Author: Sophie Kenfield


Photos of Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons

Who remembers throwing a temper tantrum when they were little? Get ready to laugh your socks off, as Popular Everything are showing you our roundup of the most ridiculous reasons these adorable children have started the waterworks. Some of you parents may find yourselves relating to a few of these moments!
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Why Model Chelsea Werner Is Transforming the Way the Fashion Industry Views Disability

Love it or hate it, the fashion industry has been causing quite the stir for several years now, if not it’s entire lifespan. The inclusion of plus-size models has settled many quarrels regarding models accused of being too thin, however another pressing matter needed to be addressed regarding a lack of inclusion for models with disabilities. Today, it’s taken one woman to resolve this issue, once and for all.
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The Secret Millionaire With an MBA Spends Her Time Collecting Cans for $20 a Day

One of the main questions people ask themselves as they go through life is; "what would I do if money were not an object?" The idea of being rich to the point where you don't have to work anymore is extremely exciting. All the things we dream about and wish we could have sitting at the palm of our hands is an image that lights an inner fire that is put out the moment we set our alarms for the next day's work. We could only guess that attaining this level of wealth would mean, shopping, going on vacation, buying our parent's expensive cars and houses, and relaxing by the pool. The fact of the matter is that not all people who can live that way would live that way.
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