Big Feline Love: Celebrities Who Took Their Cat Fandom To The Next Level

There really is something about celebrities and cats. In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Nowadays many celebrities take their cat fandom to the next level and make them Insta-famous. With their mysterious allure and fluffy exterior, just the sight of a kitten is enough to melt the coolest of humans, let alone celebs. So, we’re paying kudos to celebrity cat parents and their diva companions.

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Many of these feline-obsessed stars are proud cat parents. Others rolled out the red carpet for their pampered furball accessories. A few are the real definition of a “crazy cat lady.” Either way, these celebs somehow manage to make their cat fandom look cool. So, let’s stroll through the stars who are just as loud and proud about their “big feline love” as the rest of us.

Amanda Seyfried Became a Cat Mom

Ever since Amanda Seyfried entered motherhood, she admits that her maternal instincts went into overdrive. While she had always been a seasoned dog lover, it was then that she and her husband Thomas Sadoski decided to take in a furry crew of kittens. As she watched the adorable creatures grow, she was hooked.

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Image: We Heart It

She soon became a “cat mom”, and couldn’t help but see the similarities between the kittens “growing up so fast” and “what I’ve gone through with my daughter.” While Amanda was in awe of her new kittens, she still had a busy filming schedule, and “wished she could take them” and her rescue dog with her everywhere she went.

Ed Sheeran’s Cats are Insta-Famous

Ed Sheeran is well known for his catchy power ballads and heart-melting love songs. So we’re glad we finally got to see the snuggly muses behind his heartfelt lyrics. Ed seems to have a weakness for moggie cats in distress. He is now a proud cat dad to a few feline friends, including Borris, Dorito, and Calippo.

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Image: Coup De Main Magazine

Naturally, like any proud cat dad, Ed set up social media accounts to debut his cats to the world in all their glory. He even joked how “My cats set up their own Instagram” themselves. Now fans can follow each of their furry adventures, as though we were adventuring with them ourselves.

Taylor Swift Carries Her Cats Like a Tote

It’s no secret that pop-princess Taylor Swift has a major soft spot for her feline companions. Royally referred to as Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin Benson, it’s fair to say she gives her cats the royal treatment. Some might call Taylor the “crazy cat lady,” but we’re sure she shook that title off years ago.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 20
Image: Taylor Swift Wiki Fandom

Taylor can often be spotted hugging her adorable Scottish fold cats on Instagram. She even carries them on her travels and on tour like fashionable tote accessories. Recently, Taylor also took her passion for cats and power ballads to new heights when she transformed into the singing feline Bombalurina in Cats the movie.

Freddie Mercury Treated His Cats Like Children

Rock icon and lead vocalist for the band Queen, Freddie Mercury, had a lot of love to give for his feline friends. Over time, he added more and more beloved treasures to his brood. Eventually, he became the proud cat dad to 10 furry pals, including Tiffany, Dorothy, Delilah, Goliath, Lily, Miko, Oscar, Tom, Jerry, and Romeo.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 27
Image: National Post

Freddie treated his extended feline family as though they were his own children. When he went on tour, he often phoned his assistant to speak to his kitties on the other end of the receiver. He even took his devotion to the next level by ensuring each one had its own Christmas stocking filled with as many treats and toys they could ever wish for.

Rita Ora’s Cat Allegiance

Rita Ora is another proud cat mom on our list. The pop princess is well known for her fondness for felines, and is the proud owner of a couple of furry cretins. One of them named Bruno looks a lot like a majestic cat leopard and is the epitome of domestic feline cuteness.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 28
Image: Capital FM

Rita has another cat named Olivia, who sports a stunning black and white furry tuxedo coat, with the cutest white paws we’ve ever seen. Like any proud celeb cat mom, Rita has also been spotted out and about carrying her cats around like purse accessories. She also floods her social media feeds with adorable cat selflies and gorgeous snaps of her fur babies sleeping and adventuring through the house.

Macklemore’s Cat Saved His Life

Rapper Macklemore might have an edgy image, but underneath his rap star facade, he’s a softie at heart. Ever since Macklemore welcomed his pint-sized tabby cat, Cairo into his life, he credits the furry feline with helping to turn his life around and his marriage. It all started in 2014 when Macklemore decided to look for a cat on Craigslist.

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Image: Cat Store

At the time, Macklemore admits he “was in trouble with” his wife Tricia so he “figured a cat would help.” The cat ended up being a “life-saver.” A few months later his wife fell pregnant. While Macklemore was on the road touring, Cairo became the perfect companion to his pregnant wife. In fact, Cairo made their family complete. Like any celebrity cat, Cairo is also insta-famous now, with 58K followers and counting.

Emmy Rossum Is a Friend to The Animals

Shameless actress, Emmy Rossum won the hearts of the nation for her magnetic charms. She’s also a passionate advocate for animal rights. Actually, she’s has been known to snuggle rescue pets as though they were her besties. While she is a self-declared dog lover with a pooch named Cinnamon, she also has a big weakness for her adopted cat named Fiona G. Kitty.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 21
Image: Twitter / Emmy Rossum

The star shared this heartwarming snap of the day she first locked eyes with her feline companion in Chicago. Ever since she welcomed Fiona into her home, she admits that her cat had some trouble adjusting to life indoors and has a long history of misbehaving. She often shares her hilarious exploits about her unruly cat on Twitter, and we’re sure every cat owner can relate.

Karl Lagerfield’s Beloved Cat is an Heiress

Prolific fashion designer, Karl Lagerfield has been credited with revitalizing the Chanel and Fendi brands. The style icon left a legacy like no other in the world of fashion. He was also credited with propelling his beloved Birman cat, Choupette to stardom.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 5
Image: Vogue

Karl’s feline obsession began when he was asked to catsit Choupette. When his friend came back, Karl simply declared “I’m sorry Choupette is mine.” Before long he decided his fabulous feline would be “the most famous cat in the world, and the richest.” And he wasn’t exaggerating. Choupette has his own Wikipedia page, 276K followers on Instagram and when Karl passed away, his pampered cat became an heiress to a $200 million fortune!

Penelope Cruz Opens Her Home to Strays

Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz is one of Hollywood’s leading ladies and one of the most beautiful women in the world. As it turns out, the lovable actress is just as beautiful on the inside. She’s well-known for her philanthropy and her love of animals, especially cats.

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Image: Kitten Toob

Penelope confessed that when she first started out in Hollywood, she was “very lonely.” So she found “cats on the street,” took them into her tiny hotel room to raise. Now that the famous star has a family of her own, her feline obsession has only intensified. Penelope is the proud owner of a cat named Cappucino. She also leaves her window open, like a seasoned crazy cat lady, so all the stray cats in the area can come in to play.

Ian Somerhalder is a Crazy Cat Dad

As his reputation now proceeds him as crazy cat dad, let us introduce you to Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder and his beloved ginger cat, Moke. Ian is so proud of his furry feline, that the pair are now inseparable in every way. We first got a glimpse of his adoration when Ian took his pal Moke along for his “Sexiest Man Alive” photoshoot for People magazine.

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Image: The Hollywood Gossip

Ian is so attached to his furball bestie that he even brought him along to the set while he filmed Vampire Diaries. Like any seasoned celebrity cat dad, he is unapologetically proud to flood his social feeds with cat selfies. He even pays tribute to other celebrity cat dads like George Clooney. Ian is also a firm advocate for feline adoption and has now started his own animal sanctuary.

Brigitte Bardot is a Modern Cat Lady

One of the world’s most fashionable icons, Brigitte Bardot once likened herself to a cat. She admitted, ” I am really a cat transformed into a woman. I purr. I scratch and I sometimes bite.” The French actress and songstress is well-known for her enviable lifestyle, as well as for her love for animals, especially her feline companions.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 6
Image: AnOthe Magazine

Over the years, Brigitte added many furry felines to her collection, including this gorgeous black furball. She often carried it around like a fashionable accessory. Brigitte is also a passionate animal rights activist and even started an animal protection foundation. Now she spends most of her spare time caring for around 50 adorable rescue fluffballs.

Zac Efron is Not Fooling Anyone

Zac Efron has come a long way since his days as a cookie-cutter Disney actor. He’s now one of Hollywood’s rising stars and recently debuted his new ripped beach-body and macho image in the movie Baywatch. Although he’s tried his best to shake off his Disney roots, as we can see, he’s not fooling anyone.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 32 1
Image: Boston Herald

Underneath his muscly and macho exterior, Zac is still a softie at heart, especially when it comes to his adorable, grey-haired ball of fluff. He named his lovable Siamese kitty Simon, and proudly shows him off to the world on social media. Zac also doesn’t take sides in the age-old cats vs. dogs debate, as has also added three dogs to his growing animal family.

Evan Rachel Wood Redefines Cat Fandom

Westworld star, Evan Rachel Wood has slowly climbed the Hollywood ranks, and recently provided the voice of Elsa and Anna’s mother in the animated hit Frozen 2. While Evan has been lucky in her star-studded carer, she’s also been lucky in love. That is with her beloved feline bestie called Nicodemus.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 11
Image: Pop Sugar

Evan once called Nicodemus “the only man in my life.” And to prove it, she insisted on taking her beloved feline everywhere with her. And we mean everywhere! She would even check him in at the airport and hop on the plane with him. That was until her crafty pal would sneak out of his bag and run riot through the aisles. Now she prefers to travel solo but admits “Back at home, it’s all about Nicodemus!”

Robert Downey Jr. Would Protect Them With his Life

Avengers actor, Robert Downey Jr. first began his love affair with these majestic creatures at a young age. While he had always admired cats from afar, it wasn’t until his wife Susan adopted two felines and took them into his Hollywood home, that he was hooked.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 19
Image: Good Times

Although he was initially “opposed to the whole idea,” Robert quickly fell head over heels for his feline pals. He even crossed over to the other side and admits “now I couldn’t imagine living without them” and “would protect them with his life.” He has now added more furry companions to the brood and said, “I’ve become one of those people where the Missus is like, ‘They don’t want to see iPhone pictures of our kittens right now. Stop it.’”

Kesha Wants to Start a Cat Cult

Pop sensation Kesha is known for her catchy and outspoken lyrics and quirky sense of style. In her debut album Animal, we have introduced the animal deep inside of her. She then introduced us to her favorite animal partners in crime, her feline besties, named Mr.Peeps, Charlie and Mr. Fluffy Pants.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 13
Image: Genius

Kesha’s adorable felines soon became Kesha’s Instagram partners in crime too and are now Insta-famous. One of her prized cats, Mr. Peeps has almost three million followers and was recently awarded “The Best Celebrity Cat of The Decade.” Kesha also took her feline obsession to another dimension when she told reporters that she’d love to be the “leader of a cat cult.” We can all join, but we would “have to eat a little bit of glitter first.”

Morgan Freeman Can’t Stop Narrating His Cat’s Life

Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman has now been elevated to a Godly status among fans, especially when he played God in Bruce Almighty. Morgan grew up in an animal-friendly home, surrounded by both dogs and cats, which had a lot of influence on his adult life.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 8
Image: Johnny Times

Morgan once said, “a loving pet is the most loving you’re ever going to get.” So when the Hollywood star grew up, Morgan took his chance to have a pet of his own and adopted a black ball of feline fluff. Hilariously, he called his companion Morgan. It seems like Morgan was quite the character, and the actor would often talk about his exploits in interviews as though he was talking about himself in the third person!

Katy Perry is Just Trying to Make Her Obsession Cool

Pop sensation Katy Perry is known for her catchy hits like “Roar” and “Firework.”She’s also an avid feline enthusiast and has added a brood of long-haired furry companions to her collection. Katy once said. “I am obsessed with cats. I’m kind of trying to make that cat-lady personality cool.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 4
Image: The Blast

Katy is so enamored with her feline sidekicks, named Kitty Pury, Krusty, and Monkey, that she’s not afraid to “roar” about them on social media. She proudly shares snaps for all the world to see and in 2009, Kitty Purry was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Favorite Celebrity Pet.

Michael J. Fox Wanted to Make His Cat a Star

Hollywood veteran and award-winning actor, Michael J. Fox rose to fame on the set of the Back to the Future franchise in the 1980s. Around that time, he was hot property in tinsel town and photographers couldn’t wait for the chance to capture him in all his glory.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 15
Image: Films and Movies

So when Michael was asked to pose for a professional portrait session, he finally took his chance to make his beloved feline a star. Back in the day before social media, we suppose this was the best way to showcase your feline besties to the world. Thanks to Michael’s forward-thinking, now his prized pet was instantly catapulted to worldwide stardom.

Martha Stewart’s Entertaining Companions

Martha Stewart is another self-professed purry lover on our list. The domestic goddess and home-making maestro is well known for being the perfect entertainer. It turns out, she has the most entertaining furball companions by her side.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 23
Image: Pop Sugar

Martha is the proud owner of three fabulous felines, a beautiful Himalayan called Bartok, as well as two Calico Persians, named Princess Peony, and Empress Tang. Although her majestic companions aren’t so happy about having to stop their day for a selfie or a photoshoot, when she does get the winning shot, she’s sure to share it on her social media.

Lea Michele’s Adorable Cat Affair

On the set of Glee, actress, and singer, Lea Michele was more than happy to show the world how she feels through song. Nowadays, while she has transitioned into a sitcom star, Lea is just as proud to wear her emotions on her sleeves. Lea is not afraid to tell the world that she’s having a love affair…with her cat.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 35 1
Image: Twitter / Lea Michele

The object of her affection is Lea’s adorable snuggly companion named Shiela. Although Lea recently got married to another man, it’s fair to say that Stella is now the star of her Instagram stories. She regularly floods her page with snaps of her and Stella snuggling, cuddling and enjoying quality time together.

Jane Fonda Worked Out with Her Cat

Jane Fonda is now a seasoned Hollywood actress and activist, who famously starred in the musical comedy film Cat Ballou. As it turns out, her association with cats didn’t end there. She is another fabulous feline fan to add to our ever-growing list.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 36 1
Image: Leesh on Vintage

In fact, Jane was a very devoted fan of Siamese cats. And back in the day before social media, she was more than happy to be photographed with her feline companion. She even made her cat the star of her workout videos in the 1980s and would famously talk to him throughout the video to explain each pose.

Snoop Dogg is really a Cat Person

Rap mogul, Snoop Dogg is now one of the biggest names in the music industry. While his name proceeds him, it’s easy to assume the Drop It Like Its Hot singer would be more of a dog person. With his bad boy swag, we would expect to see him surrounded by a fierce collection of hungry hounds.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 37
Image: Genius

While the self-professed animal lover does have 11 dogs, he also showed us all that beneath his tough-guy facade, he’s also a softie at heart. Ironically, Snoop Dogg is also a cat fan. In fact, he’s unapologetically proud of his adorable Siamese cats. Still, he was sure to make them sound cooler than cool by dubbing them, Teena Marie and Rick James.

John Coctau Became a Cat-aholic

French director and artist, John Coctau cemented his fame as the talented director behind classic movies like La Belle et la Bete. He also made a name for himself as a certified cat fan. John wasn’t just a fan of felines, he could see their souls. He once said, “I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 12
Image: Dangerous Minds

John shared his home with numerous feline companions, including Madeline and Karoun. Some have called him a “cat-aholic,” especially as he took his cat obsession to the next level and produced a lot of cat-related art. He even joined a cat club in Paris and became one of their most esteemed members.

Drew Barrymore Confirmed All Our Suspicions

Growing up in Hollywood as a child star, Drew Barrymore always had an affinity for cats. She famously featured in the movie Cat’s Eye in 1986 and happily posed with her beloved cat for photographers. Granted it was a horror movie, but from that point on we always had a sneaky suspicion that she was an undercover “Crazy Cat Lady.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 46
Image: Access

Now that the Hollywood star is all grown up, with kids of her own, all our suspicions came true when she shared this candid snap on Instagram. She recounted how “If you can believe, my daughters and I went to rescue a cat and came home with three kittens in need.” She named the little miracles Lucky, Peach and Fern and asked us all whether “I just became the crazy cat lady?” The answer is yes and we knew all along!

Ricky Does Not Hold Back With His Cat

Wise-cracking comedian and actor Ricky Gervais has show us all through the years that he’s not afraid to tell it how it really is. He recently used his time in the limelight as a Grammy’s host to tell us how he really feels about Hollywood. With his awkward humor and deadpan style, it might seem like nothing could break this man of comedy steel.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 38
Image: The Dodo

That was all until we saw this adorable snap of Ricky Gervais beaming from ear to ear with his beautiful kitty that he named Ollie. In fact, Ricky is so head over heels with his mixed-breed Siamese ball of fluff that he regularly floods his social feeds with pictures of him. He even started social media pages just for Ollie so we can all follow his adventures exclusively.

Nicole Richie’s Furry Accessories

Socialite, fashionista and TV personality, Nicole Richie has often the headlines for her fashion choices. So naturally, she the trend-setter turned her beloved cats into the ultimate stylish accessories. The socialite has always described herself as a “pet person.” And she just can’t resist carrying her fashionable feline companions around LA with her.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 39
Image: Instagram / Nicole Richie

Nicole is now a real mom to her daughter and son, Harlow and Sparrow. She then became a cat mom to an Abyssinian cat named Gypsy. Then in 2010, a pack of stray cats started roaming around her LA home. Luckily, they picked the right house, as Nicole then adopted another feline called Tabby. She now carries her beloved furballs everywhere like an oversized tote bags.

Giorgio Armani is a Fabulous Cat Dad

As the mastermind behind the fashion powerhouse, Armani, some have seen Giorgio as one of the most stylish men in the world. The Italian designer guru has always been at the forefront of fashion, so he couldn’t just walk the catwalk with any old cat.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 43
Image: Pop Sugar

Armani is a proud cat dad with a fabulous collection of felines. While the fashion guru spends his days doing fabulous things, he admitted that when he’s at home in Milan, he can’t wait to curl up on the sofa with his precious furballs, named Angel and Mairi and watch Netflix with them.

Kellie Pickler Created Her Own Cat Sweater

Country music singer, Kellie Pickler is a self-confessed “animal lover, cats especially. ” So when she grew up, the first animal she adopted was an adorable stray cat. Kellie and her cat made a great team, but things soon changed when she met her husband, songwriter Kyle Jacobs.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 41
Image: Kimbio

When Kellie and Kyle first got together, she was forced to make a tough decision. It was literally Kyle or the cat. You see, her husband was severely allergic, and although she “did everything…to keep this cat,” eventually she had to give him away to a “great” family. Although her house is now a no-cat zone, she gets her feline fix by teaming with a cat charity to help strays. She even designed her own cat sweater for fans.

Kurt Cobain Wanted to Open a Petting Zoo

Nirvana frontman and guitarist, Kurt Cobain is widely seen as one of the most influential indie-rock stars of all time. But beneath his angsty song lyrics and rock star lifestyle, Kurt also had a huge soft spot for animals. In fact, he often contemplated opening a petting zoo.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 49
Image: Vintage Everyday

The legendary singer and guitarist was often pictured with his beloved cats and said he preferred cats over dogs for a few reasons. This was mainly because cats “don’t care about anything that they don’t find worth their time.” And it sounds just as profound as the legend himself.

Jenna Fischer’s Kitten Picked Her

Splitting Up Together star, Jenna Fischer has always been a cat fan. As a volunteer at a rescue center, Jenna has fostered around 13 furry felines, and many thought she just lived in a crazy cat house. However, she then admitted that she didn’t actually keep all of them. That was all until Jenna and her husband decided to finally search for their feline match.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 50
Image: BrightSide

Jenna admitted that she originally wanted a fluffy grey cat. But that was before she locked eyes with Sonny. Even though he was orange, he walked up and chose Jenna and was like ‘Hey guys, so, I’ll be coming home with you today.” Sonny soon became a family favorite and even though “he’s a rascal” he “makes us laugh a lot” and pulls the most hilarious poses.

Sean Connery Charms the Cats

As the legendary star of the James Bond franchise, we’re used to seeing Sean Connery as a ladies man, saving the day and drinking Martinis in his suave Bond suit. Just like his James Bond alter-ego, we thought he just lived his real life as an action hero star in a suit. So, Sean caught us all off guard when we saw him lounging around in the sun with this adorable cat.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 48

The throwback photo was captured in Marbella in 1983 and we’re actually relieved that Sean sometimes takes a day off to chill. Sean Connery is not only a ladies man, he’s also a cat man. While he had a beloved cat at home, he always manages to win over new feline friends with his charms wherever he goes.

Kate Beckinsale Dresses Her Grumpy Cat Up

Hollywood actress, Kate Beckinsale confessed that she is “very much a cat person.” She’s now a doting cat mom to two precious balls of fluff and they have very different personalities and preferences. Her white cat, Willow is “insane” and “a handful but she’s so pretty, we forgive her.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 42
Image: People

Some of Willow’s favorite pastimes include “sleeping in creepy places… like the back of a drawer” where there’s no air. Her other fluffball, Clive is just as grumpy as Internet star Grump Cat. So Kate likes to dress Clive up in adorable outfits while he looks at the camera grumpily, just for our entertainment!

Morrissey Wears His Cats

The Smith’s frontman, Morrissey might have a rock star image, but this all melts away when he spots a cat. The singer once said, “The basic fascination I have with cats is nothing unusual.” He then added how he finds them “intelligent,” “superior” and feels “entranced by them.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 54
Image: Chicago Reader

The artist then took it a little further and said, “If I see one in the street I feel immediately drawn to the cat” and will walk away from any conversation to pet a cat. The cat lover has often been pictured cuddling with his cats and sporting them on his head like a cat hat. He then said he prefers the company of cats as “I don’t have much choice. People don’t like me.”

Vivien Leigh Has Always Been Mad About Cats

Famed British actress, Vivien Leigh, shot to Hollywood fame after starring in Gone with the Wind. As the starlet continued to make her mark on the movie industry, she spent much of her spare time with her beloved felines. She confessed that “I’ve always been mad about cats.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 53
Image: Johnny Times

Her love affair with cats began at a young age and she acquired a few balls of fluffs over the years. She was especially fond of an adorable Siamese cat named New Boy that her husband Olivier gifted her. She then said “once you have kept a Siamese cat you would never have any other kind.” She stayed true to her word and only adopted Siamese cats after this.

Russell Brand’s Ode to Morrisey

Quirky comedian and TV host, Russell Brand is a huge fan of The Smith’s. He described the lead singer, Morrisey as “rude” and “hard work” and Russell was so impressed by the legend that he named his beloved cat, Morrissey, after the lead singer.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 44
Image: Pop Sugar

Russell Brand is still besotted with his “giant hairball” who is now a teenager and floods his social media with images of his cat. He also talks about Morrissey in interviews and said “I used to look at him when he was a little kitten and think, “Gosh, where will we go? What will happen to us?” I still wonder.” Us too!

Marlon Brando was Bossed Around by His Cat

Hollywood legend, Marlon Brando earned a fierce reputation as a Mafia boss, after starring in the Godfather franchise. If you’ve ever watched him in action, you might think that he would be just as tough as his on-screen persona.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 40
Image: Ranker

As it turns out, Marlon Brando might be a boss on the big screen, but he’s a real softie at heart, especially when it comes to cats. He’s also happy to be bossed around by his beloved furball at home too and once said “I live in my cat’s house,” rather than the other way around.

Ann Margaret was a Cat Collecter

Award-winning actress, singer, and dancer, Ann-Margaret, has enjoyed a legendary career spanning five decades. While she is well known for her albums and movie roles, she also earned a reputation as “The Crazy Cat Lady of Benedict Canyon.”

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 47
Image: Elle

Ann once starred in the movie Kitten With a Whip and happily posed for the camera with the adorable kitten. She then revealed how “I’ve always loved cats ever since I was a little girl.” Ann continued how “Five months ago we had nine cats.  Now we have five. It’s the coyotes out there.” and so her reputation as the “Cat Lady” proceeded her.

James Dean’s Cat was Cooler Than Him

Hollywood heartthrob, James Dean was known for his cool demeanor and sense of style. The movie star was also the proud owner of a cooler than cool Siamese kitten. The story about his cat couldn’t be more Hollywood, and he was originally gifted the adorable fluffball by Elizabeth Taylor.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 52
Image: Stars and Letters

James first befriended the Hollywood starlet, Elizabeth Taylor when they worked as co-stars in the movie, Giant in 1956. The pair got on so well that Elizabeth decided to give her new pal the kitten. From there, James became a proud cat dad to a cat that was even cooler than him, if that was possible.

Cameron Diaz and Her Little Man

Cameron Diaz is another Hollywood starlet on our list who took her feline fandom to new heights. Actually, Cameron originally wanted to be a zoologist growing up, and her house was filled with animals. Now the actress and animal lover is a proud mom to her little man who she adores.

Big Feline Love  27 Celebrities and Their Obsession with Cats 34
Image: My Boomer Place

She even named her majestic, white feline fluffball, Little Man. And it’s clear that she adores him like her own child. Cameron has been more than happy to showcase him to the world in photoshoots, and can often be spotted carrying him around like a fashionable accessory through the streets of LA.