

For the famous athletes in this world, the work scene can look a little different. Each day brings a new challenge to the table, and the meaning of ‘that Friday feeling’ doesn’t apply anymore, these people love their jobs! Whether for good or bad, Popular Everything has begun to delve deep into the reasons why these renowned stars have been caught sobbing on camera. Looking at how some of these turned out, you might want to try recreating some of these moments in your office!

Conor McGregor Gets Patriotic and Emotional

12th July 2015 was a date which boxing athlete Conor McGregor entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and believe us; the event was just as prestigious as it sounds. The Irish champ flew over to Sin City, for possibly one of the most iconic fights of his life. Just another day on the job, really.

When we said iconic, we meant it. The winner was snapped holding the Irish flag after the remarkable defeat against Chad Mendes. If you thought some boxers celebrated their wins half-heartedly, you’ve clearly never watched a McGregor fight. Emotional as ever, Conor kneels down while letting the tears stream down his bruised face. We totally weren’t blubbering with him when watching this match, by the way…

Knowshon Moreno Can’t Hold Back the Waterworks

Everyone gets over-emotional at the Super Bowl game. Everyone. When some of the best football players from your state join together in one of the most epic games of the year, a few tears here and there are only expected. Hey, check this out! It turns out that even those super-manly players share a sob here and there.

Just because you wear giant shoulder-pads, doesn’t mean you have to hold back on the weeping. Denver Broncos star Knowshon Moreno is actually pretty well-known for this exact moment. During the recital of the national anthem amidst the game against Kansas City, the athlete just couldn’t keep his feelings a secret. Who are we to judge? Most people cry after they watch the film Marley & Me, so we think Moreno is pretty justified to bawl his emotions out.

Cristiano Ronaldo Doesn’t Suffer in Silence

Soccer can be a rough sport, even at the best of times. When players are as passionate as Cristiano Ronaldo, things can get messy. After suffering a knee injury in his 2016 match against France and having to sit out for the remainder of the game, Ronaldo couldn’t bottle up how it made him feel.

Even when this athlete is sobbing his eyes out, Ronaldo somehow still manages to look like the gorgeous heart-throb we all know and love him by. Would you also believe this was not the only time he cried in this match? He hopped back onto the field and cried, tears of joy this time when his team won the epic game. Anyone would think this was taken from a scene in a Hollywood movie!

Neymar Celebrates in a Sentimental Way

Have you ever been in a situation where one person cries, then everyone in the room starts tearing up too? That’s pretty much what happened when Brazil won their first gold medal for men’s soccer. Who started the trend? None other than pro-player, Neymar.

The Brazilian athlete appeared to be wholly overwhelmed after shooting the winning goal in a penalty kick against Germany. He saved the day for Brazil, so when people saw him beginning to blubber, they thought what better way to celebrate with him than join in on the weeping? Now that’s what we call taking a Mexican wave to new heights.

Becks Brings Tears to His Wins

Manchester United legend, David Beckham became a globally-known name due to his extreme talent in soccer. Today, we’re sure the British footie-phenomenon remembers so many of his wins over the years. This particular game in the early 2000s has probably not escaped his mind, but if it did the photos of him blubbering will surely bring him straight back to the day.

There seems to be a common trend going on at the moment: soccer players love to bring on the waterworks when they celebrate their goals, and Becks is no exception to that rule! Whoever said men don’t cry has clearly never seen a soccer game before, or they’d be in for a huge wake-up call.

Shin A-Lam Cries When She’s Anxious

The 2012 Olympics had their highs and their lows. This was undoubtedly a low point for the professional fencing athlete, Shin A-Lam. During a technical error within the women’s Epee semifinal, the athlete was left hanging. She apparently could not hold back her emotions when waiting to find out the big result of her appeal.

Being left in the dark about something is the worst, right? Imagine being stood in front of millions as you pondered on a fate you had been training years for. Safe to say we’d be pretty nervous. The sporting world can be harsh; that’s why the couch and tv life is so much better.

Mateen Cleaves Welled Up to One Shining Moment

Who knew a basketball game could be such a tear-jerker? During a performance of “One Shining Moment” Michigan State athlete Mateen Cleaves completely let his emotions get the better of him. They may be strong, but super-successful basketballers are human too and can let themselves go once every so often!

2000 was the year which saw Michigan State win the title of National Championship against Florida, but it wasn’t until the Michigan singer began belting out his lyrics that Cleaves burst into tears. It was clear at this point it all proved too much for the famous sports star, so who could blame him? We dare you to put yourselves in his shoes on that day and see if you don’t end up blubbering yourself mad.

Nicky Hayden Sealed His New Title With Tears

Professional motorcycle racer, Nicky Hayden is another athlete to add to the list of those who have been caught in on the emotional action. Upon realizing he had just won the MotoGP title in sunny Valencia, the “Kentucky Kid” just couldn’t keep his feelings at bay.

If there was ever an award for most enthusiastic reaction to a championship, Hayden would indeed get crowned the winner. Nicky is caught crying like no one’s watching in this moving scene taken back when it all went down in 2006. Let’s cut the guy some slack; say you won a world championship; would you not react in the same way? Point proved.

LeBron James Cries When He Makes History

The NBA finals are always a tense time. LeBron James has always been a passionate athlete. Mix these two, add a dash of success and you’ve got yourself one extra emotional sports star. Flying over to Oakland, California and we are taken right back to the moment James’ dreams came true, getting that NBA Finals Game 7 win.

Some have noted that LeBron James was almost the sole reason for the Cavalier’s success during this game. He certainly worked hard to win that shiny, gold trophy, so why not show a little emotion? The baller was overcome with joy as he not only fell to the floor, but the tears came in hot and heavy as it all set in what this man had just achieved.

David Luiz Apologized by Crying

We’ve mentioned a lot of success stories over the years, so let’s change things up a bit. Professional soccer player, David Luiz was distraught when his Brazil team lost 7-1 to Germany in the 2014 World Cup. How do we know this? One look at the tears streaming down his face, and it becomes pretty clear to us how rotten the star felt on this day.

David Luiz is a perfectionist. It’s evident from the way he carried himself after his defeat on that day in 2014. Right after the match, the soccer captain described the game as “the worst performance I have seen.” Luiz could not hold back the waterworks as he felt like he had even let down his fans. We all have our off days, hey Luiz?

Ray Lewis Shows Emotion More Than Most

Oh, look, it’s another sentimental Super Bowl player! Never one to shy away from showing how he feels; footballer Ray Lewis has been frequently criticized in the media for the amounts of times he’s shed tears on screen. To hell with the criticism! We think it just makes this man even braver, that he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Some people like to get their emotions out, and Ray Lewis is one of them. Simple as that. In this particular image, Lewis is caught bawling his eyes out following the Baltimore Ravens win. This guy is passionate about his sports, and the haters may hate, but it’s only making him more successful on the pitch. You do you, Lewis!

Caroline Wozniacki Cries When She Breaks Records

When tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki won the title as the first woman to achieve the Grand Slam final in 2009, we felt nothing but pride for her. It quickly became evident how proud she was about everything she’d accomplished in her life, too, when the waterworks began.

We’re not sure if Wozniacki was getting emotional because of everything she had won in that year, or because she was letting girl power reach new heights, or both. One thing’s for sure: she was not afraid to show her more vulnerable side to the world when she won, and we totally respect her for that.

Tonya Harding Cried During the Iconic Broken Lace Moment

Let’s skip back to the 1994 Olympics. One thing you may remember from this day was the moment figure skater, Tonya Harding, suffer one of her most memorable falls. It later came out that her opponent had deliberately mis-tied her laces, so the fall was inevitable. During the whole ordeal, Harding struggled to hold back her emotions.

It was this nightmare incident that marked a pivotal moment in this women’s career, so we’re sure this wasn’t the last of her tears. Maybe just the last we’d see in front of the cameras for national television, and we’re sure she appreciated that.

Tim Tebow’s Tears Spoke to Fans

Sometimes, showing emotion gets you more sympathy. Other times, people tell you to cut it out and stop being so dramatic. The latter is precisely what happened to football quarterback Tim Tebow when he bared all after his Florida Gators team lost to Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2009 SEC Championship.

Everyone became so obsessed with this picture that it actually went viral; you may even spot it in a couple of memes today. Put yourself in Tebow’s shoes for a second. He worked all season to suffer a hard loss at the end of this game. Give the baller a break; we’re sure you’re guilty of crying over worse things.

The Olympic Torch Sparked Tears for Pele

If you know anything about Brazilian soccer, the name Edson Arantes do Nascimento may ring a bell. Ok, maybe it won’t, but his nickname ‘Pele’ might. The point is, this soccer legend was caught bawling his eyes out when striding down the road, carrying the Olympic torch in Brazil, 2004.

At first glance, anyone would be a little confused as to why holding a stick could cause someone to be so emotional. We suspect it was a massive shock to the system for Pele to realize how far his sporting career has taken him, so in a way his tears are pretty influential. You may call them sissies, but once you learn the story behind each of these images, you’ll be reaching for the tissues yourself.

Tom Brady is an Athlete That Cries When He’s Frustrated

Even the most successful players have been caught shedding a tear on the pitch. In this image taken of New England Patriots’ footballer, Tom Brady, the star has sunk to the floor after finding out some adverse news about his career.

After being involved in the “deflategate” scandal where Brady was accused of deflating the footballs used in one of their games against the Indianapolis Colts, the star was found suspended from the next four games, and the team was fined $1 million. Judging by the picture, Brady did not handle the news too well.

Floyd Mayweather Bears All in Press Conferences

It all proved too much for pro boxer Floyd Mayweather after he was questioned in a press conference after his fight with Victor Ortiz. The fighter was recorded bursting into tears for a solid minute. It was one of the rare occasions this touch guy showed to the world his more vulnerable side.

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Thousands of viewers were stupefied as to why the tears came running down athlete Mayweather’s face, but one thing’s for sure – we won’t be seeing scenes like that again for a while.

Serena Williams Cried Tears of Pain in Brisbane

After a severe injury to the ankle during a tournament in 2012, Serena Williams could not hold back the pain it had caused her. She was set to win the game, yet the sudden sprain meant the tennis phenomenon was forced to withdraw. This is a real-life case of ‘I did all that for nothing.’

When sports are your life, even the smallest of injuries can cause your biggest dreams to come crashing down. We’re sure in this moment Williams was a bag of emotions: hurting from the pain it had caused her, exhausted from her efforts in the game to be reduced to nothing, and of course frustration that all the training and prep had gone to waste. Boy, would we hate to be Serena at that moment!

Tiger Woods Was an Emotional Wreck in 2010

Who remembers the huge Tiger Woods scandal that broke out, affecting his relationship with wife, Elin Nordegren? It turns out the controversy affected more than just his marriage, but the professional golfer’s entire career.

What’s even more gutting is that just two weeks before the scandal was public knowledge, Woods was soaring higher than ever. Forbes had named him the first athlete to earn $1 billion, and he’d just won his first Australian event. The successes all came crashing down for the star after he started making new headlines for all the wrong reasons. Imagine if you just found out your career was over, your expression would be pretty similar to this, right?

Terrell Owens Cried After A Last-Minute Win

Have you ever been so happy with yourself, you can’t help but cry at your successes? That’s just what happened in the 49ers game when American football star Terrell Owens successfully caught the touchdown that won the entire game. What makes it even more heartwarming, this touchdown was scored within the very last few seconds of the match.

Owens’ teammate JJ. Stokes came running to his co-player as they celebrated the win against the Green Bay Packers in 1997. It was in this moment that a million emotions began to surface, and the tears came in hot and heavy for the athlete. We feel emotional just looking at this one.

Roger Federer Bawled His Eyes Out in Australia

If you consider yourself a tennis superfan or even have the slightest interest in the game, you’re bound to be familiar with the work of Roger Federer. The winner of the record of 20 Grand Slam Titles showed a softer side to his personality. After losing the Australian open 2009 final match, the player was seen shedding a tear or two on the court.

Over the years, Federer has suffered several losses in his tennis. So, what caused such a burst of emotions during this particular game? Some believe the athlete was beginning to lose confidence. 2008 saw Federer on a roll, but that all came crashing down the following year as a series of losses started to follow after losing to Rafael Nadal. Cheer up, Federer, you’re still a champ in our eyes!

Andre Agassi Entered Retirement With a Few Tears

It’s another tennis legend! Andre Agassi was devastated in 2006 when he lost a set four times. It was such a knock to his career that the tennis player decided he had no choice but to retire after such a defeat.

The 2006 US Open had never seen so many tears until Agassi mourned the death of his career. You can’t help but feel sorry for this athlete who’s hopes and dreams of succeeded in the prestigious tennis tournament came crashing before his eyes.

Michael Jordan Celebrates Bawling Championships by Bawling

Let’s reverse to 1991. The NBA championships were the most coveted award that any basketball player at the time was desperate to get their hands on. After extensive time spent training and training, Michael Jordan was undoubtedly pleased when the trophy was his.

Ok, maybe pleased is a little bit of an understatement when describing how the pro athlete running fast and furious down his face. He’s literally hugging the trophy he just won; we bet it remained tight in his grasp for a while longer on this day.