Articles Written by Aaron Morris

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OMG They’re Back Again. Backstreet Boys Surprise Fans With Their First Single in Five Years

For the past five years, the Backstreet Boys withheld their beautiful voices and dance moves from the world. Ine between their first and second leg of their Vegas show, the boys got together and recorded a new single and then topped it off with a seriously nostalgic music video. The moves and beat just bring us back to the good old 90’s.

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Ridiculous Vintage Work-Out Photos Will Make You Appreciate Your Local Gym

Before working out became a fad on social media, people worked hard to keep their tone in unbelievable ways. Thanks to science and knowledge about how the body works, we know how to target certain muscles and make them bulge. We might hate the gym now but after you see how people used to waste their time in the gym for nothing, you’ll appreciate your gym on a whole new level.

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Second hand weight loss: If you want your lover to lose weight, you have to first!

Second-hand weight loss is a thing. The whole idea seems crazy, and maybe it’s just so crazy it works! Behavioral psychologists at the University of Connecticut conducted an experiment that revealed some interesting discoveries in the fitness world. Don’t worry about your partner, Popular Everything has the info on how to make him or her jump on the weight loss train.