Going Off-Script: These Iconic Movie Scenes Were Completely Improvised and Almost Never Happened

Hollywood is chock-full of actors, and while some of them leave us grimacing as they cry crocodile tears and feel as authentic as a fake Gucci purse, there are others who have truly mastered their craft. Sure, they can remember their lines, but many of the A-listers in Hollywood have something more than that. They have the ability to improvise. At Popular Everything, we've delved deep into the Hollywood archives to pick out the most iconic movie scenes you didn't know were improvised.
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All the Trimmings, Ma’am? Everything the Queen Eats Over the Festive Holiday

Are you dreaming of a royal Christmas? While the queen sits inside her royal palace and enjoys the finest of luxuries, it would be easy to assume that Her Majesty would buy out her local grocery store without leaving a sprout unturned. From goose to gingerbread houses, her table is overrun with some of the most delicious food the festive period has to offer, right? Well, not quite. Her formal chef has now spilled the royal tea on what the queen always eats on Christmas day.
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