Meet the Up-And-Coming Young Royals Who Are Looking to Steal Kate and Meghan’s Crowns

From runway models to motorcycle builders, the next generation of royals are shaping up to be very different to Meghan and Kate – and they’re all looking to stake their own claims on the world. While some have royal titles and others could be mistaken for an average Joe, these young royals all have one thing in common; their royal lineage. So, who are these young royals, and what are their plans to take over the world?

All the Trimmings, Ma’am? Everything the Queen Eats Over the Festive Holiday

Are you dreaming of a royal Christmas? While the queen sits inside her royal palace and enjoys the finest of luxuries, it would be easy to assume that Her Majesty would buy out her local grocery store without leaving a sprout unturned. From goose to gingerbread houses, her table is overrun with some of the most delicious food the festive period has to offer, right? Well, not quite. Her formal chef has now spilled the royal tea on what the queen always eats on Christmas day.

Flight Attendants from Around the World Spill the Tea on the Rarely-Heard Secrets of Air Travel

Getting on the plane and flying somewhere is a whole set of special experiences. Whether you barely fly or you’re a frequent flyer, you probably know the drill. But behind the scenes of your flight and your airport journey, there’s a shadowy realm of aviation secrets you’ve never heard before. Luckily, flight attendants from around the world have come forth and filled us in on all the secretive juicy details.

This Luscious Urban Paradise Has Descended Into a Mosquito-Ridden Nightmare

The Qiyi City Forest Garden was championed as China’s first eco-friendly housing project, featuring luscious plant-filled apartments. It’s been nicknamed the “concrete jungle” due to its urban forest vibes, and seemed like enviable living residences. But things have taken a turn for the worse in the housing project that no one saw coming. The Forest Garden residences had aspirations of providing locals with a pollution-filtering environment. But an insect infestation in the area has taken over.

A Glimpse Into Meghan and Harry’s New Life and Their Rocky Relationship With the Royal Family

It’s not completely true to say that no one saw it coming when Meghan and Harry chose to retire from their royal duties at the beginning of this year. They had been one of the senior royals for a year and a half before they chose a life in America of freedom and, as we’ll come to see, possibly lucrative work in Hollywood. At Popular Everything, we’re breaking down the talk around these two, from their aspirations to become more famous to Harry and Meg’s divided opinions on life in the United States.

A Look at The Dress That Princess Beatrice Borrowed From the Queen for Her Secret Wedding

The global pandemic we find ourselves in didn’t stop Princess Beatrice for very long. She was originally planned to get married on 29th May this year but had to call it off in light of the restrictions on contact. But on the 17th July, she managed to pull it off in secret with most of her family in attendance. But the real surprise came in her choice of wedding dress. She opted for a gown belonging to Her Majesty herself.

Restaurants Around the World Are Coming up With Creative Solutions to Remain Open During This Pandemic

With so much of our everyday lives changing lately, it’s comforting to see that some food places are going the extra mile to stay open and safe. It’s hardly an essential to eat out, but it’s a feel-good luxury that isn’t going down without a fight. They may be perfect solutions, but they are better than nothing. Take a look at our pick of the food services best solutions.

People From Around the World Are Taking to Their Balconies to Come Together in Song

These are strange and difficult times. We are starting to see the spread of the virus spread slow down, and social distancing measures remain firmly in place for now. But amid all the gloom, some beautiful things are happening. Among the best is the music balcony phenomenon. People from around the globe take to their balconies to sing and share music with each other. From Italy to Iraq, from the United States to Panama, citizens of the world remind us how beautiful and talented humanity is.

The Universe Is a Weird Place: Craziest Things In Space That Blur the Line Between Science and Fiction

The cosmos has been baffling the human race since the dawn of time. We once thought the universe consisted of only our solar system. Now we know we live on a “tiny” little ball of rock and water in a galaxy among billions. We do know some things, and we’re learning more everyday. But as of now, there are some real mysteries out there, and some minding-bending phenomena to think about. In this article, we consider of couple of the craziest things the cosmos has to offer.

Megxit, Explained: A Visual Timeline of the Events Leading up to Harry and Meghan’s Royal Departure

The world was shocked when Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, announced their decision to renounce duties as “senior” royals, as was the Palace. No advanced notice was given to the Queen, but many speculated that they were growing increasingly dissatisfied with their life in the public eye. Such a surprising turn of events deserves a more in-depth break down of what escalated their decision. Check out this visual timeline of what they’ve been through the last few months.