Articles Written by Taylor Byrd

Taylor was raised in Miami, Florida and has a major in psychology from the University of Maryland. She spent her university days working at a bagel shop when she wasn’t hitting the books. Taylor explains that her ability to speak about anything with customers at the bagel shop made her realize she would be a perfect fit for the Popular Everything team.

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The Vatican Holds Six Day Exorcism Seminar Due to Increased Demand

The demand for exorcisms dramatically increased in the past several months. The Vatican took matters into their hands and held a six-day seminar to teach priests how to perform the ritual in the proper way. Popular Everything doesn’t want to ruin your scary movies but unlike big screen films, these exorcisms require safety precautions and psychological screenings.

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Pictures of Ordinary People Who Remarkably Resemble Celebrities

Some people believe that for every one person, six others look exactly like them. That means that at this very moment, someone who’s your twin in roaming the planet. The chances we’ll ever know who these people are is slim to none unless you look like a celeb! If you didn’t believe in doppelgangers, you’d change your mind after you see these freakish celeb lookalikes.