B-List Actors That You Know You’ve Seen Before… But Where Have You Seen Them?

Fri Jan 21 2022

Let’s be honest; Hollywood is quite literally full of actors. And we mean FULL. If you’re not bumping into an A-list celebrity on the street, you’ve definitely walked past someone who moved to Tinseltown to make it big. You might have even rubbed shoulders with some B-listers during your time… but could you tell us their names?

You know… that actor… with the brown hair… who was in a few episodes of Friends… and a few episodes of The Boys? You know the one, right? Yes, that one! Well, every single actor in Hollywood has a name – even if we can’t quite remember it – and they all have some pretty impressive careers. So, we’re here to jog your memory so you don’t forget about them ever again.

This Actress Is Always Running Around With Zombies

It’s not every day you get the chance to hang out with zombies – even if you are running away from them and trying to avoid getting eaten. But for this actress, that’s been part and parcel of her normal life for over four years. That’s because she’s mostly known for her role in the AMC horror drama, Fear the Walking Dead. Her name? Jenna Elfman.

This American actress may not be one of the most famous people in Hollywood, but she’s certainly put her name to some impressive projects. Her breakout role came in the late 1990s when she took on a leading role in the sitcom Dharma & Greg, and since then she’s appeared in movies like Dr. Dolittle, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and the TV show Damages. She’s totally famous – just not as famous as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

This Guy’s Voice Is Definitely More Recognizable Than His Face

If you didn’t know this guy’s name… it’s Stephen Root. And while his name might not ring any bells, we have a feeling that you’ll have your “A-ha” moment when you realize what this actor has been in. Not only did he take on the hilarious role of Milton Waddams in the 1999 movie Office Space, but he also donned his sporting gear for a supporting role in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. More than anything, though, you’ll know his voice.

Although Stephen is a screen actor, he’s also a voice actor. His ability to transform his voice into fun and new characters has landed him the chance to voice the likes of Buck Strickland and Bill Dauterive in the animated show King of the Hill. He’s also voiced characters in Adventure Time, Phineas and Ferb, Robot Chicken, Amphibia, and so much more. So, it’s no wonder people forget what his real name is.

This Lady Is Just Friends With One of the Biggest Movie Stars Around

What if we told you that this actress’s most famous role to date saw her star alongside Ryan Reynolds? He’s one of the biggest movie stars around, and Amy Smart had the pleasure of working with him in the 2005 movie Just Friends. But while her talent shone in this film, it wasn’t enough to thrust her up into the A-list. She’s still been pretty busy though.

Over the years Amy has become a staple on American television, starring in shows like Shameless and The Single Moms Club. In 2020, this actress was even given the chance to take on a leading role as Barbara Whitmore in the CW superhero show, Stargirl. Perhaps now people might remember her name.

This Actress Is Known for Being Sweet Like Honey

When you look at these two photos, you probably recognize this woman. You know what her voice sounds like, you know what she’s starred in – and you know that she has a love for chocolates found in an intricately decorated chocolate box. Yes, this actress played the role of Miss Honey in Matilda – and her name in Embeth Davidtz.

This actress actually spent most of her early years living in South Africa, but it wasn’t until she moved to the US as an adult that her acting career started to take off. Amazingly, one of her first professional roles came in Steven Spielberg’s iconic movie, Schindler’s List. Since then, you may have seen her on shows like Mad Man, Californication, and The Morning Show.

This Woman Has Gotten Down and Dirty at the 99th Precinct

This actress is one that you know you’ve seen numerous times on your screens before, but you can’t quite place where you’ve seen her. Well, this lady is Mary Elizabeth Ellis – an American actress known for her roles in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, and Santa Clarita Diet. She’s even hung out with Jake Peralta and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang when she became medical examiner, Dr. Rossi, back in 2013.

While there’s no doubt about the fact that Mary is a talented actress who can take on any role you give her, perhaps one of the main reasons people forget her name is because her husband is so famous. Mary married her It’s Always Sunny co-star Charlie Day in 2006, and Mary has been in his shadow ever since. She doesn’t seem to be too upset about it, though.

This Guy Got to Hang Out in Hogwarts All Day, Everyday

For many people, living in Hogwarts was a dream that just wouldn’t come true. But for this actor, he got to do just that – even though his character was pretty moody and miserable. Yes, we all know this man for playing Argus Filch in the Harry Potter franchise. But did you know that his real name is David Bradley, and he’s starred in some pretty epic projects?

This English actor started out his career in his home country, but in recent years this B-lister has been making his mark across the pond. He’s taken on a role in Game of Thrones, he’s starred in Captain America: The First Avenger, and he’s recently wrapped up providing the voice of Mister Geppetto for the upcoming 2022 remake of Pinocchio. Hopefully, soon we’ll remember his name.

This Actress Got to Hang Out With Charlie at the Beach House

This actress is called Melanie Lynskey – and right now you might be saying “oooooh, so that’s Melanie Lynskey” under your breath. In this instance, Melanie’s name is perhaps more famous than her face, due to the fact that she’s actually worked on some big Hollywood projects. People just can’t seem to remember her face. Do you remember she used to star in Two and a Half Men, though?

This New Zealand actress has certainly taken her career up a notch since she was hanging out with Charlie in the beach house. She’s currently starring in the Showtime series Yellowjackets, and she’s previously appeared in Castle Rock. However, one reason you might not know her face so well is that she’s also a voice actress. She has lent her voice to shows like Over the Garden Wall and Future Worm!

This Lady Has Found Herself in a Rather Unfortunate Series of Events

There are some actors in Hollywood who thrive as supporting actors – and because of that, they are rarely given the chance to become the main character. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for this lady. She’s become known for adding a much-needed comedic edge to a project through her minor character roles, but do you know her name? We do, and it’s Beth Grant.

Amazingly, Beth made her acting debut in 1979, and while she isn’t quite famous enough to have her name in lights, she has worked on big TV shows like The Mindy Project, Jericho, Pushing Daisies, and Dollface. She really made her mark in 2019 when she became ‘The Woman with Hair but No Beard’ in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

This Actor Got Stuck Repeating the Same Day Over and Over Again

This actor has a whole host of achievements under his belt. Not only is he a talented character actor, but he’s also an author and a podcast host. But despite the fact that his face is so well-known in Hollywood, do you actually know his name? If you guessed Stephen Tobolowsky, you were right. And he’s perhaps best known for playing the insurance agent in Groundhog Day.

Even if you haven’t watched this epic movie, you may have seen him step into the shoes of Sandy Ryerson in Glee, become Stu Beggs in Californication, or even take on the role of Principal Earl Ball in The Goldbergs. Tobolowsky is a character actor who can play any role given to him, so perhaps that’s why people don’t know his own, real name.

This Actress Starred Alongside Julia Roberts in a Hollywood Blockbuster

Pretty Woman is perhaps one of the most famous movies out there, and while Julia Roberts stole the show – this woman actually won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female thanks to her role as Kit De Luca in the film. But who is this woman? Well, this is Laura Sin Giacomo, an American actress who has been in the business since 1987.

Today, most people recognize this actress for her role in the blockbuster movie – but she’s continued to act ever since. For three years she was Rhetta Rodriguez in the TV drama Saving Grace, and from 2016 until 2021 she became Grace Confalone in the popular crime drama, NCIS. So, you’ve probably seen her on your screens quite a lot.

This Lady Is Best Known for Being in a TV Commercial

Many actors make it in Hollywood, others make it on Broadway, and some even become icons in the television commercials world. So, if you’re wondering why you recognize this actress – that’s because she rose to fame as saleswoman Lily Adams in the popular AT&T commercials. And her name is Milana Vayntrub.

This Soviet-born actress moved to the US at an early age, and while she tried to make it big in the industry, many people still know her as Lily. Her role in the commercial did thrust her into the limelight, though, so she’s managed to use this as leverage to work on more projects. In recent years she’s landed recurring roles in This Is Us and Squirrel Girl – although the latter is a voice role, and doesn’t give her any screen time.

This Actor Isn’t Really a Creepy Gym Janitor/Squat Trainer

If you’re a fan of the Grown Ups movies, you might remember the hilariously creepy gym janitor who decided to double-up as women’s squat trainer in the second film. You also might remember that this character was played by the man in the picture below. But can you tell us his name? If you didn’t already know, he’s Jon Lovitz. And despite the fact that most people don’t know his name, he’s a legend in the world of comedy.

In fact, Lovitz started his career as a comedian on the acclaimed sketch show Saturday Night Live. He was a regular on the show from 1985 until 1990 before he decided to expand into the world of acting. Since then, he’s starred in movies like Little Nicky and Killing Hasselhoff, and he’s even given his voice to various characters in The Simpsons.

This Woman Isn’t Just a Regular Actress, She’s a Real-Life Angel

When you think of Charlie’s Angels, you probably think of Farrah Fawcett – or maybe even Drew Barrymore from the 2000 movie. But there have been a few other Charlie’s Angels projects that have fallen flat, and that’s probably why you don’t know that the real-life angel below is an actress called Minka Kelly. Yes, she played Eve French in the failed 2011 television show adaptation.

This badly-received show clearly didn’t help to put Minka’s name on the map, but it seems as though more and more people are recognizing her face. For the past few years, she’s taken on a leading role in the DC Universe’s Titans. She’s also currently dating South African comedian, television host, and political commentator Trevor Noah – so maybe people will start learning her name soon.

This Actress Got to Hang Out With Genovian Royalty

If the photo on the left is jogging some seriously nostalgic memories right now, you might already know where you know this actress from. The character she played in this iconic movie had a hunky brother, she loved riding an electric scooter, and she got to hang out with Genovian royalty. Yes, this is Heather Matarazzo, who is largely recognizable for playing Lilly in The Princess Diaries movies.

That’s not the only movie you might recognize Heather from, though. She’s also starred in Saved!, Now and Again, Exes and Ohs, and The L Word. She’s even appeared in the most recent 2022 adaptation of the iconic horror movie Scream. However, she’s never quite landed that leading lady role, which is probably why people have a hard time remembering her name.

This Guy Got to Have His On-Screen Sister’s Babies

We know what you’re thinking. You know this guy, right? But do you know his name? This actor is Giovanni Ribisi, and while his name isn’t one that can be found in the press or on social media on a daily basis, he’s a pretty big deal. Some people will know him as Frank Buffay Jr. from Friends, but he’s done so much more than have his sister give birth to his babies.

In fact, Giovanni’s role in the sitcom is a relatively small job compared to everything else he’s done. Not only has he starred in big-time Hollywood blockbusters like A Million Ways to Die in the West, Avatar and Saving Private Ryan, but he’s also the star of the TV show Sneaky Pete. So why on earth can’t anyone remember his name?

This Actress Got to Step Into the Shoes of a Hot-Shot Lawyer

With a beautiful face and a beautiful name like Julie Gonzalo, it seems a shame that this actress isn’t as well-known as the likes of Sandra Bullock. But we guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles – and it’s not like Julie hasn’t achieved a lot in her acting career. Anyone who watched Eli Stone will remember her as the hot-shot lawyer Maggie Dekker.

Of course, Eli Stone was a pretty short-lived show, but Julie has landed even more roles than that. She’s starred in Supergirl, Veronica Mars, A Cinderella Story, and Christmas with the Kranks. Her most popular project to date, though, has to be her role as Rebecca Barnes in the soap opera Dallas. She had the main role from seasons one to three. Not bad for a B-lister, right?

This Actor Is a Hollywood Hero, Even Though He Plays a Villain

If you’re a fan of British television, you would have seen this guy in his early years of success. But in recent years, this actor has managed to branch out into Hollywood – and while he’s not George Clooney just yet, he’s certainly recognizable. His name is Toby Jones, and you might know him for playing the evil Arnim Zola in the Captain America movies.

Although Toby started off as a relatively small star of the stage across the pond, he’s become one of the best supporting actors in Hollywood today. Did you know that he voiced Dobby the House Elf in the Harry Potter films? Alongside this, he’s also worked on movies like The Hunger Games, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Christopher Robin. We all know his face, just not his name.

This Lady Is All About Making Orange the New Black

We know what you’re thinking. You know this lady. You know by looking at her prison outfit that she was in the hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black. You even know that she played the character of Miss Claudette in the show. But what’s her name? Well, this lady is Michelle Hurst, an American actress who made her professional debut in 1989.

When Michelle first started in Hollywood, though, she was a Z-list actor. She took on tiny roles in single episodes of TV shows like Law & Order and Blue Bloods. Her true claim to fame came in 2013 when she became Miss Claudette, so we’re not surprised that you recognize her face, but just don’t know her name yet. There’s still time, though.

This Actress Is Known for Being a Vampire… But a Nice One

A pale white face, a dormant desire for blood, and an inability to age? She must be a Cullen. And if you watched The Twilight Saga, you’ll know that this actress played the one and only Esme Cullen. While her on-screen character had a big role to play in controlling the vampire family, many people forget this woman’s name. She’s called Elizabeth Reaser, and she’s been involved in a huge number of acting projects.

Over the course of her career, Elizabeth has put her name to huge TV shows like The Good Wife, The Handmaid’s Tale, Grey’s Anatomy, and even The Haunting of Hill House. Her resume checks out and her talent is obvious, so why can’t we remember her name? We guess she’s been stuck on the B-list for too long.

This Guy Had to Try and Find the Creator of the Burn Book

When a movie becomes so famous, the characters do too. While this is great for the A-list celebrities who take on major roles in the film, the minor characters are still famous – but not in the same way. That’s probably why we all know that this actor was in Mean Girls, but we didn’t know that his name is Tim Meadows. We know him as Principal Duvall.

What you might not know about Tim Meadows, though, is that he’s a huge name in the comedy world. He became one of the longest-running cast members on Saturday Night Live, and he even became a recurring cast member in The Goldbergs. But despite this comedic talent, fans mostly know him as one iconic character. We guess that’s not completely bad.

This Actor Is Known for Hanging Out With Both Will and With Grace

You’ve seen this guy countless times before. And even if you don’t know his name – which happens to be Leslie Jordan – you’ll definitely know what he sounds like. That’s because Leslie is a larger-than-life actor who is theatrical in every sense of the word, and always brings his A-game to every role. Even though he is considered a B-lister.

Many fans will know this guy from Will & Grace, but in recent years American Horror Story fans have fallen in love with him, thanks to the many characters he’s brought to life. Alongside this, Leslie has also put his voice and his talent to shows like The Cool Kids and Call Me Kat. Even though people don’t know his name, he’s still iconic.

This Actress Is Known for Looking a Little Strange

If you have watched Arrested Development, you’re probably screaming “A-HA!” in your mind right now. That’s because you will probably recognize this character – known for her wonky eyes and her even wonkier assets. But what you might not know is that the character of Kitty was played by an actress called Judy Greer, who has an impressive career in Hollywood.

Greer has been in the limelight since 1997, and while she’s not quite reached A-lister status just yet, she has worked on A-list projects. You may have seen her in Two and a Half Men, Jurassic World, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Halloween Kills, or even Archer – a show that she’s worked on for over a decade now.

This Guy Seems to Play the Same Character in Every Movie

Actors that play rough-and-ready characters are often hard to believe, but you might know that this guy is a natural. That’s because he actually lived a life full of crime before he turned his life around and focused on his craft – and now he’s an actor that we see everywhere. But do you know his name? Well, it’s Danny Trejo.

Danny first rose to international acclaim when he took on the role of Isador ‘Machete’ Cortez in the 2000 movie Spy Kids. But what’s so amazing is that his character was so popular that he was given his very own franchise called Machete. In both roles, he played a knife-wielding criminal, and while he’s everywhere in Hollywood, we only know his face, not his name.

This Lady Isn’t Really a Bodyguard, She’s a Talented Actress

If you recognize the character on the left, you’re obviously familiar with the television show Veep. This also means you’re familiar with this actress, but did you know that her name is Clea DuVall? This actress made her debut in 1996, and while she hasn’t become a superstar just yet, people at least know her face – even if they don’t know her name.

Alongside her role in Veep, Clea has also starred in shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Better Call Saul, and Heroes. She’s even landed blockbuster movie roles in Girl, Interrupted, She’s All That, Argo, and Zodiac. So, you can’t deny that she’s bagging roles in big projects – she’s just not bagging the biggest roles in the big projects.

This Lady Can Be Found Slo-Mo Running Along the Beach

Although many of us think of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson when we think of Baywatch, the most recent adaptation of this franchise included this woman. She donned her swimsuit and perfected her slow-mo run for the project, and while the movie was a flop, fans absolutely loved her. Despite the fact that they don’t know her name.

Well, this lady is Alexandra Daddario, and it’s fair to say that she’s already made her mark. She first rose to fame in 2010 when she was cast in the Percy Jackson film series, and since then she’s put her name to many other projects. Most recently, she wowed fans with her performance in the critically acclaimed television show, The White Lotus.

This Lady Proved Herself to Be the Ultimate Fashionista

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Clueless is one of the most iconic movies to come from the 1990s. Although Alicia Silverstone was at the helm, this movie also saw the actress below become a style queen. She became Dionne Marie Davenport – and her name is Stacey Dash. Does that name ring a bell?

Although Stacey will forever be known for her role in Clueless, she’s desperately tried to make a name for herself outside of this movie as well. Over the years she’s worked on shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Single Ladies – and her most recent role came in the form of the TV show Finding Love in Quarantine.

This Actor Is Known for Having a Little Finger

While this actor doesn’t get covered in prosthetics or special effects for his acting roles, there’s something about his name that’s hard to pin down. We know that we know him… but who is he? Well, this man is Aidan Gillen, who is perhaps known for his role in the groundbreaking television show, Game of Thrones.

Aidan is actually an Irish actor who has made waves across the pond – but perhaps one of the main reasons people don’t know his name is that he’s a relatively new addition to the Hollywood circuit. However, over the past few years, he’s starred in major projects like Bohemian Rhapsody and Peaky Blinders. So, people are coming to recognize him more and more.

This Actress Used to Hang Out at the Office Every Day

Let’s be honest; most people know this actress. They recognize her face, they know exactly what she sounds like, and they know where they’ve seen her before. After all, she’s perhaps most famous for her role as Pam Beesly in the epic TV show, The Office. Many people think that her name is either Amy Adams or Isla Fisher, though. 

This actress is actually called Jenna Fischer, and it’s just unfortunate that she looks so similar to these other women who some would say are more famous than her. But Jenna does keep herself busy. Outside of her work on The Office, she’s also appeared in shows like You, Me and the Apocalypse, Splitting Up Together, and The Mysteries of Laura.

This Guy Is Used to Dealing With the End of the World

If you’ve recently watched Good Omens on Amazon Prime, you’ll know exactly who this guy is. You would have seen him on your screens alongside the former Doctor Who actor David Tennant, and you would have seen him dealing with an impending armageddon. His name? It’s the one and only Michael Sheen, a Welsh actor with some serious talent.

Although most people don’t know this man’s name, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t worked on anything big. Over the course of his career, he’s put his name to some huge movies. Yep, you’ve seen him as Aro in The Twilight Saga, he took on the role of Paul in Midnight in Paris, and he even starred as Sigmund Freud in the 2019 movie How to Build a Girl.

This Actress Is Known for Solving Crimes With the Mystery Gang

There was Shaggy, Scooby, Daphne, Fred, and Velma – and this lady is best known for playing Velma within the live-action Scooby-Doo movies. Yep, we’ve all seen her before, and we even saw her when she was just a teenager in the teen drama Freaks and Geeks. But can you tell us her name? It’s Linda Cardellini.

For the most part of her career, Linda has taken on supporting roles that have made her famous… but not quite famous enough for us to remember her name. However, in recent years she’s made her way out of the shadows and taken on leading roles in the likes of The Curse of La Llorona, Daddy’s Home, and the popular TV show Dead to Me. So, we’ll all know her name soon enough.

This Actor Is Known for Hanging Out at the Barbershop

With his dazzling smile and his baby blues, there’s a high chance that you remember this actor’s face. After all, who could forget someone like this? You might even remember seeing him in the 2002 comedy movie, Barbershop. We’re probably testing you if we ask you his name, though, because people just don’t seem to remember it as well as his face.

To put you out of your misery, this man’s name is Michael Ealy – and we can’t quite understand why we can’t remember that name. He’s a huge actor in Hollywood and has landed some pretty major roles over the years. Some may know him from his role in Think Like a Man, others might know him for starring in The Intruder, or maybe you think of him as the android in the TV show Almost Human.

This Actress Is Known for Being a Very Bad Mom

There are many celebs who make waves as supporting actors, and it’s fair to say that this woman is one of them. While she’s never quite bagged that leading role, she’s always not far behind the main character – and she’s a huge fan favorite. Her name? She’s called Kathryn Hahn, and she’s perhaps best known for her role in the Bad Moms movie series.

Kathryn first rose to fame in the early ’00s, and she quickly proved herself to be a talented comedian. She’s put her funny skills to good use on-screen and has worked on movies like Step Brothers, Hotel Translyvania, We’re the Millers and more. In recent months, she’s stolen the show as Agatha Harkness in the Disney+ miniseries, Wandavision.

This Guy Is a Big Name Within the Federal Bureau of Investigation

You know this guy, right? You’ve definitely seen his face before. You’ve definitely seen that grey shirt multiple times, as well. You maybe even know that he has a degree in criminal justice. But do you know his name? To make it easier for you, we’ll just tell you that he’s called William Fichtner, and most people know him for playing Special Agent Alex Mahone in the TV show, Prison Break.

Although he’s a B-list celebrity, it seems as though William is happy with the work that he’s produced over the years. He’s been able to work on shows like Invasian, Crossing Lines, and Mom. Plus, he always seems to play the same hard-headed member of law enforcement – something his degree certainly helps him with.

This Woman Made Waves With Her Very Interesting Voice

When you see the picture on the left, you probably immediately scream her “Oh… My… God” catchphrase in your head. That’s because this woman’s character of Janice in the television show Friends has gone down in history as one of the most lovable but annoying characters on TV. The actress that played her? She’s called Maggie Wheeler.

Maggie’s role in Friends is so iconic that people only really know her as Janice – even though she’s appeared in so many other TV shows and movies. While she’s not as busy as the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie, she’s still put her name to big projects like The Addams Family, Californication, Archer, and The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.

This Horror Legend Is Known for Transforming Himself Time and Time Again

If you don’t know this actor’s name, then we understand. This incredible actor is known for transforming himself into unrecognizable characters over and over again – and mostly in the same TV show! Yep, this actor is best known for his role in the American Horror Story franchise, and so far he’s taken on seven different roles in various different seasons.

Do you know his name, though? Well, this guy is called Denis O’Hare, and he has decades of experience under his belt. Over the course of his career, he’s worked on TV shows and movies like True Blood, Milk, Dallas Buyers Club, Big Little Lies, American Gods, and so much more. He’s a real veteran in Hollywood; it’s just a shame people forget his name.

This Actor is Known for Going Down With a Sinking Ship

The 1997 movie Titanic is arguably one of the most famous movies of all time, and while Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were the stars of this tragedy-romance, this man also played a rather irritating part. Billy Zane took on the role of the posh and selfless Caledon Hockley, who saved himself when the ship began to sink. Thankfully, Billy Zane’s own acting career hasn’t sunk as well.

While this actor isn’t as famous as other big Hollywood stars, it seems as though he doesn’t want to be. While he’s still acting today and appearing in shows like Curfew and MacGruber, Zane is also an artist. He’s an abstract expressionist painter, and so splits his time in front of the camera and behind an easel. That’s probably why we don’t know his name.

This Actress Is Always Finding Hidden Clues

The world loves a good detective show, and that’s why the show Minority Report has proven to be so popular. If you’ve watched the show, do you remember this lady? She played Detective Lara Vega as part of the main cast, and she put her skills to good use finding hidden clues and piecing together the puzzles. But have you pieced together your puzzle and realized what her name is yet?

This lady is called Meagan Good – and we actually have a feeling that soon enough everyone will know her name. She’s making her way up the Hollywood ladder, and slowly but surely finding her place in the acting world. In recent years she’s scored her biggest roles to date, including a spot in the superhero show Shazam!, a primary role in Harlem, and she’s currently filming three different movies.

This Man Rose to Fame When He Was Fresh off the Boat

There are many actors in Hollywood that we’ve all seen before – but can we name them? For some reason, we just can’t. This is the case for Randall Park, who has made his mark as an actor, comedian, and writer. Of course, we know his face and we know his work in the hilariously funny TV show Fresh Off the Boat. Somehow, though, we just can never remember his name.

We probably should know this guy, though. When he’s not wearing a Hawaiian shirt for his role as Louis Huang, he’s donning his suit and tie to become Agent Jimmy Woo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ant-Man and the Wasp and Wandavision. As if that wasn’t enough, he also starred in the DC film Aquaman. So, he’s pretty cool.

This Lady Had the Heebie-Jeebies in a Scary Movie

If you cast your mind back to the turn of the millennium, you might remember a little comedy-horror movie by the name of Scary Movie. This film was so popular that it spawned a whole series – and if you remember rightly, this lady took on the role of Brenda Meeks. What’s her name in real life, though? Well, it’s Regina Hall.

Although she’ll always be Brenda in our eyes, it’s important for us all to realize that she’s so much more than just one movie. Since making her way into the limelight during the late ’90s, she’s appeared on-screen in TV shows like Ally Mcbeal and Black Monday, and movies like Support the Girls, Girls Trip, and Little. So, it’s time to learn her name.