The Biggest Celebrity Wedding That Everyone Was Talking About the Year You Were Born

Every year since the dawn of Hollywood, actors, singers, comedians, and even politicians have committed themselves to each other in the vow of marriage. Their wedding becomes the talk of the town, and fans wait on tenterhooks to see whether they’ll crash and burn or whether they’ll remain sweethearts until the end. Now, it’s time to take a look at the biggest celebrity wedding (as well as the odd elopement) that took place the year you were born.

These Hidden Secrets About Amelia Earhart’s Life Could Be the Key To Finding the Answers to Her Mysterious Disappearance

In a world where mysteries continue to keep us up at night, even years after they occur, there is one that still manages to shake us to our very core. When a female pilot and trailblazer disappeared, Amelia Earhart, the world was at a loss. The answer could have been simple, but the evidence proved otherwise.

These Memorable Game Show Contestants Caused Controversies We’ll Never Forget

Some contestants on good old-fashioned game shows might not have the most interesting stories to tell, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t newsworthy. Some people win the jackpot and go on living life quietly, while others win and crowds question the validity of their victory until the end of days.

These Famous Photos Taken From Different Perspectives Will Change How You See Them Forever

We’ve all seen these famous photos dozens of times, but never quite like this… Perspective really is everything and some of these pictures are completely unrecognizable from different angles. While some have changed over time, others will probably shock you when you realize how they were made. Find out everything that went into making these incredible photos as there’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to these iconic images.

I’m Lovin’ It: Vintage Photos of McDonald’s That Prove Just How Much the Fast Food Chain Has Changed

Since the very first McDonald’s location opened in San Bernardino, California, the fast-food joint has changed dramatically. From the food they used to serve to the Happy Meal toys and even the restaurant decoration, it’s safe to say that McDonald’s has modernized over the years. But if you love nostalgia as much as we do, you’ll love these retro photos of McDonald’s back in the day, and we guarantee that they’ll take you back to your childhood.

Then and Now Photos That Show How Much Our Favorite Superheroes Have Evolved

As society changes, so do the media, and what represents society better than superheroes? From the very first Superman, who was meant to teach children American values, to the modern-day anti-hero, superheroes continue to evolve over time. Not only have superheroes’ looks changed but so have their purpose, as society consumes media for different reasons and achieves heightened cultural awareness. So what were your favorite heroes like then versus now?

The Most Bizarre Vintage Fashion Trends That We’re Glad Have Gone Out of Style

Fashion trends come and go, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. But these fashion faux pas can be traced back decades, and it’s fair to say that they’re all just as bizarre as each other. From uncomfortable and futuristic headpieces to dresses that just don’t make sense, it’s hard to imagine these clothes being worn by models or even regular people today. You know, unless you fancy adding a wooden bathing suit to your wardrobe…

Take a Look at the Last-Known Photos of These Hollywood Legends

Some Hollywood legends were taken from the world too soon. There are all sorts of reasons why it has happened, and more often than not there is a cloud of mystery surrounding exactly what occured. But few have had the chance to see what they looked like just before the end. That’s why at Popular Everything, we’re showing you the last-known photos of these immortalized stars. From candid shots to chance fan encounters, there are all sorts of photos documenting the last weeks, days, or moments of Hollywood legend’s life.

The Original Blonde Bombshell: An Intimate Look Into Jayne Mansfield’s Glamorous Life

Major American actress, entertainer, and pinup during the Golden Age of Hollywood, Jayne Mansfield was a hard one to miss. Her shock of platinum blonde hair, sultry eyes, and curvaceous figure made her the icon she was and still is, embodying what everyone wanted in the 1950s, and more. What better way to celebrate an iconic personality than by looking at rare and revealing photos of her glamorous and unique life?

The Real Rosie the Riveters: Rare Color Photographs of Women at Work During WW2

The Second World War was a groundbreaking time in history for women. As men were being drafted into the military, thousands of essential jobs across all sectors were being vacated. Workplaces had to adapt fast to the changes with industrial factories, in particular, needing more personnel to cope with the rising demand of the military. At Popular Everything, we’ve collected the most sensational photos of the critical era. A time usually only seen in black-and-white, these color images capture the real “Rosie the Riveters” who stepped in to do a man’s job.