Author: Sophie Kenfield

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Stolen Tribute: The Banksy Artwork Taken From Bataclan Theater Was Dedicated To Terror Attack Victims

For the latest scandal taking over of the world of art, listen up…Reports surfaced that a Banksy mural created at the Bataclan theater in Paris was stolen. The painting acted as a memorial for the victims of the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Upon discovery of this tragedy, the event caused outrage as police gained video evidence of three unidentified figures taking the composition.
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Shooting For The Stars On The Set Of Rocketman: How To Fill The Shoes Of A Living Legend

At age 71, Elton John has done it all. He’s sold over 300 million records worldwide, inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and even knighted. Now, all that’s left for the musician is a movie to be released about him. Taron Egerton, the protagonist of the movie, has opened up about the various trials and tribulations involved in filming motion picture, Rocketman.
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Art & Style

The History of Women Wearing Pants as a Power Symbol

The last few years have been successful in breaking down the barriers between what men and women can do. With feminism on the up, the world is a less prejudicial place to what it was in the mid -twentieth century, regarding a woman’s place in society. How was this acceptance achieved? One of the tactics reducing women’s discrimination came down to a simple wardrobe change.
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