Japan is a marvelous place, where weird and wonderful have a lovely relationship. While this eccentric country is notorious for its bizarre and unusual traditions, we must admit, there’s something charming about it. Let Popular Everything spark your curiosity by introducing you to some wacky things that happen only in Japan and should definitely stay in Japan.

1. Outrageously Expensive Melons

These babies are insanely pricey, as they can cost up to $300 per melon!!!

2. Cuddle Cafes

A state-of-the-art café house, where men pay sums of money to cuddle (and only cuddle) with women.

3. World’s Shortest Escalator

We can’t help but question the efficiency of this tiny, useless staircase.

4. Capsule Hotels

If you’re low on Yens and homeless for the night, the Capsule Hotel rents out personal, morgue-like capsules, where you can practice being dead for a night.

5. Kancho

A children’s prank, similar in its purpose to wedgie-giving. It is executed by forming a gun with one’s hands and shoving them up someone’s butt.

6. Slurping Is Considered Good Manners

If you’re tired of those dirty looks at the dinner table, take a trip to Japan, where slurping is a polite thing to do.

7. Island of Rabbits

If a basic petting zoo doesn’t cut it for you, you’ll be thrilled by Japan’s Island of Rabbits, where bunnies are bountiful and roam free, thanks to its lack of rodent predators.

8. Bunny Cafes

If you prefer dining with the furry kind, Japan’s bunny cafés are your dream come true.

9. Mr. Kanso Restaurant

A canned-food restaurant that only serves the cuisine of the canister. Wacky!

10. Big Nude Festival

An annual naked parade for those who consider clothing a sin.

11. Suicide Forest

Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, notorious for its high rate of suicide incidences. The most common means of suicide in the forest are hanging or drug overdose.

12. Snaggletooth

Straight teeth are a thing of the past. Women in Japan spend money on invasive procedures, to imperfect their teeth.

12. Schools Have No Janitors

There’s no better form of education than on-the-field-cleaning duty. Japanese schools save themselves some yens by having their students mop the floors and scrub the bathrooms, instead of having a janitor do so. This might be why Japanese kids are so jolly.

13. Adults Get Adopted

More than 95 percent of Japan’s adoptions are males between the ages 20-30. Why? When the owner of a family business doesn’t have a son to keep the family name alive and continue the business, an appropriate successor must be brought into the family.

14. Baby Mops

These Things will put your babies to use, as they crawl around the house and collect unwanted dirt from the floor. It’s genius and a win-win situation!

15. Ganguro – Blackface

While Japan’s traditional idea of female beauty is fair skin and dark hair, the rebellious teens of the country created a trend called Ganguro to defy this outdated stigma. The translation of Ganguro is “blackface” and it trends involves applying dark face foundation, bright makeup and bold clothing.

16. Subway Chin Rest

Leave it to Japan to create a gadget that will let you sleep while standing on the subway, on the way to work. It’s light, portable and completely absurd!

Bizarre Things That Only Happen in Japan

17. Mayo on Ice Cream

One of Japan’s food obsessions is mayonnaise… ON EVERYTHING. Even ice cream! Da fudge?!

18. Yakuza

Every country has some sort of mafia, but Japan’s mafia is quite different than others. In Japan, the Yakuza isn’t a discrete underground crime organization. The gang members openly strut the streets of Japan with their full body tattoos and frightening demeanor, and no one can stop them. When a member screws up, the punishment is cutting off his pinky. No big deal, right? They’ve become so mainstream, they even have special office buildings and appear on popular gossip magazines all around the world.

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