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A Glimpse Into The Life of Harry and Meghan Since The Birth of Their Baby

Ever since Meghan Markle shot to the spotlight as Harry's fiance, the world has watched the couple with bated breath. While we all got swept up with Meghan and Harry fever, we followed their footsteps every stage of the way. In May, Meghan and Harry welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world, and Meghan has taken a noticeable step away from the limelight. She began her maternity leave, stepped away from many royal engagements, and has kept more of a low-key profile. So let's take a glimpse at what the family have really been up to since the birth.
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Woman Builds a Dome House in Costa Rica Out of Concrete and Dishwashing Detergent

Nowadays, it seems everyone is competing to get the most unique-looking residence, but have we just found our winner? Situated right in the center of the Costa Rican jungle, Katrin wanted to make her home stand out from the rest. By constructing her own materials out of detergent and concrete, things went from one extreme to the next in this construction story! Popular Everything is guiding you through the ways this woman created a 3-part dome home; it may leave you a little inspired to create your own!
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Lessons From the Youngest World Traveler: Lexie Alford’s Tips to Exploring the Globe

Admit it, we've all considered the option of traveling once or twice, but eventually let our inhibitions get the better of us. If you were looking for a little inspiration to get out of this rut, what better person to give you a few tips on the process than someone who's seen the whole world? Popular Everything is exploring everything that is Lexie Alford, and how this woman became the youngest person to travel around the entire globe.
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These Heartwarming Moments Might Just Restore Your Faith In Mankind

Not all superheroes wear capes. But there are plenty of real-life heroes around the world that swoop in to save the day in the most unexpected ways. These awe-inspiring acts often come from the unlikeliest places and often don’t get the recognition they deserve. We've compiled a list of the most inspirational tales and magical moments ever captured. Some may even surprise you, some might warm your heart, and others might just help restore your faith in humanity.
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Only in Australia: Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Life Down Under

Australia is probably one of the countries up there on most people's bucket lists. The beaches, constant warm weather and fascinating wildlife is what brings in millions of visiting tourists every year. Popular Everything is doing things a little differently though, as we explore some of the weirdest and most extraordinary facts down under has to offer. Get ready to gasp at a few of these!
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The Legendary Fight That Brought Kung Fu to American Cinemas

Kung fu as a film genre and martial arts movies, in general, have long been a popular staple in Hollywood cinema. The incorporation of acrobatic fight stunts, hand-to-hand combat, and real martial arts practices in today's action movies all originate from the same source. Martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee set the pace for modern action films, and his journey towards acceptance in the Western world remains an influence in America's movie-making industry. Here we will break down Lee's story as well as other key martial arts masters that have fought their way into our hearts over the years.
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People Who Take Their Fandom and Obsessions to the Next Level

Once in a while, we stumble across a fan or enthusiast whose passion towards a certain person, animal, team or, pop culture franchise exceeds all others. They are willing to go the extra mile for their unique lifestyle and see no problem in dedicating their lives to their proud obsession. These fans can find themselves wholly dedicated to a particular sports team, an exhilarating hobby, an iconic celebrity, or even a childhood cartoon that helped them out of a dark place way back when. Here is our collection of some of the most exceptional aficionados who know no bounds when it comes to their obsessions.
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Stolen Tribute: The Banksy Artwork Taken From Bataclan Theater Was Dedicated To Terror Attack Victims

For the latest scandal taking over of the world of art, listen up…Reports surfaced that a Banksy mural created at the Bataclan theater in Paris was stolen. The painting acted as a memorial for the victims of the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Upon discovery of this tragedy, the event caused outrage as police gained video evidence of three unidentified figures taking the composition.
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The Mysterious Easter Island Statues Top The List Of The World’s Most Fascinating Discoveries

We have decided to leave no stone unturned (literally) as we delve into the history of the most fascinating and widely-recognized monolithic statues on Easter Island. Amongst our findings, we discovered some exciting anthological and archaeological facts you don’t want to miss. Popular Everything is here to teach you a lesson in history and cultural exploration.
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Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit: Take a Look at the Home Options and the Real Reasons for Their Move

Popular Everything has the scoop on the Duke and Duchess's moving situation and all the amazing properties available to choose. Meghan was famous before she became a member of the royal family, but we can guarantee you that her million-dollar paycheck did not prepare her for these extravagant lifestyle options. As private as the couple tries be, our team has uncovered facts they just couldn’t hide to keep you up to date with everything royal.
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