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Chefs Who Cooked Their Way to Worldwide Fame and Made Millions With Their Food

Being a celebrity chef means a lot more today than it used to. Making it in the food industry is no longer limited to receiving good reviews from the hottest critic or opening a successful restaurant in one of the biggest cities in the world. For these culinary gods and goddesses, their efforts did not just stop at making good quality meals. In that regard, we take a look at some of the biggest names in the business to see how they harnessed their own personal quirks, life stories and ambitions to achieve greatness in and out of the kitchen.
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Nutty Israeli Snack May Be Key to Preventing Peanut Allergies

There's something super nutty about the fact that Israeli's have such a low rate of peanut allergies. The country's most culturally fixated snack, Bamba, is a peanut puff. Researchers from the UK did some digging and beleive that Bamba may be the reason for the low percentage of peanut allergies. If so, the future of America might actually have a PB&J sandwich in it after all.
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