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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: How Leonardo Dicaprio Plans to Save Our Planet

Years have passed since Leonardo DiCaprio won the world over with his charm, dashing smile and impeccable talent. He received the reputation of wowing audiences with his range and heartfelt performances at the very start of his career and the world watched him develop from a teen heartthrob to a Hollywood powerhouse. In recent years, we hear less about DiCaprio’s acting talents and more about his commitment to safeguarding the earth and promoting positive change in our world. Whether it’s through creating feature-length documentaries or spearheading important initiatives, Leonardo knows no bounds when it comes to saving our planet.
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The Real Life Relationships of these Friends Cast Members

Think you know everything there is to know about the Friends sitcom? You may be thinking again as we take you on a tour through all the previous relationships these cast members have got involved in over the years. We guarantee you'll be left speechless after finding out who some of these stars were once getting cozy with!
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Falling in Love with Josie Grossie: How Drew Barrymore Blossomed from Child Star to Powerful Business Woman

When talking about powerful women in Hollywood, it's almost certain that the name Drew Barrymore will come up. Drew overcame a dark past that forced her into adulthood at a very young age. It's that unique struggle that shaped the strong, independent woman that the world knows and loves today. Popular Everything takes a look at her chaotic path, her exciting career in Hollywood, and her many successful business endeavors.
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30 Unbelievably Massive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Check out the bling rings of the rich and famous: Celebrities always dress to impress, so it’s no surprise celebrity engagement rings are almost always over the top. Popular Everything has compiled a list of the most outrageous celeb engagement rings, get your sunglasses ready for some serious sparklers.
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25 Celebrities Explain Why They Chose Scientology

Ron L. Hubbard was known to recruit some celebrities to his relatively new religion, Scientology. The founder has faced plenty of criticism over the years about his faith; however, primarily due to the amount of controversy it has caused within these star's lives. What did these stars gain from the religion, and why is it so popular?
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