Inside Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson’s Rocky Marriage, and Why Burt Wished He’d Married Another Famous Actress

Despite his fame and fortune, Burt’s personal life was fraught with tension – especially during his marriage and subsequent divorce from Loni Anderson. Their tumultuous divorce lasted three times longer than their actual marriage, and many of his fans contribute this difficult time to his financial struggles and subsequent decline in health. In fact, they believe this would have all been avoided if Burt had only married the other woman he wanted to marry in the first place…

Hogwarts All Grown Up: How the Harry Potter Cast Has Changed From Then to Now

It’s been almost nine years since the last Harry Potter movie graced our cinema screens, but we still want more! In an attempt to satisfy all of the Potterhead’s needs, we’re catching up with some of the biggest stars from their movies. We’ve had great fun discovering how these actors and actresses have not only matured in looks, but career-wise too, and we bet you will too!

When This Couple Realized Their Foster Child Was Separated From His Family, They Had to Make a Difficult Choice

Andi and Thomas Bonura always knew that they wanted a large family but, unfortunately, they were unable to create one in the traditional way. After years of struggling to conceive, they finally decided to look into foster care and adoption. However, what followed was something no one could have predicted… Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Bonura couple, there were five siblings who had been separated in the foster care system, without any hope of ever being a family again.

B-List Actors That You Know You’ve Seen Before… But Where Have You Seen Them?

Let’s be honest; Hollywood is quite literally full of actors. And we mean FULL. If you’re not bumping into an A-list celebrity on the street, you’ve definitely walked past someone who moved to Tinseltown to make it big. You might have even rubbed shoulders with some B-listers during your time… but could you tell us their names? Well, we’re here to jog your memory.

These Celebs Being Told They’re ”Too Ugly” for Hollywood Proves Just How Unrealistic Our Beauty Standards Really Are

We all know that Hollywood has unrealistic beauty standards, yet, sometimes the harsh expectations still manage to shock us. These gorgeous, and talented, stars were called “too ugly for Hollywood” at the beginning of their careers. Not only is beauty subjective, but a lot of these celebrities didn’t want to become famous for their looks. They wanted to be known for their talent and dedication to their crafts. See the stars whose talent we almost missed out on, due to them being deemed “ugly.”

The Controversial Casting Choices That Hollywood Decided Were Worth the Risk

Hollywood casting producers are always faced with a task in which it’s impossible to please everyone. But did these major casting risks pay off? Some of these actors proved the critics wrong by owning their roles and some simply couldn’t meet the, already low, expectations. See which controversial casting choice made Hollywood say “we told you so,” and which ones made them hang their heads in shame.

Hilarious Teacher Moments These Students Will Never Forget

Some people were just born to be teachers! These educators prove that they truly understand their students and they know how to make any lesson memorable. It’s clear that these teachers simply love teaching and we’re sure that their students appreciate all of their efforts. We have no doubt that these hilarious teacher wins will make your day. Be warned, though, this may bring back some serious nostalgia of your school years.

The Controversy Behind My Unorthodox Life

Julia Haart is the star of the hit Netflix reality show My Unorthodox Life, and like her show, she comes with a healthy dose of controversy. Julia Haart comes from an ultra-orthodox religious community in New York. She left that community and is now the CEO of Elite World Group, a fashion company whose clothing […]

These Women Who Appear on Car TV Shows Might Be More Impressive Than the Cars Themselves

We love to watch the incredible transformations on car TV shows. But we’ve discovered something that’s even better than a freshly restored motor, and that’s the women starring in these shows. From classic car collectors to messy mechanics, these talented women are guaranteed to distract you. Thanks to their social media accounts, we get to take a look at what these TV stars are really like when they’re not on-screen. Not only are they drop-dead gorgeous, but they’re also top-tier technicians and automotive experts. If you don’t believe us, just have a look for yourself.

These Stars Have Come Clean About Why They Regret Their Iconic Movie Roles

As it turns out, Hollywood actors have major regrets in life, just like the rest of us. But some stars have even gone so far as to admit that they wished they’d never been a part of certain movies. And more times than not, famous folks regret their breakthrough roles or best-loved characters. Who would have thought there was so much bad blood behind the scenes of these major motion pictures? At Popular Everything, we’re giving you the low down on what these leading actors really think of the films they’ve appeared in. Some of these admissions reveal what actually happened behind the scenes of a film set, and how humiliating it can really be to work in the Hollywood film industry.