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25 Celebrities Explain Why They Chose Scientology

Ron L. Hubbard was known to recruit some celebrities to his relatively new religion, Scientology. The founder has faced plenty of criticism over the years about his faith; however, primarily due to the amount of controversy it has caused within these star's lives. What did these stars gain from the religion, and why is it so popular?
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Marisa Tomei Chose Her Career Over These Men

There’s a good chance that you’re familiar with actress Marisa Tomei. After all, she’s one of the most famous faces in Hollywood! Tomei is a total catch, so it’s a mystery to many as to why she remains single. While most people know about her acting career, they’re pretty out of the loop about her personal life. Let us fill you in on her steamy romances and the reasons she’s never been married.
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Doris Day: The Real Life Of America’s Sweetheart

Doris Day is one of the singers/ actresses that took the '50s and '60s by storm. The Doris Day that people know is a "girl next door" type of gal who defines what it means to be lady-like. However, the true woman behind the facade that Hollywood made her use is far more interesting. From rocky relationships to career choices; this is the real Doris Day.
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Coming Clean: How Demi Lovato Found Strength In Struggle

Demi Lovato was just spotted outside of her rehab center and she's looking happier than ever. Demi is a source of inspiration for many people. She's an open book about her struggle with addiction. After we heard her story, we had a new found respect for the actress. Here is Demi Lovato's journey.
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