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Heroes in Flippers: Grandma’s Expose an Abundance of Poisonous Sea Snakes in Baie des Citrons

Once upon a time, there was a group of seven best friends. They were the snorkelling-Granny heroes or, as they like to call themselves, "The Fantastic Grandma's." Two years ago, these 60/ 70 years old young ladies offered to help scientists document the sea snake population in a touristic swimming spot, known as Baie des Citrons, New Caledonia. The story that unfolded proves that not all heroes wear capes...Some wear fins instead.
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Happily N’Ever After? 25+ Vintage Photos of Hollywood Legends on Their Wedding Day

These vintage wedding pictures have riveting stories behind them from a day and age where things were totally different from today. Then, marriages were involved in crazy conspiracies, including murder stories, affairs, marriage for fame, or kids solely in love. Nowadays, we only hear about these big names like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, but what we don't know is what lies beneath the surface.
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25+ Photos of Fishermen Caught in Hilariously Fishy Situations

A lot can happen out on the water that those back on dry land will never get to experience for themselves. Fishing is not the boring sport that some people think it is. On the contrary, a good fishing outing is full of challenges, strange situations, and hilarious unexpected predicaments. Don't believe us? Then take a look at these LOL-worthy photos that are sure to change your mind about the sport. Soon you'll understand that fishing can be much more intense and eventful than you realized.
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