Bizarre and Crazy Expensive Ways That Celebrities Spend Their Riches

Big money spending has long become a symbol of success and some of the top moneymakers in the entertainment industry are not holding back when it comes to showing off their riches. And while we are used to hearing about their expensive outfits, houses, and jewelry, some spending choices have us scratching our heads.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches 37
Image: Twitter / Katy Perry Press

It almost seems like these Hollywood hotshots have so much money that they don’t even know what to do with it. Don’t believe us? Then check out this list of the wildest and most expensive purchases your favorite celebs have made with their riches. Whether its part of some bizarre hobby or if it was a random splurge, these purchases are not something you’d find on your everyday shopping list. 

Christiano Ronaldo Spent $35,000 on a Bronze Statue of Himself

Christiano Ronaldo is definitely of the biggest soccer heroes out there. From Portugal, he has kicked and slashed his way onto the international soccer scene and has been aggressively dominating ever since. Some estimates say he’s the richest athlete in the world, with a net worth of about $450 million. Whoa, jealous.

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Image: Instagram / Christiano Ronaldo

To be fair, he does put a lot of his money to good causes, as he’s engaged in all sorts of philanthropy activities. But he also loves to splurge. He paid the equivalent of $35,000 to erect a bronze statue of himself outside his home. This isn’t surprising. It comes just a few years after he paid $31,000 for a wax statue of himself! But for Ronaldo, this is tiny potatoes.

Paris Hilton Built Her Dogs a Mansion for $325,000

We all know, and a lot of us love, Ms. Paris Hilton. Her father, Conrad Hilton, is the founder of Hilton Hotels, which as you know, are scattered across the globe. In fact, there are 586 of them. So it’s not hard to see how Paris got her fortune. She’s worth about $300 million. You may also know, that Paris loves her dogs.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches12
Image: Global

She loves them so much and has so much money that she threw down $325,000 for a mansion for them. She does sink cash into some activism she’s involved in, so it doesn’t all go to luxury. But she has no problem spending millions on a little bit of extra comfort. She was recently partying with some friends in NYC and spent $230,000 on cocktails.

Ke$ha’s Glitter Bill Is About $2000 a Month

How much do you pay for rent? Cellphone bill? Utilities? Car insurance? Anyone of these expenses might be just as much, or way less, than what Ke$ha spends on glitter per month: $2000. Her rise to fame and fortune started when she was 18 when she signed a record deal with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Entertainment.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches9
Image: Instagram / Ke$ha

Now, she’s one of the queens of the music biz, and she’s among the most talked-about celebs out there. Currently, her bank account and her assets put a price tag on her of about $10 million. So yeah, she’s very very wealthy. You see, she even has a dollar symbol in her stage name. Keep in mind that her $2000/month glitter bill does not include any other makeup, just the glitter!

Daniel Radcliffe Guarantees Himself A Good Night’s Sleep With a $17,000 Mattress

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter movies, then you’ve pretty much seen Daniel Radcliffe grow up before your very eyes. It seems like just yesterday that he was a teenager casting spells and fighting off the Dark Lord. Now, he’s all grown up, and he has no problem spending $17,000 on a custom-made Savoir mattress.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches22
Image: Bustle (top) / Savoir Beds (bottom)

This is nothing for him though, because he’s worth about $110 million, we get it’s not too ridiculous (just way out of our league). He supports various charities, so not all of his fortune goes to living the good life. Interestingly, multiple sources indicate that Radcliffe is “terrible at spending his money.” But even if he did constantly splurging, he wouldn’t go broke anytime soon.

Mariah Carey Spent Tens of Thousands of Dollars on an In-House Candy Room

Mariah Carey is filthy rich. Most estimates peg her at about $320 million. She made her money by having a long and successful career as a singer/songwriter. For some time, she was married to Nick Cannon. When they lived together, they built their daughter a massive, and fully loaded candy room inside the house. We don’t know exactly how much it cost to make, but it’s estimated to be worth at least $20,000.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches28
Image: Pop Sugar

The room is huge, and it’s decked out with an abundance of candy of every size and shape. The equipment and furniture are not cheap either. We looked it up, and the cost of equipping a small candy shop is about $5,000. Multiply that by a factor of major luxury and you get at least tens of thousands. Some have appraised the former Carrey/Cannon home, in which the candy room was found, at about $125 million!

Shaquille O’Neal Pays at Least $1000 per Week for Phone Apps

Obviously, Shaq does not gravitate towards the free apps when he’s browsing on the app store. He has dozens of apps on his phone, and he’s happy to pay the weekly or monthly fees for all of them. Because he wants the best of the best. From what we can make out, it comes to about $1000 a week! We guess this isn’t a big deal for him though, seeing as his net worth is about $400 million buckaroos.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches14
Image: Celebrity Charity Work

So the $1000 dollars per week is like pocket change for him. At 7″1, he’s a massive presence in the realm of NBA hoops. These days he doesn’t play, but he’s heavily involved in sports commentary and analysis. App bill notwithstanding, he says ever since he once spent $1 million in a day at age 20, he tries to be prudent.

Ever Been to Braselton, Georgia? Kim Basinger Bought it for $20,000,000.

While you were down south, did you happen to visit a town in Georgia called Braselton? It’s a little town of about 7,500 people, and, get this, it was purchased by Kim Basinger for about $20 million. She has plans to turn the whole place into a tourist destination. We didn’t even know it was possible to actually buy a town (insert puzzled face emoji here).

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches29
Image: Pinterest / fame101.com (top) / Downtown Braselton (bottom)

Following a super successful modeling career, Basinger got into show biz, where she managed to amass a ton of wealth. Now, it’s estimated that she’s worth about $40 million. So according to that number, ‘her’ town makes up about half of her value. Apparently, however, Basinger overspent and had to file for bankruptcy shortly after she bought the town.

Lil Wayne’s Diamond Grill Is Worth $20,000

When you’re worth anything close to what Lil Wayne is worth – $120 million – then maybe spending $20,000 on a diamond-encrusted teeth grill is not that much at all. Straight out of New Orleans, Lil Wayne began making tsunamis when he released his debut album entitled The Block Is Hot.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches10

Since then, he’s been recording amazing records, and racking in the Benjamins baby. He does some awesome charity work, including contributing to an education fund for under-privileged aspiring students. He’s not afraid to have fun with his money though. Spending, for instance, 10s of thousands on football bets.

Amanda Seyfried’s Taxidermy Collection Cost Her at Least $50,000

Amanda Seyfried is probably best known for her role as ‘Karen’ in the unforgettable movie, Mean Girls. Remember how amazing that film was? Anyway, it’s not our place to judge what stars do with their money, but this is one of the weirder ones. Seyfried has a taxidermy collection that’s worth at least $50,000.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches2
Image: Team Coco

We’re not quite sure why you’d want to be surrounded by dead stuffed animals, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Her net worth is about $10 million, so we guess that paying for all of her animals is not a huge expense for her. There are reports that Seyfried also has some eccentric dietary habits, including not eating anything cooked above 115 degrees, so maybe that explains things a little…

Bono Paid $1,700 for a 1st Class Plane Ticket for His Hat

The lead singer of the legendary rock band U2 is not the man to rip on for being weird with his money. He has donated tons of money, with numbers ranging in the millions, to help fight the AIDS pandemic, for example. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also have some weird spending habits. One funny example is the time he spent $1,700 on a 1st class plane ticket for his hat.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches6
Image: U2 Feedback

Once when U2 was scheduled to play a concert in Italy, Bono, to his horror realized that he was missing one of his favorite hats. Instead of shipping his hat for a reasonable fee via a courier, he flew it on 1st class. Nice, we’re sure the hat must have enjoyed a good old cross-Atlantic plane ride and a fancy glass of champagne or two. Bono can easily afford it, seeing as he’s worth about $700 million!

Katie Holmes Built a $24,000 Playhouse for Her Daughter

Katie Holmes is estimated to be worth about $25 million. So it wasn’t a big deal for her to pamper her daughter, Suri Cruise, with a $24,000 playhouse when she was little. Holmes has had a vibrant career in acting, modeling, and producing. Affording the playhouse was nothing, not even a scratch on her bank account’s intimidating balance.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches34
Image: TODAY (left) / Morecast (right)

Though not as lavish and extravagant as her ex-husband Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes does have a taste for the life of luxury. Reportedly, she rents an NYC apartment for about $25,000 a month. And Suri’s school costs something like $56,000 a year. So…yeah.

Bill Gates Bought a DaVinci Notebook for $31,000,000.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is now considered to be the second-richest man on the planet, having recently been displaced by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Gates is worth…get ready for it…$98 billion dollars! A couple of years ago, he spent (what to him is a couple of bucks) about $31 million on an original Leonardo DaVinci notebook called the Codex Leicester.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches32
Image: POLITICO (top) / Business Insider (bottom)

The notebook contains a huge collection of his sketches, notes, drawings, diagrams, thoughts, and more. Gates is beyond filthy rich, but a lot of his money is put to good use. In fact, it’s estimated that the Gates Foundation alone is about 33% responsible for eradicating malaria in some problematic regions. He has pledged billions to humanitarian causes. Props Bill, keep up the good work.

John Legend Bought Chrissy Tiegen a $2,500 Cheese Wheel

Maybe ‘husband of the year’ award goes to John Legend for the $2,500 wheel of cheese he bought for his wife Chrissy Teigen. The wheel of cheese was hollowed out and made into a container (but what happened with all that cheese?). After the purchase, he wrote on Instagram, “A wheel of cheese to dump pasta and risotto into for years to come!”

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches8
Image: Instagram / John Legend

Legend is a successful actor, singer, songwriter, producer, and an energetic philanthropist. When hurricane Katrina hit, he did some amazing relief work. He also donates lots to the development of sustainability across multiple sectors. These days, he’s worth about $45 million. So the cheese wheel was nothing.

Soulja Boy (Might Have) Spent $55,000,000 on a Private Jet

With the story of Soulja Boy and his private life, the information (and lack thereof) and rumors conspire to obscure the truth of what really happened. Some reports say that on his 21st birthday, he purchased a $55 million dollar jet for private use. But other sources say it was all a lie, perpetuated by him and his crew. One thing is for sure though: he’s got big money.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches27
Image: Gotpap / Bauergriffin.com (top) / Business Insider

His net worth is estimated to be at about $30 million. So this kind of brings into question the idea of him making a $55 million dollar buy. Maybe he has a massive line of credit? Anyway, we know the rapper has some lavish spending habits, as he makes every one of his red carpet appearances armed to the teeth with jewels and gold.

Madonna’s Monthly Kabbalah Water Bill Is $10,000

We could understand having a $10,000 dollar monthly water bill if you are footing the entire H2O cost for some kind of factory. Or maybe a huge hotel? But Madonna is one gal! She allegedly spends $10,000 a month on what’s called “Kabbalah water.” It’s essentially an equivalent of holy water. There is zero scientific substantiation to this, but some people believe it has special healing capacities.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches 30
Image: HubSpot

Well, boys will be boys and Madonna will be Madonna. What else can we say? It doesn’t really matter though. She’s worth somewhere between $600 to $800 million dollars, which she has amassed over the course of a long and fruitful singing career. So paying the monthly bill for her spiritually infused radiant water is nothing.

Tamara Ecclestone Had No Problem Spending $1,500,000 on a Crystal Bathtub

Tamara Ecclestone is the daughter of Ernie Ecclestone, the boss of Formula One racing. Tamara is a major socialite and occasional TV personality. Some years ago, she purchased a bathtub worth a whopping $1.5 million bucks. You bathe in there once, and you’re clean for life. Just kidding.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches26
Image: Telegraph (top) / Life Listener (bottom)

She can definitely afford it with zero financial strain though. This woman is estimated to have a net worth of about $300 million. Yikes! That’s massive. Her sister is also ostentatiously rich and has opulent spending habits. Their father apparently left them a trust fund of 3.5 billion British pounds! He recently expressed some disappointment, however, that his daughters squander millions and millions.

Mike Tyson Likes to Spend Big, Including $60,000 on Tigers

Mike Tyson, the fabled multiple-title heavyweight champion in boxing, is without a doubt one of the most lavish spenders out there. Seriously, he spends millions on golden bathtubs, luxury cars, mansions, jewelry, and last but not least, tigers, for which he paid at least $60,000 for each one. In his heyday, Tyson was worth about $400 million.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches11
Image: The Sun

Mike Tyson’s story is a little sad. After (and while) amassing his crazy amount of wealth, he started spending it all. He was so lavish for so many years that eventually, in 2003, he had to file for bankruptcy after being about $23 million dollars in debt. These days, he’s afloat, but he has traded in his tigers for a poodle, noting that the big cats are too expensive and dangerous to have as pets.

LeAnn Rimes’s Hotel Bill Comes to $5,922 per Night!

By her early teenage years, LeAnn Rimes was well on her way to superstardom. One music journal noted that she was the youngest country star the world has seen in over 40 years. These days, she’s all grown up, and still making great noise with an energetic music career. Most estimates put her net worth at about $10 million. This isn’t as much as some superstars, but she’s still down to spend $5,922 per night on a luxury hotel room.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches33
Image: Instagram / LeAnn Rimes (left) / Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa (right)

That’s her nightly fee when she stays at the incredibly sumptuous Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona. The resort prides itself on being able to provide affluent guests with everything they need for a tip-top stay. They have three swimming pools, a golf course, beautiful and spacious rooms, a yoga center, and even an equestrian center. And of course, Rimes can afford the best.

Celine Dion Got a $2,000,000 Dehumidifier Installed in a Hotel in Which She Was Staying

Celine Dion is one of those huge celebs that barely need any introduction. She’s Canadian. She’s a legendary singer, and she’s mega-rich. She’s among the wealthiest singers in the world, with a net worth of about $800 million! So it was no problem for her to pay for a $2 million dollar dehumidifier. For most of her career, she has been in Las Vegas, sometimes playing multiple times a day.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches18
Image: ET Canada

For three years, she stayed at the Caesar’s Palace hotel. The desert climate there is harsh, so in the interest of preserving her vocal cords, she asked the hotel to install the best of the best of the best in dehumidifying technology. Well, maybe it worked, because in all of her shows, in Las Vegas and elsewhere, her voice has always been just as outstanding as ever.

Ashton Kutcher Bought a Little Art Book for $2000

Maybe you know Ashton Kutcher from That 70s Shows. Or maybe you know him from his MTV show Punk’d. Anyway, you know he’s famous, and you know he’s a fat cat. It’s estimated that he’s worth $200 million. So it might not come as a shock to you that he nonchalantly paid $2000 dollars for a Peter Beard art book.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches31
Image: Glamour (left) / flyeschool.com (right)

True, we’re not talking millions here, but paying two grand for a little art book says something about how much money you have. But wait, there’s more. He also allegedly paid about $200,000 to secure himself a ticket to outer space! For real. Kutcher doesn’t just throw his money away though. He’s also an enthusiastic investor, sinking money into high-tech and construction projects.

Courteney Cox Purchased a Custom-Made Chanel Bike for $12,000

Courteney Cox is now a household name. She’s best known for her role in Friends as the lovable but neurotic Monica. Most estimates of her net worth say that the number is something like $120 million. So her purchase of a $12,000 custom-made Chanel bicycle is minuscule potatoes.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches17
Image: UK Home

Some reports say that she actually bought the bike for Jennifer Anniston. But there are pictures of Cox riding it herself. Maybe she bought two bikes? In any case, that’s a sweet gift, and it’s all decked out with a leather seat, the classic Chanel logo, and special jewel-encrusted clips to prevent your pants or dress from getting caught in the bike chain.

Steve Cohen’s Shark Preserved in Formaldehyde Cost Him Between $8,000,000 and $12,000,000

Steve Cohen is a billionaire. He got rich from managing a trading firm. Rumor has it that he was at one point generating $100,000 per day! He’s so rich, he can easily afford a real shark that is preserved in a tank filled with formaldehyde. It’s estimated that this little piece of “art” cost him somewhere between $8 million and $12 million dollars.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches15
Image: Business Insider

That’s ok though, this didn’t even cause the slightest dent in his bank account, seeing as the man is worth over $10 billion. This isn’t the only crazy extravagant thing he owns. For example, he also owns a share of the New York Mets, worth about $20 million. As you see, while his shark posthumously swims in chemicals, Mr. Cohen swims in dollars.

Rachel Hunter Treats Her Beloved Doggies to a $30,000 Doghouse

Rachel comes from New Zealand. Due to a medical condition, her initial hopes of being a dancer couldn’t play out. So she decided to get into acting and television. The rest is history, she’s now a superstar. She spends on herself, but she also loves to spoil her doggos, for whom she built a $30,000 dollar house!

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches13
Image: ProSieben

She has managed to build herself quite a fortune: net worth of $60 million. Therefore we can surmise that the doghouse was nothing for her. But maybe it meant the world to the doggies. We’re sure they appreciate it. In general, Rachel isn’t the most extreme opulent spender, but she does buy her share of nice things.

Elton John’s Flower Power Bill Once Reached $320,000 in Two Years

No doubt, sir Elton John is a musical luminary. He has had a long and highly successful career. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the West that doesn’t know his name. Another certainty: he loves flowers. He loves flowers so much, that at one point in his life, he spent around $320,000 on them over the course of two years. Wow.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches7
Image: 45cat

When asked about the expenditure by a style magazine, he said, “Well, I like flowers.” Well, we believe him. According to Forbes, his net worth is around $100 million. A former accountant of his reported that for a period during the late 90s, Sir Elton was spending the equivalent of $2.5 million dollars each month.

Drake Literally Threw Around $50,000 in a Club

Ever wonder what it’s like to roll up to the club with a box full of money and make it rain? Just ask Drake what it’s like because he actually did it. He brought $50,000 dollars into a club, partied, and proceeded to throw it everywhere. One of his nicknames is ‘Drizzy’, and in this case, it’s accurate, albeit slightly understated. He didn’t make it drizzle, he made it pour.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches1
Image: The Sun

No biggie though, he has amassed a net worth of about $150 million – putting him on the Forbes list of top five wealthiest rappers. What would you do if you were a 33-year-old mega-millionaire? He treats himself well, buying sports cars, top-notch threads, houses, and expensive jewelry. We guess we probably would too.

Nicolas Cage Got His Hands on a T-Rex Skull for $276,000

This story is strange. Nicolas Cage, whom you probably know from a million blockbusters, including Gone In 60 Seconds and National Treasure, bought a real T-Rex skull for $276,000. Apparently, he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio, who also wanted to get his rich hands on the skull. But wait, the plot thickens.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches21
Image: Variety (top) / todayifoundout.com (bottom)

It turns out the tyrannosaurus skull was stolen from a museum in Mongolia. Sometime after Cage acquired the skull, he ran into a lawsuit, requiring that he give it back. When he found out that it was stolen, he gave it back, and it was eventually repatriated to Mongolia.

George Lucas Employs His Own Fire Department for About $900,000 a Year

A long time ago (a few years), in a galaxy far far away (California), there lived the director of Star Wars, the legend himself, George Lucas. He owns an estate called Skywalker Ranch, for which he paid $120 million. Ok, he’s rich, so maybe that’s not exactly ridiculous. But what about his very own fire department? We estimate that he pays about $900,000 a year for it!

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches35
Image: Twitter / SFGate

The average salary of a Californian firefighter is about $75,000 a year. Lucas employs 12 of them, so if you do the math, it comes to just under a million. That’s some serious cash. We imagine that these guys have the best job in the world, just chilling, washing Lucas’s fleet of trucks, waiting around for an emergency that will likely never happen. He can afford it easily though, seeing as he’s worth about $5 billion.

Birdman Owns a $2,500,000 Dollar Bugatti

Birdman has been entertaining us since the early 2000s. Besides his own lucrative career, the man is responsible for providing us with Lil’ Wayne (thank you!) So what does one do with that kind of success? One buys a car, of course, which makes sure everyone that sees how loaded you are. With a price tag of $2.5 million dollars, this beautiful red Bugatti does just that, and with a net worth of $100 million dollars, what does he have to lose?

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches5
Image: Genius

In 2014, the car could be seen around Miami Beach, driven by none other than Justin Bieber. It’s quite a nice gesture, even between two good friends, to let someone borrow your $2.5 million dollar car. But hey, what can we say? That’s the life of celebrities.

Kelly Rowland Treated Beyoncé’s Daughter to a $5,200 Dollar Bathtub

If you know Beyoncé, and we’re assuming you do, then there’s a good chance you also know Kelly Rowland because she, too, was in Destiny’s Child. She rose to fame with an energetic music career, and she’s still in the biz and on fire. Her and Beyoncé are still tight. So tight, in fact, that Rowland bought Beyoncé’s daughter a crystal-encrusted bathtub worth $5,200.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches24
Image: Instagram / Kelly Rowland (top) / ABC News (bottom)

Ok, we’re not talking millions here, but in reality, Rowland can afford extravagant because altogether, she is worth just over $12 million bucks. She recounted that by the time she was 20, she was a millionaire, and she purchased herself a 5,000 square foot home! Also, she said once, she spent $30,000 in 30 minutes!

Tony Robbins Splurged $250,000,000 on a Stadium and Soccer Team

Have you ever just felt like spending a quarter of billion dollars on a stadium and a soccer team. Don’t quite have the cash? Too bad. But there is someone who does. Tony Robbins – motivational speaker, life coach, prolific author, and philanthropist – purchased the rights to start a major league soccer team in LA, the price tag included a stadium for $250 million!

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches20
Image: tonyrobbins.com

Robbins is worth a whopping $500 million, so although this was a major investment for him, he’s still loaded beyond belief. He’s not totally alone. There are other investors, including NBA star Magic Johnson. Anyway, one of Robbins’s topics for his talks is “how to spend smartly.” Does he listen to his own advice?

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Down to Spend $650 per Panel on Wallpaper

The Oscar award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has always been known as one of America’s sweethearts. Her long list of critically acclaimed movies has had us love her for years (even though she named her daughter Apple.) With her wellness company GOOP you might expect her to not splurge on non-necessities, but did you know that she has wallpaper estimated at costing a shocking $650 per panel?

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches19
Image: UK Daily

This amounts to $12,000 per room! Her net worth is currently estimated to be $160 million dollars, so she can certainly afford it. If this wallpaper piques your interest, her Manhattan apartment was on the market in 2016, all you need is $12 million dollars, and it’s yours!

Magic Johnson Invests Millions into His Own Burger King Franchises

Magic Johnson is a hoops legend. Now he’s retired, but he played point guard for the L.A. Lakers for 13 seasons. He also was involved in team management for some time. When he finally put down the b-ball, he decided to try out a new venture. He purchased 30 Burger King franchises. That ain’t cheap. The franchise fee is $50,000, and each location requires an investment of between $250,000 and $320,000. And he’s got 30 of them!

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches23
Image: NBA.com (left) / Insider (right)

Magic Johnson is worth about $600,00 dollars. He was one of the highest-paid NBA players of all time. If Mike Tyson is among the worst businessmen of the pro athletes, Magic Johnson is among the best. He lives very well. But the large chunks of cash that leave his bank account typically go straight to investments. Tyson’s dollars went to tigers and gold bathtubs.

Victoria Beckham’s Gold-Plated iPhone Cost Her $35,000

No list of extravagant celebrity shopping sprees is complete without our very Posh Spice, a.k.a Victoria Beckham (emphasis on the posh.) The popstar-turned-designer is estimated to have a net worth of $450 million dollars. While most people covet the latest iPhone, our very own pop princess took a step beyond that, splurging on a $35,000, 24-carat model, not a cheap buy for running apps and making calls.

The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Spend Their Riches4
Image: UK Daily

It has also been reported that her screen saver on the phone is her very hunky soccer star shirtless husband, David Beckham, proving that their marriage is still going strong. After 20 years and 4 children, that’s is quite an accomplishment. She really has it all, doesn’t she?

Rihanna’s Hairstyling Bill Comes to $1,000,000 per Year

How much do you spend when you get your hair and styled? $15? $50? Whatever it is, you won’t come close to Rihanna’s annual $1 million! It’s no stretch of the imagination, however, to see what her bill is so much. She makes several public appearances every week, and every time she comes out with a crazier and crazier hairdo.

The Most Ridiculous Ways That Celebs Spend Their Riches45
Image: Black Enterprise

Her full-time stylist, Ursula Stephen, is the one who originally reported the staggering numbers. Estimates vary with regards to Rihanna’s net worth, but most put it at somewhere between $210 and $600 million. So you can see why it’s no biggie for her to spend a million a year on hair. In fact, the hair might even be a key factor in how she became so popular in the first place.

Ruper Grint Bought Himself an Ice Cream Truck for at Least $10,000

We guess this doesn’t fit into the category of ‘expensive’ purchases necessarily, but it certainly is whacky. Ruper Grint, a.k.a. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, said, “My first ambition was to become an ice-cream man, which is why I bought the Bedford van.” Ice cream trucks cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

The Most Ridiculous Ways That Celebs Spend Their Riches38
Image: MuggleNet

This was no problem, seeing as Grint has amassed about $200 million! So the ice cream truck was a nice addition to his motor vehicle collection, which also includes a Ferrari. Grint hasn’t really followed through with his ambition (beyond owning the ice cream truck), but he does make sure to keep it stocked to avoid disappointing anyone when he drives it around.

Ashton Kutcher Paid $200,000 for a Ticket to Space

As we saw, Ashton paid thousands for a little art book. So it won’t come as a surprise to you to know that he also paid $200 thousand dollars for a ticket to space. Talk about paying for transportation… Anyway, the ticket bought him a trip out of the atmosphere as the 500th ‘passenger’ on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo.

The Most Ridiculous Ways That Celebs Spend Their Riches37
Image: Business Insider

Meh, $200 thousand? No worries. Ashton Kutcher has $200 million. Usually, he’s pretty good with his money, but when there’s something he wants to splurge on, he goes for it. We do wonder, though, if his lift-off day will ever come. Or will that ticket just sit around and collect dust?

P. Diddy Spoils His Son With a $360,000 Dollar Car

That’s right people, P. Diddy doesn’t cheap out when it comes to spending some cash on his son. Forget watches, forget trips to Disneyland. Talk to us when daddy buys you a $360,000 dollar Mercedes-Maybach. The occasion was filmed by MTV and featured in My Super Sweet 16.

The Most Ridiculous Ways That Celebs Spend Their Riches50
Image: BlackSportsOnline (top) / Mercedes-Benz International (bottom)

As of last year, it’s estimated that P. Diddy has made over $740 million throughout his long and lucrative rap career. He’s been at the top of the rap game since 1997, so he’s had some time to build a little empire. Few celebs match him when it comes to extravagance and expensive taste. We can imagine that his son is one of the coolest kids on the block now.

Johnny Depp Drinks Over $10,000 Dollars Worth of Wine per Month

Johnny Depp is certainly a man of exquisite taste. He’s also a man of extraordinary talent, bringing us countless classic performances, such as in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. From private islands to downtown penthouses, Depp loves to spend. Still, it came as kind of a shock when we found out that he spends over $10,000 a month on wine.

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Wherever he happens to be in the world, he has no problem ordering a specialty bottle of wine and getting it shipped halfway across the globe so he can enjoy himself. He was worth about $400 million, but now he’s apparently worth ‘only’ $200 million due to his expensive lifestyle. One report argued that to say $10,000 a month on wine is an insult, and the real number is more like $30,000.

Jessica Simpsons Paid $100,000 for a Motorboat for a Previous BF (Before He Broke up With Her)

What did your girlfriend or boyfriend buy you for your birthday? A necklace? A computer? Flowers? That’s cute. But it’s got nothing on Jessica Simpson’s $100 thousand dollar boat that she bought for her then-bf, NFL quarterback Tony Romo. Jessica Simpson reached stardom as a singer. But she has also done extensive modeling, and some acting work.

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Now, estimates show that she’s worth about $200. She’s married to her second hubby, and she’s into some business ventures. Jessica and Tony Romo didn’t end up together. In fact, shortly after getting the gift from her, Romo broke up with Jessica a day before her birthday in 2009. Money can’t buy happiness (is that even true?), but it can hopefully make your breakup blues comfier. We wonder what happened to the boat in the end.

John Travolta’s Private Plane Is Worth About $80,000,000

John Travolta is a real baller. When he was a junior actor, he made over $200 thousand dollars for Grease. And now he has a net worth of $200 million (though we’re not sure how much of that goes to Scientology). In Florida, he has a huge mansion and parked there is a private plane worth over $80 million.

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The jet goes for about $55 million, and the luxury interior decorating is worth about $25 million. Jeeze. This must put 1st class to shame. And it goes without saying that Travolta’s bank account puts ours to shame. Travolta is a huge aviation enthusiast (have you seen Broken Arrow?), so this is right up his alley.

Tom Cruise Has His Own Sonogram Machine for Which He Paid $200,000

The other star on our list of Scientology A-listers is Tom Cruise. Maybe he’s best known for the Mission Impossible films. He’s worth about $570 million so he’s got some cash to blow. And blow it he certainly does. One of his more thriftless purchases was his very own sonogram machine when his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, was pregnant with his daughter, Suri Cruise. The machine reportedly cost him about $200,000 dollars.

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For the Church of Scientology, Tom Cruise is their biggest big shot out there. So some of the luxury Tom lives in is thanks to them. Nonetheless, he’s a spender. He had a mansion in Beverly Hills that he recently sold for $40 million. Also, on one of his estates, he has a whole hangar full of motorbikes. The list goes on and on.

Floyd Mayweather’s Diamond-Encrusted iPod Is Worth About $1,000,000

Floyd Mayweather has been in the boxing game for a long time. At one point he retired, but then made a comeback in 2009. Let’s just say that he’s not someone you would want to get in a scrap with. In addition to dispensing KOs and TKOs, he’s also a lavish spender. One of his purchases was a diamond-encrusted iPod worth about $1 million

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Estimates fluctuate, but most put his net worth at somewhere between $750 million and $1 billion. Yeah, this dude is mega money. He also knows how to enjoy it. One report claimed he spends about $75 million a year. Hey Floyd, how about you pay off our student debt? If you want some real entertainment, just look up a list of his spendthrift buys!

Liam Payne Bought the Harry Potter Ford Anglia for Over $60 Million Dollars

Apparently, Liam Payne is a huge Harry Potter fan. So it’s fair to say that we would get along with him. He rose to eminence as part of the extremely famous boy band called One Direction. He has a net worth of $60 million. Payne was able to use some of his fortunes to realize one of his deepest and wildest Harry Potter fantasies. He purchases the actual car used in the second Harry Potter film for the equivalent of about $64 million dollars!

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How can a car be worth that much? We don’t know. But what we do know he now owns it and it’s sitting in the garden of his huge mansion. He also owns copies of the curriculum magic books purchased by the characters in the films. Also, there are tons of pictures of him and his friends dressed in robes and brandishing wands. Maybe he could cast a spell and make some money magically appear in our bank accounts?

Brad Pitt Paid Almost $1,000,000 for a Painting

Brad Pitt is a true art connoisseur. So much, in fact, that he purchased a painting for almost $1 million dollars. $960,000 to be more precise. The painting is an elegant piece by German painter Neo Rauch. One day, as Pitt was casually strolling around the Art Basel art fair in Switzerland, he decided to buy the painting.

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The painting now sits in his private collection, but he occasionally lends it to art galleries so that they can feature it in exhibits. A solid estimate of Brad Pitt’s net worth is elusive, but we know that in 2016 alone, he made over $30 million. So, it’s a gross understatement to say that that he ain’t broke.

Tyrese Gibson Purchased a Private Island for His Daughter for an Undisclosed Amount

We don’t know how much Tyrese Gibson paid for the private island for his daughter. But according to an article on the topic by Business Insider, island prices range anywhere to a few hundred thousand to tens of millions. The Fast and Furious star reportedly has a net worth of $10 million.

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So in light of that relatively modest fortune (in the world of celebrities), we can’t imagine he spent multiple millions on the island. We guess he maybe paid a ‘mere’ few hundred thousand. The other details are also obscure. No one knows where the island is or how big it is. So for now, the purchase is shrouded in mystery.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Bill Is $200,000 a Year

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful starlets around, but her beauty definitely comes at a price. A whopping $200 thousand a year is what it takes to make Jennifer look red carpet ready. Perhaps this is her magic bullet against aging, as the now 50-year-old Jennifer has not aged much since we first laid eyes on her as Rachel in Friends.

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She’s worth $200 million, and it has been reported that she spends over $1,500 alone on facial serums. Another not surprising expense of Jennifer’s is her hair. As the character Rachel she became famous for her hairstyle and the upkeep is not cheap. At $973 per highlight session, we understand why her golden looks always look perfect.

Akon Purchased a Real Diamond Mine for Millions

Maybe if you’re a rich pop singer you can afford to buy some diamonds. But can you afford to buy a diamond mine? Ask Akon. He actually did just that. He literally owns his very own diamond mine in South Africa. We’re not sure how much he paid for it, he’s secretive about his finances, but due to a leak, we know his net worth is about $80 million. On average, buying and owning a diamond mine costs millions.

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As you can imagine, this purchase sparked some controversy. It’s a well-established fact that diamond mining exploits local labor, and can actually exacerbate socio-economic issues, as portrayed in the film Blood Diamond. But Akon defends his purchase. He says that the hype and bad conceptions of diamond mining is an artifact of the media and that in real life, the situation is fine.

Tinie Tempah Outbid Everyone and Bought Nike MAG Shoes for $37,500

If you haven’t heard Tinie Tempah, we recommend you give him a listen. His soulful voice goes straight to the heart. His awesome career has enabled him to gather over $3 million, and he’s going nowhere but up for now. Of course, $3 million doesn’t compare to the Mike Tysons and Jennifer Anistons of the world, but it’s a start. We’re jealous. In any case, he used a bit of it to purchase shoes for $37,500.

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The shoes Nike MAG, however, are no joke. These things are straight from Back to the Future. They are self-lacing! Wow. It’s not hard to see why someone who is into shoes would pay that kind of money. They are pretty cool. When Nike announced they were putting the shoes on the market, they had an auction for the first pair. It was snatched up by Tempah.

Steven Spielberg Paid $60,000 for the Sled from Citizen Kane in the 80s

Steven Spielberg is the man responsible for bringing us some of the best movies ever made. He has built a fortune for himself of $3.6 billion bucks. He’s got cash, so one of the expensive purchases he made was the Rosebud sled from Citizen Kane, for which he reportedly paid around $60,000 in 1982.

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There were apparently four such sleds, and they were all purchased for a lot of money in auctions. Don’t you wish you had the money to buy the props from your fav movies? A couple of years ago, however, Spielberg donated the sled Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. Its value has only further skyrocketed since then.