Tech & Innovation

Not Just a Pretty Face, These Supermodels Are Really Just Nerds On the Inside

These beautiful women are paving the way and proving that even models can be super nerdy. We know that a lot of the intimidatingly gorgeous women who walk the catwalks often have careers outside of the fashion industry but we weren't expecting these girls to be writing code and speaking at the United Nations. But that's our bad, and these girls are helping break down those stereotypes and assumptions we make.
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Royally Random: 25+ unexpected things that belong to Queen Elizabeth II

We all know Queen Elizabeth II, probably because it feels like she has been around forever, and feels like she will outlive us all. What we didn't know is that she owns some of the most bizarre things. Some of them seem logical, some are pretty extraordinary, so how about we just run through them all. We'll start off with the fact that she currently holds four Guinness World Records. If we really think about it, that seems about right considering she became queen when she was 25.
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Art & Style

An Insider’s Tour of Some of the Most Luxury Celebrity Houses

We all love to watch celebrities on the big screen or follow them on social media. But have you ever wondered what the homes of some of your favorite actors and musicians really look like? We have, and we are here to give you the insiders tour of some of the most lavish celebrity homes. Mainly focused located in America, some of these celebrities are lucky to have homes in other beautiful parts of the world. We go inside homes from estates to castles and city lofts.
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