Articles Written by Jessica K. Evans

Born in Wisconsin, her interest in the study of movement has taken across Europe where she joined several movement workshops. Her writing days began in high school as she was creative editor of her the newspaper. Her passion for documenting everything lived inside her travel journal and still exists on the pages of Popular Everything.

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20+ Hilarious Dads That Are Totally Winning At Parenthood

some dads just can’t helo but be hilarious. Even when they’re trying to teach you something, they just find a way to do it in the most dad-like way possible. Popular Everything went through the internet to find the perfect examples of dads who are just winning at doing their job and being themselves.

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How Strict is too Strict ? Nanny Spills the Details on Kate Gosselin’s Strict Rules

Kate’s former housekeepers went to the magazines and “exposed” Kate’s strict rules. The public read the details and gave mixed reactions. Some people say she’s too strict while others agree with her methods. As you go through the allegations… ask yourself what you think. Is she too strict or is she just a normal mother of eight kids trying to keep it together?