Japan is a marvelous place, where weird and wonderful have a lovely relationship. While this eccentric country is notorious for its bizarre and unusual traditions, we must admit, there’s something charming about it.¬† When decide to explore the far corners of the earth, they should mentally prepare for a completely different culture than their own…. especially if you’re not from Japan and you’re planning on vacationing there. This interesting country is sure to set off a serious case of culture shock.

The life they live there is in no way similar to the life in America… and it’s not a bad thing either. The Japanese people prove themselves an openminded people. They think completely out of the box and have some of the most interesting inventions and concepts out there. For outsiders, the country seems like a weird place but for those who passed the culture shock phase in Japan, they know that the country is awesome.

Before you head out to this exciting place there are a few things you should know before you land. The food, cafes, people, styles, and trends are things you have to see to believe, so don’t worry, we’re not ruining any surprises. Let Popular Everything spark your curiosity by introducing you to some wacky things that happen only in Japan.

1. Outrageously Expensive Melons

There’s nothing like sweet slices of melon on a summer day, but how sweet could this fruit taste after you pay $14,000 for it? In Japan, melons are an expensive delicacy.

To all of those planning a trip to Japan, stay away from the melons! Unless you’re willing to drop a minimum of $300 dollars, its best you eat an apple.