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Will the New Lion King Cast Live up to the Legacy of the Original Stars?

The world can't stop talking about the upcoming remake of everyone's favorite Disney classic; “The Lion King.” Set to hit theaters in July, the anticipation continues to grow ever since Disney released the movies official trailer and announced it's all-star cast. But you might remember that the original 1994 animated movie also included its fair share of big-name stars. So the question lies, is the new cast going to do Pride Rock justice?
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Shooting For The Stars On The Set Of Rocketman: How To Fill The Shoes Of A Living Legend

At age 71, Elton John has done it all. He’s sold over 300 million records worldwide, inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and even knighted. Now, all that’s left for the musician is a movie to be released about him. Taron Egerton, the protagonist of the movie, has opened up about the various trials and tribulations involved in filming motion picture, Rocketman.
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Zac Bundy? Fans Prepare for Efron’s Most Disturbing Performance Yet In His Unbelievable Portrayal Of Serial Killer, Ted Bundy

Media records have surfaced about one of the most haunting killers in America, Ted Bundy. What’s fascinating, is that Zac Efron will be representing the convict. Director Joe Berlinger is not holding back in his latest movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. We’re looking at what it’s all about. What are people’s opinions are before the biopic is released?
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How Strict Is Too Strict? The Truth Behind Kate Gosselin’s Tough Love

Kate's former housekeepers went to the magazines and "exposed" Kate's strict rules. The public read the details and gave mixed reactions. Some people say she's too strict while others agree with her methods. As you go through the allegations... ask yourself what you think. Is she too strict or is she just a normal mother of eight kids trying to keep it together?
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