Big Feline Love: Celebrities Who Took Their Cat Fandom To The Next Level

    There really is something about celebrities and cats. In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Nowadays many celebrities take their cat fandom to the next level and make them Insta-famous. With their mysterious allure and fluffy exterior, just the sight of a kitten is enough to melt the coolest of humans, let alone celebs. So, we’re paying kudos to celebrity cat parents and their diva companions.

    Many of these feline-obsessed stars are proud cat parents. Others rolled out the red carpet for their pampered furball accessories. A few are the real definition of a “crazy cat lady.” Either way, these celebs somehow manage to make their cat fandom look cool. So, let’s stroll through the stars who are just as loud and proud about their “big feline love” as the rest of us.