Author: Sophie Kenfield


Zac Bundy? Fans Prepare for Efron’s Most Disturbing Performance Yet In His Unbelievable Portrayal Of Serial Killer, Ted Bundy

Media records have surfaced about one of the most haunting killers in America, Ted Bundy. What’s fascinating, is that Zac Efron will be representing the convict. Director Joe Berlinger is not holding back in his latest movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. We’re looking at what it’s all about. What are people’s opinions are before the biopic is released?
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The Mysterious Easter Island Statues Top The List Of The World’s Most Fascinating Discoveries

We have decided to leave no stone unturned (literally) as we delve into the history of the most fascinating and widely-recognized monolithic statues on Easter Island. Amongst our findings, we discovered some exciting anthological and archaeological facts you don’t want to miss. Popular Everything is here to teach you a lesson in history and cultural exploration.
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25 Celebrities Explain Why They Chose Scientology

Ron L. Hubbard was known to recruit some celebrities to his relatively new religion, Scientology. The founder has faced plenty of criticism over the years about his faith; however, primarily due to the amount of controversy it has caused within these star's lives. What did these stars gain from the religion, and why is it so popular?
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