History is what shapes our future and we must learn from our past. The past is filled with thought-provoking information and Popular Everything is here to keep you informed.

Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog: The Truth Behind Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Split

Among all the ladies infatuated with the King of rock 'n' roll, one in particular caught his eye and went on to have a hugely significant role in his life. At Popular Everything, we're delving into some of the lesser-known details about the King's marriage to Prisicilla - one of the most iconic relationships in Hollywood's history - as well as the other women in his life.
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Astonishing Photos of a Forgotten Circus House in New York That Will Leave You Asking Questions

New York is home to some of the most modern buildings the world has ever seen, but apparently it's not all expensive skyscrapers and high-tech offices. Urban exploration photographer, Bryan Sansivero, toured around the US city and stumbled across this abandoned mansion, which he is now dubbing the "Circus House." As we look around, we begin to discover what the history of this home may have been like, and how time has utterly transformed it.
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Vintage Photos of Summertime Back in the Day That Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic

Summer was once a time for fun in the sun and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family. Before we had today's societal stresses and the distraction of the internet and technology, all we had to worry about was having a carefree good time. Lucky for us, we have some of these fantastic summer moments captured on film, and can now take you down memory lane for your daily dose of nostalgia. In honor of the approaching Fourth of July holiday and summer arriving at our doorstep, here is our collection of beautiful vintage photos of summer back in the day.
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Barbie Turns 60: A Look Back at America’s Most Popular Fashion Doll

In celebration of Barbie’s 60th birthday, we want to share some of her most unforgettable looks over the years. It is no accident she has been the ultimate fashion role model for young girls in America for over half a century. Barbie channels some of her iconic looks from the most popular celebrities of the era and the ever-changing fashion trends throughout history.
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Out of This World Photos from the First Moon Landing

On July 20, 1969, three brave men made history as they landed on the surface of the moon. This event captivated viewers from around the world and set the pace for space exploration for years to follow. Here are some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring moments from the days surrounding that monumental first step on the moon.
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A Look Back At Sears Department Store: How The Iconic American Brand Changed Retail History

Remember when everything you could ever want was at your fingertips and could be delivered straight to your door?! No, we aren’t talking about Amazon, but the Sears Catalog! Take a walk down memory lane and see why Sears paved the way for today's modern retail environment: the internet. Mail delivery is a thing of the past and a major component of today’s retail shopping.
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Through the Eyes of a Soldier: Rare and Moving Moments from the Vietnam War

Throughout America’s involvement in Vietnam, It was important for the young soldiers to find solace wherever they could to distract them from the hardships of war. The photos that capture these moments of optimism offer a unique and rarely seen perspective of the the Vietnam war. Take a look at our collection of candid and unexpected snapshots that shed a light on the life of a soldier beyond the battlefield.
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The Ugly Truth About America’s Most Hated Family

America wouldn’t be America without freedom of speech, but The Westboro Church uses this right is downright SAVAGE. Here are some outrageous facts about the church's members and beliefs. You’ll understand why no other Church will associate with them and why the murderous dictator Saddam Hussein was fond of the group.
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The Strange Side of Smart: 20 Bizarre Things Brilliant People Do

Although the world’s most renown scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and philosophers look like total big shots today, they have had their days getting picked on for being different. Nobody has touched on this better than Bill Gates; "be nice to nerds, they'll probably be your boss one day." Popular Everything did some extensive internet digging to provide you with the odd things these "nerds" used to do. Some of these quirky habits might throw you for a loop.
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