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Breaking Preconceptions: The Gray-Haired Models That Are Defying Outdated Beauty Standards and Embracing Their Age

    It wasn’t all that long ago that George Clooney was everyone’s go-to silver fox. For women especially, the idea of turning gray is seen as an unfortunate occurrence that we all have to endure. But things are changing; these days, a wave of gray, silver and white-haired models of a more mature caliber are making the rounds. We’re seeing reoccurring faces on the high street, in the haute couture fashion houses, and on social media. Take a look at our pick of the models to watch out for.

    Image: Refinery29

    These older individuals are proof that going grey doesn’t mean you’re past your heyday. For some, it even ushered in a whole new chapter of success in their life. Rather than exclusively praising “age-defying” women and young models, these women are embracing and celebrating their evolving looks.

    The Veteran of High Fashion

    American supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice is a present-day Golden Age glamor icon. She is effortlessly elegant, poised, and exceedingly beautiful. It’s a real pleasure to see that she’s chosen to embrace her white hair. AT 88 years old, she is one of the oldest working fashion models.

    Image: Veronica Beard

    She’s been in the game a while. Having landed a modeling job as a Vogue cover girl in 1946 when she was only 15 years of age, she shot to immediate success before losing it all quickly. Her agent eventually refused to represent her and Vogue had moved on. After a long hiatus from the industry, she returned to modeling in 1978 after her third divorce as she needed money. Since then, her career has gone from strength to strength. She was even awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of the Arts London for her significant contribution to the fashion industry.

    The Face of Birkenstock

    Grandmother Yazemeenah Rossi (AKA Yasmina Rossi) truly is silver hair goals. At 63 years of age, she’s more in demand for modeling now than she’s ever been. She has a full head of straight, long silver hair, and frequently travels internationally for work. Born in France, Rossi is proving that some things really do get better with time.

    Image: Today

    It’s not necessarily easy work to look this good, but when it’s your job you might just find the motivation. She credits her daily exercise routine to her lively appearance but accepts that days off are a natural part of her life. She also refuses to give in to fad dieting, opting instead for wholesome, healthy eating habits. “Most of the time, I eat organic food and cook it fresh every day,” she reveals. And considering she’s the face of Birkenstock, she must be doing something right.


    Gray-haired 68-year-old Linda Rodin is exceedingly active on her social media platform of choice, Instagram. She shares the space with her equally gray pooch, posting glamorous shots of her in-demand modeling life. She’s known for her signature locks and a characteristic bright lip, as well as her unapologetic stance on older women having a place in front of the camera lens.

    Image: Refinery29

    “Beauty is so many things,” Rodin asserts. “Beauty is not perfection. Beauty is perception. For me, beauty is intelligence, grace, simplicity, and humor.” We can certainly see that in her social media posts. She appears to have found a balance between not taking herself too seriously, and pulling off effortless style and refinement.