Articles Written by Arielle L. Ezra

Arielle was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is a psych major with a business minor. She formerly focused her passion for writing in the analytics technology field but has moved on to Popular Everything as the content director to keep the world informed on just about everything.

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This Teenager Spends Summer Building a House With Only $1,500 and it Looks Incredible

Most kids spend their summers staring at screens or kicking around a ball. Luke Thill decided to go a different route and be productive. Youtube and the Tiny House Movement inspired him to build a small house of his own. In two months he worked for the tools while building his tiny home… the results are incredible, especially for a teen.

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Smartphones Are Changing Your Brains Without You Realizing It

Let’s face it; we’re all addicted to our phones. Our obsession with these genius devices is something we cant fight, but we might as well know what it’s doing to our brains. Just like a drug, smartphones are altering our brain chemistry. Popular Everything wants to give you the lowdown on whats going on with your brain and how to prevent the smartphone from taking over your life.