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Were They Even Worthy? All The Lucky Men The Kardashians Dated

The most watched family in America have hearts too. Though they try to keep up a guard, they can't help but fall in love from time to time. Over the years, a select few have been given access to this famous family. Here are all the lucky men and woman who have been involved with the high profile Kardashians.
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The Most Outrageous Gifts Oprah Gave Out to Fans

Oprah is one of the most giving celebrities in the world. It's safe to say she's an host that will go down in history for her kindness. The multi-billionaire had it rough growing up but surpassed all obstacles and humbly made it to where she is today. Now that she sits on piles of cash she finds a useful way to make others smile. Popular Everything has done the research and found the most generous gifts Oprah handed out, and we mean it when we say outrageous!
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Discovering Caitlyn: One Woman’s Journey Towards Self Acceptance

Bruce Jenner was the typical American dad. After he transformed into Caitlyn people started to realize that sometimes the people we least expect are hiding their true selves. Caitlyn is now feeling like she's become who she was meant to be. Looking back on Bruce's evolution into Caitlyn reveal tiny hints that she was always striving to become who she is today. Popular Everything has everything compiled.
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The Evolution of Priscilla Presley: The Only Woman Who Stole Elvis’s Heart

Priscilla Presley managed to steal Elvis, The King of Rock's heart. We're not sure if Priscilla was lucky to have Elvis or if Elvis was lucky to have Priscilla because both these humans are stunning! Priscilla's looks transformed in ways that, today, make her unrecognizable. Popular Everything assembled the perfect collection of images that take you through her amazing transformations.
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