Falling in Love with Josie Grossie: How Drew Barrymore Blossomed from Child Star to Powerful Business Woman

When talking about powerful women in Hollywood, it's almost certain that the name Drew Barrymore will come up. Drew overcame a dark past that forced her into adulthood at a very young age. It's that unique struggle that shaped the strong, independent woman that the world knows and loves today. Popular Everything takes a look at her chaotic path, her exciting career in Hollywood, and her many successful business endeavors.
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Will the New Lion King Cast Live up to the Legacy of the Original Stars?

The world can't stop talking about the upcoming remake of everyone's favorite Disney classic; “The Lion King.” Set to hit theaters in July, the anticipation continues to grow ever since Disney released the movies official trailer and announced it's all-star cast. But you might remember that the original 1994 animated movie also included its fair share of big-name stars. So the question lies, is the new cast going to do Pride Rock justice?
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