Articles Written by Jessica K. Evans

Born in Wisconsin, her interest in the study of movement has taken across Europe where she joined several movement workshops. Her writing days began in high school as she was creative editor of her the newspaper. Her passion for documenting everything lived inside her travel journal and still exists on the pages of Popular Everything.

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From Rags to Riches: The Evolution of the Multi-Talented Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton may seem like a pretty face with a good voice but she’s way more than that. The updated truth about this magnificent lady is that she is a singer-songwriter and businesswoman. Her success took her from rags and riches, but not without loads of effort and roadblocks in between. The evolution of a girl from the mountains to a Hall of Famer is absolutely incredible.

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Military Fathers Surprise Their Kids, and The Reactions are Priceless

Military families really understand that love knows no boundaries. When these dads and moms surprise their kids after not seeing them for months at a time, the reactions are priceless. More and more, military parents are popping in when their kids least expect it, just to make sure their day is extra special. Try not to tear up when you see these reactions.

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Meghan Markle Will Give Up a Lot to be Royal

The song “I Will Do Anything For Love” is super relatable for the Royal family. Meghan Markle is giving up a lot for her real-life prince. Being a princess is royally fabulous but she will have to make crucial changes now that shell be part of the most watched family in our generation. Being royal is nothing like being a Kardashian that’s for sure.

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Celebrity Fame Transformations: They Went From Beautiful to Fabulous

When we look celebrities, we can’t help but think “I wish I were born with those beautiful genes.”While there are many Celebs who were lucky enough to be born beautiful, we would be foolish to think they’re all naturally perfect. Pictures of these celebs before they got famous will have you believing in miracles. Their looks totally transformed!

The Twisted Side of 'The King': Why Priscilla Presley Had to Leave Elvis

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The Evolution of Priscilla Presley: The Only Woman Who Stole Elvis’s Heart

Priscilla Presley managed to steal Elvis, The King of Rock’s heart. We’re not sure if Priscilla was lucky to have Elvis or if Elvis was lucky to have Priscilla because both these humans are stunning! Priscilla’s looks transformed in ways that, today, make her unrecognizable. Popular Everything assembled the perfect collection of images that take you through her shocking transformations.

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From Bruce to Caitlyn: The Evolution of Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner was the typical masculine American dad. After he transformed into Caitlyn people started to realize that sometimes the people we least expect are hiding their true selves. Caitlyn is now feeling like she’s become who she was meant to be. Looking back on Bruce’s evolution into Caitlyn reveal tiny hints that he was always striving to become who she is today. Popular Everything has everything compiled.