Author: Sophie Kenfield

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Only in Australia: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Life Down Under

Australia is probably one of the countries up there on most people's bucket lists. The beaches, constant warm weather and fascinating wildlife is what brings in millions of visiting tourists every year. Popular Everything is doing things a little differently though, as we explore some of the weirdest and most extraordinary facts down under has to offer. Get ready to gasp at a few of these!
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Hogwarts All Grown Up: How the Harry Potter Cast Has Changed From Then to 2019

It's been almost nine years since the last Harry Potter movie graced our cinema screens, but we still want more! In an attempt to satisfy all of the Potterhead's needs, we're catching up with some of the biggest stars from their movies. We've had great fun discovering how these actors and actresses have not only matured in looks, but career-wise too, and we bet you will too!
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How One Adventurous Father Did the Impossible and Built an Amusement Ride in His Backyard

While most dads consider themselves to be quite the mechanic after building a swimming pool, or maybe even a basketball court in their backyard, Will Pemble goes one step further. After a family trip to the amusement park, this father vowed to his son he would create something in their back garden that no one was expecting. Check out how this man beats every engineer we've known before!
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